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Main Terminal / Concourses at Memphis MEM Airport

The Passenger Terminal at Memphis International has three Concourses - however the Airport refers to them as 'Terminals A, B & C').  The Main terminal has on the ground level the baggage claim area and on the upper level ticketing and access to Concourse A (right), Concourse (left), and the Y-shaped Concourse B (center). Free WiFi access is available throughout the terminal.
Conourse A
serves Southwest (tel. 901-922-8671) with gates A1-33 (after security check is gate A23; gate 33 is at the right end, and near gate A13 at left is an escalator to gates A1-12.
Concourse B serves Delta (tel. 800-221-1212) and US Airways (tel. 901-922-8261) with gates B1-43, and all international arrivals with gates B42-43. Note that travelers need to pass through the TSA security checkpoint after clearing customs near gate B35, since the customs hall exits into the concourse instead of the main lobby). 
Concourse C serves  American (tel. 901-922-8330), Frontier (tel. 901-344-2431), United (tel. 800-221-6903) with gates C1-22. & US Airways (tel. 901-922-8261.

Getting around: Moving walkways connect both Concourses A & C to the Main Terminal. 
Seaport Airlines passengers
(tel. 888-573-2767) with a connecting flight will be shuttled between the Signature Flight Support fixed base facility at 2988 Winchester Road and the passenger terminal. After exiting Seaport flight, collect your bags & re-check them in in the Main Terminal for connecting flight.
International Arrivals: Concourse B has  international gates B42/43 and serves all international arrivals. Travelers need to go through passport control, then collect bags from the carousel and take them to Customs for inspection, then re-check-in bags. If connecting to another flight, your bags transferred to your final destination; however, before you continue to your connecting gate, you need to go through security check again.

Memphis MEM Airport

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Walk Route

Walk towards Gate A21 and go down moving walkway turn right across from Security into Concourse B, for International flight, you will have to clear customs, located by gate B35
Walk Time: 7 min

Through Security? No (yes for internat

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