Maui Kahului OGG Airport Overview

Maui Kahului Airport OGG - on the Hawaiian island of Maui - is the State's second-busiest airport, offering the  the newest terminal facilities. Access to the passenger terminal, as well as to commuter/air taxi, cargo, scenic tour operators, general aviation and airport support facilities, is convenient via a roadway network connecting to the Haleakala and/or Hana Highways (commuter/air taxi and general aviation services, including helicopters, are in separate locations).

The Airport is only 3 miles east of the town of Kahului, on Maui's northern edge of the land bridge between Haleakala and the West Maui Mountain Range. It can be accessed from Hana Hwy 36 (Dairy Rd 380 and Haleakala Hwy 37 merge into Hwy 36). 
Work on the Kahului Airport Access Road should now be completed, providing an alternate route from the Airport; which will start at Puunene Avenue, ending at the Airport (& running parallel to Dairy Road.)

With two runways and an estimated 5.3 million passengers a year, Kahului Airport is served by a host of major and minor airlines, including Hawaiian Airline, offering inter-island connections, as well as flights to Aisia and North America, with connections around the world.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to arrive at Kahului Airport at least 2 hours prior to overseas flights and 90 mintes prior to inter-itland flights, and - if you need to return your rental car, add at leat another 30 minutes to that time.

The closest hotel is in Kahului is about 2 miles (within walking distance)  from the Airport: the Maui Beach Hotel 807-877-0051 and the Maui Seaside Hotel 808-877-3311.

Kahului Airport has a an 'Overseas' &  and an 'Inter-Island' passenger terminal .

Present and future Airport developments:   A good part of the Airport moderization program has already been completed and are itemized in the 'Terminal Map' section of this site. 
Long-Term Projects: renovation of restrooms.

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