Melbourne MEL Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Melbourne MEL Airport

Passenger terminal layout,  Notices (passenger pickup, access road changes at T4 & REX passengers); Terminal Details;  new T4 announcement, & Amenities & Services (including lounges):

The passenger terminal complex at Melbourne International Airport consists of four passenger terminals - domestic T1 & T3,  international T2, and  current budget T4 -to be replaced during 2015 by a new T4*. 
Only Terminals 2 & 3 are currently under one roof.
Domestic Terminal 1 - serving Qantas & Jetstar domestic flights:
   Level 1 houses domestic check-in & departures: After checking in, go through security screening, arriving at food court and shopping area. 
   Mezzanine level houses domestic gates & lounges:  Between the two Concourses with gates 1 - 12 (left) & 21-30 (right) is the Qantas Club. 
   Ground Level houses the baggage reclaim 1 - 4 area. A pedestrian walkway gets you within 1-5 mins to T2, T3 & current T4.
International Terminal 2 - serving all international flights
   Level 1 houses check-in & departure facilities with gates & lounges: 
   Ground level houses the baggge reclaim area.
Domestic Terminal 3 - serving Virgin Australia & REX domestic flights.  (Current T3 will be replaced upon opening of New T3* during 2015).
   Level 1 houses check-in & departures
   Mezzanine level houses gates & loounges
   Ground level houses baggage reclaim area.
Current Domestic Terminal 4 - serving Tiger Airways' domestic flights only
   The Ground Level houses check-in, departures and baggge reclaim area.

NOTICES:  If picking up a passenger at the Airport,
you can either use the one of the one-minute pickup bays in th forecourt area (follow overhead signs at Arrivals Drive) - or  you can use the 'Ring & Ride waiting zone' (cell phone waiting lot), located in a designated area within the long-term carpark; the first 20 minutes are free & an automated pay station is close by. (Enter through the two long-term carpark gates on Terminal Drive & Center Road.)
Current access road changes at T4 apply until mid-2015Tigerair passengers heading for T4 need to exit Tullamarine Freeway at Mercer Drive, then follow signs. A 1-minute pickup/dropoff area will be on Service Road South.
All Regional Express Airline
REX passengers arrive now at T4 (but still depart from T3)!


Terminals 2 & 3 -  International T2 and Virgin Australia/REX T3:   (T2's International Arrivals expansion was completed late 2014.)
1. The main entry doors to the baggage/arrivals level are on either side of the offices & prayer room at the main entrances.  Each side for T2 & T3 offers amenities & services, and across from them are the baggage claim areas:
   (a) to the right are T3's  baggage carousels 1 - 3 & an oversized one - located in the pre-security area; 
   (b) to the right  is T2's secure area with baggage carousels 1 - 7 & baggage services.  To get to T1's baggage claim you need to exit T2 & walk to the left to T1. 2. Check-in area for T2 in the center - with check-in counters C/B G/F, L/K, M & N, Qantas check-in A, and (behind the Service Desk in the center) check-in counters D, E, H & J.  Right behind check-in counter J is security screening and customs, duty-free & other stores leading to gates 2 - 11;  & to gates 12-20 further down.
   Check-in area for T3 to the left with two rows of Virgin counters & one for Rex, and with access to domestic gates. (on opposite side (near 'Subway') is connection to T1 Qantas & Jetstar (domestic).

Domestic Terminal 1 of MEL, has three levels & 2 Concourses, and is used for domestic flights of Qantas, Qantas Link & Jetstar.
    The Ground Level of T1 (Arrivals):  Inside are four baggage claim carousels. Outside is the bus stop for Skybus, disabled pick-up zone (15 mins) and T1 Taxi Rank.
    The Mezzanine Level of T1 (Concourses & gates) houses Concourse 1(gates 1-12) for Qantas, with a Qantas service desk and shopping areas; and Concourse 2 (gates 22-30) for Jetstar, with an ATM machine and shopping area.
    The first level of T1(Departures) has 3 check-in areas for Qantas: 2 for regular service (left) and one (to the right of the center for QantasPremium service.  Jetstar check-in is all the way to the right ,  & shopping areas are right after Security screening in the center, leading to Concourses 1 & 2. 
The left side of this level (near the First Aid counter), leads to Terminal 2, while the 1-min dropoff, Bus Zone & 5-min parking areas are outside of this level.

International Terminal 2 of MEL, has two levels and is used for international flights by a multitude of international airlines.  T2 has been under significant renovation & expansion, adding a new passenger concourse with two gates and dual-level aerobridges for the A380 aircraft, as well as a new large area to the passenger lounge to include duty-free & specialty shops and a cafe. T2 has floor-to-ceiling windows and offers maximum comfort and amenities.
    The Ground Level of T2 (Arrivals) houses the Arrivals Hall, Information counter, baggage claim, customs check, Customs & Quarantine offices. Outside  is the T2 Taxi Rank, disabled pickup zone (15 mins), the bus stop for V-Line, Metlink, and suburban & regional buses. A walkway leads to Premium Parking and the Parking Garage.  The Arrivals area expansion project has now been completed.
    The First Level of T2 (Departures)  has check-in rows B/C, E/F, H/J & K/L (east to west) - past Check-in L (west side), you  enter T3's  Virgin & REX check-in facilities, with access to domestic gates;  past check-in A (east side) is the connector to Terminal 1 for Qantas & Jetstar domestic flights).  After T2 security check you enter the concourse with duty-free & other shops & amenities and gates 2-20.
Near Gate 7 is access to Lounges of Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, Malaysia, Qantas Business, Singapoe & United airlines. 
Outside of this level you find special parking across from the main entrance (next to Virgin Blue checkin); and two one-minute drop-off zones on each side.

Domestic Terminal 3 of MEL
has three levels and is used for domestic flights of Virgin; (REX /Regional Express moved to T4).
    The Ground Level of T3 (Baggage Reclaim) houses the Arrivals Hall with an Information desk, customs, baggage caroussels. Outside is disabled pick-up zone (15 mins); bus stops for V-Line, Metlink & suburban & regional buses.
    The first level of T3 (Departures) houses check-in desks for Virgin & REX (departures only),  with a large Virgin lounge, separate security screening at east Concourse E with gates 1-10 and west oncourse with gates 11-19.  Some services & amenities are available on this level & in concourses. (Outside is disabled parking for 5 mins and a 1-minute drop-off zone).
NOTE: Renovation work has begun to update and enhance Terminal 3.

Budget/ Domestic Terminal 4* of MELt,
located behind the Business Park (South) on Service Road, has only one level and is used for domestic flights of Tiger Airways & REX arrival, with information counter, check-in counter, security screening & gates 1, 2 & 3. The separate Arrrivals area has one baggage carousel, the exit of which leads to the rental cars and bus stop. In front of Departures is a 1-minute pickup/dropoff area and next to it disabled parking. 
    * A new Domestic Terminal 4 under construction (located between T3 & 'old' T4) is progressing on schedule - to be completed during 2015. It is intended for domestic low-cost flights of Jetstar & Tigerair (eventually replacing the old T4). New T4 will also get  a multi-level carpark, new baggage facilities & added aircraft gates, parking aprons and taxi lanes.  New T4 will be under one roof with T1 & T3 (but with a long walk from the international T2). By year-end 2014, roof & external facade 'neared completion' while focus turned to  internal outfit  (installation of lifts, escalators, stairs & framework for retail shops. ] 

Services and amenities
inside the terminals  include shops, duty-free shops, food & drink establishments, currency exchange, ATM machines, wireless internet access, showers, first-aid stations, and a golf club.
    Airline Lounges at Melbourne Airport: (Airline lounges and transit facilities are to be completed 'early 2015').
Cathay Pacific - T2, level 1;
Air New Zealand & United - T2, level 1; 
Emirates Lounge - T2, after customs take escalator to level 3.
Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge - T2, level 1;
Qantas Club - T1, level 1;  and  T2, level 1;
REX Lounge - T3, ground level;
Singapore's Silver Kris Lounge - T2, level 1; 
Virgin Blue - T3, Mezzanine.  


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