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Airport Overview

Kahului Airport is a regional airport in the state of Hawaii, United States. It is located east of the Kahului CDP in Maui County on the island of Maui near Haleakala.OGG Maui airport is owned by the Hawaii Department of Transportation. It occupies 1,391 acres of land.

Airport Stats & Facts

  • Kahului Airport is the second busiest airport in the State of Hawaii and the newest in terms of terminal facilities.
  • For 2017-2021, it’s included in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems, in which OGG airport is categorized as a medium-hub primary commercial service facility.
  • It has two asphalt runways.

More detailed airport information can be found below.

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Kahului Airport Overview Map
Kahului Airport Overview Map

Maui Kahului Airport (OGG) Terminals

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Airport Traveling Tips

  • Passengers are advised to arrive at least 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure to account for any possible delays.
  • To ensure a hassle-free traveling process, make sure to carry your photo identification documents, pack according to the rules, and read any essential guidelines prior to heading for a flight.
  • The airport offers a Visitor Information Program to assist travelers, and the information desks are located throughout the airport.
  • Please have a look at the OGG Airport Map before visiting the airport for a flight.

Passenger Pickup and Drop-off

  • Passengers can be dropped off and picked up at the curbside.
  • However, remember that unattended vehicles and waiting aren’t allowed outside the terminal.
  • Visitors waiting for the arriving passengers may choose to stand by in the Cell Phone Waiting Area which is located just North of the car rental area, just a few minutes away from the airport terminal. It’s a first-come, first-served lot, and there is a maximum waiting time of free 60 minutes.

Flight Status

  • For arriving flights: Arriving flight status provides Maui Airport arrival times, gate info., delays, and time to land.
  • For departing flights: Departing flight status lists scheduled vs actual departure, flight delays, departure times, gate information, and map tracking.
  • Book a flight at OGG here, to get the best fares.

Airport Terminals

There are two terminals - the commuter terminal and the main passenger terminal (divided into two areas - north and south) at Kahului Airport.

The terminal building has ticketing, USDA agricultural inspection, and baggage claim areas on the ground level.

North Area

The north area houses Gates 17–39 with nine aircraft parking positions, sized for three inter-island and six overseas aircraft.

South Area

The south area houses Gates 1–16 with seven aircraft parking positions, sized for four inter-island and three overseas aircraft.

Inter-island gates are Gates 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, and 21. Overseas gates are Gates 1, 5, 7, 23, 27, 29, 33, 35, and 39.

To see the terminal locations and for more information, please refer to the OGG Terminal Map here.

Airlines Served

The various airlines served at Kahului Airport include American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, Mokulele Airlines, and more.

View the full list of airlines served at OGG here.

Airport Parking

Public parking is available at Kahului Airport.

Automatic ticket dispensers issue parking tickets at the entrance to each parking area.


0-15 Minutes - Free

16-30 Minutes - $1.00

31-60 Minutes - $2.00

61-120 Minutes - $2.00

121-180 Minutes - $2.00

181-240 Minutes - $2.00

241-300 Minutes - $4.00

301-360 Minutes - $2.00

Ground Transport

Passengers can choose among a variety of options for ground transportation after arriving at the Kahului airport. The various options include buses, rentals, airport shuttles, etc. In addition to this, many passengers also opt for ride services such as Uber, Taxis, and Lyft.

Car Rentals

Eight rental car companies are located at the airport. Passengers can take the free tram, located across from baggage claim. Some of the well-known providers include Budget, Hertz, Avis, and more.


Airport taxis are located fronting the baggage claim area. The rates are subject to change, and travelers are recommended to consult the taxi dispatcher or driver on arrival for current fares and information.


The County of Maui operates a public transit system that provides limited service to the airport. The Upcountry and Haiku Islander routes stop at the Kahului Airport. Maui Bus stops at marked locations fronting the terminal. All of the routes are operated seven days a week, including all holidays.

Amenities & Services

To make your stay amazing, Kahului Airport provides visitors with many different amenities and services including:

Contact Information

Address: 1 Kahului Airport Road, Kahului, HI 96732-2395, USA


Contact: [email protected]

Phone: (808) 872 3830

Kahului Airport: A Brief History Timeline

  • In 1942, construction started on Naval Air Station Kahului. After the war, extensive negotiations between the Territory of Hawaii and the Navy resulted in the airbase being turned over to the Hawaii Aeronautics Commission.
  • In June 1952, the Kahului Airport began commercial airline operations.
  • In 1988, the air traffic control tower was completed.
  • As a result of the passage of Hawaii State Legislature bills in 1998 and 2001, Kahului is planned to undergo expansion for new, larger facilities, lengthening of runways, increasing fuel storage capacities, and construction of new access roads.
  • On May 15, 2019, a new consolidated rental car facility was opened at Kahului Airport.

Traveler Help

Questions about OGG? Find answers here.
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Newest Questions

What happens if long term parking is full?

Asked by Marc - Mon, 17 October

You can contact the parking department at (808) 871-1747.

My husband needs to catheterize at OOG before our flight. Is there a nurses station or private area or washroom for him to use?

Asked by Sandee - Thu, 6 October

There isn't a private restroom available at this time, but it's noted on their website that the stalls are large in the public restrooms. 

Where are family restrooms?

Asked by Erin Bailey - Sat, 1 October

There are public restrooms located throughout the airport. 

Where can I park my car overnight on the weekend at OGG? I heard the public parking was converted to employee parking.

Asked by Lori - Thu, 15 September

The public parking area is still available at OGG. Please contact their parking department at  (808) 871-1747 to check on availability. 

We’re leaving today at 1:35 sept 5 on Hawaiian airlines to Kauai flight 249. We have TSA pre check. What time do we need to arrive so as to get through security?

Asked by Robyn - Mon, 5 September

It's recommended to be at the airport 90 minutes before your scheduled flight. 

Is there TSA precheck?

Asked by Beth - Mon, 15 August

We couldn't find a TSA precheck available at this airport. 

How long is check in time?

Asked by John Rilloraza - Thu, 4 August

Check-in times will vary depending on what day and season you are traveling through the airport. 

What time should I be at airport?

Asked by Catalina - Tue, 2 August

Each airline does have different check-in recommendations but it's a good rule of thumb to arrive at least an hour before your flight is scheduled to depart. 

How do I go from Budget auto to the Hawaiian ticket counter?

Asked by Ron Hanson - Sat, 14 May

The rental car facilities located in a consolidated facility across the street from the terminal. You can take a tram to the main terminal from the facility. 

We fly out Sunday, May 15th at 2:00 for Kona. I’ve heard TSA lines are very long on weekends. What time should we arrive for check in?

Asked by Alicia - Wed, 11 May

The airport itself recommends arriving 2 hours 3 hours before your scheduled airline departure. Remember to arrive early and, if necessary, allow yourself enough time to park your car at the airport. Here is more information on wait times

Where is Hawaiian Airlines area?

Asked by Malia - Mon, 9 May

They are located in the Main Terminal, Gates 1-39.

For an 8:40am departure on a Monday plus rental car return, how much to should we allow?

Asked by JoAnna - Sun, 24 April

The airport recommends arriving 2 hours 3 hours before your scheduled airline departure, which does not include a car rental return. Therefore, around 2.5 or 3 hours would be suggested. 

How long should I arrive at the airport before departure time?

Asked by Tanya - Thu, 14 April

The airport recommends arriving 2 hours 3 hours before your scheduled airline departure. Remember to arrive early and, if necessary, allow yourself enough time to park your car at the airport.

What time does the shop open so I can buy pineapple to take home?

Asked by Erica - Sat, 26 March

Stores have different operating hours at this airport. Here's restaurant on shops and restaurants. 

Is there a shuttle that gets you from the main Terminal to the Commercial Terminal?

Asked by Paul A Schepmann - Sun, 20 March

There does not appear to be a shuttle between the two Terminals. 

How do we check into.Southern Airways Express to Molokai?

Asked by Gail E McCracken - Fri, 18 March

Check-in for all airlines is in the Central Building. Please contact your airline directly if you have further questions about the check-in process. 

I lost my wallet at the convenience store on the left. Just before gate 35 in this airport.

Asked by Wayne gabaylo - Thu, 10 March

You should contact the Lost and Found Department, which can be found on the ground level in front of the Airport Manager’s Office. Their number is (808) 872-3421 and are open from Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4pm. 

Does luggage for Hawaiian Airlines arrive at the same place for Southwest Airlines?

Asked by Etta - Fri, 4 March

Yes, there is only one Baggage Claim area at this airport. 

Which Terminal does Spirit Airlines use?

Asked by Laurain - Sat, 26 February

Spirit Airlines uses the Main terminal. 

Where to get a taxi?

Asked by Kay - Wed, 23 February

You can find a taxi stand directly in front of the baggage claim area.

I need wheelchair assistance, do I need to call in advance?

Asked by jennifer - Fri, 18 February

You should communicate your special needs, including wheelchair assistance when making flight reservations. Assistance will be provided to you by skycaps affiliated with your airline with boarding and disembarking at your gate.

Is there a Cellphone Lot?

Asked by Risa - Mon, 14 February

Yes, there is a cellphone lot  where the drivers who are waiting to pick up the arriving passengers can wait. Your vehicle must be with you at all times at the Cell phone lot and waiting lot it is free for up to one hour. 

Maui Kahului Airport Q&A

Yes. While the official name is Kahului Airport, it is also referred to by its IATA code OGG. The IATA airport code OGG pays homage to aviation pioneer Bertram J. "Jimmy" Hogg, a Kauai native and aviation pioneer who worked for what is now Hawaiian Airlines.
You can fly to many cities from OGG Airport. To see where you can fly, please have a look at our direct flights page.
Airlines provide assistance to passengers with special needs through their skycap (porter) service. Disabled passengers should make arrangements with their air carrier in advance, preferably when reservations are made/confirmed.
No. Due to enhanced airport security requirements, baggage storage and locker facilities at Kahului Airport are not available.