Miami MIA Airport Overview

Miami International Airport MIA serves the City of Miami and Dade County in south-east Florida, is Florida's primary Airport, and one busiest U.S. Airport - serving as gateway to the Caribbean, Latin America, & Europe.  MIA is one of the fastest-growing Airports in the U.S. - rated to be among America's ten best.   In early 2015, Miami AP:  TRB (Transport Research Board), recognized MIA as 'one of the best U.S. airports for customer service'.

MIA Airport is only nine miles northwest of Miami, accessible via Interstate Highway 95 South (exit: State Road 112).  

With four long runways and an estimated 40 million passengers a year, Miami Airport is a major hub for American Airlines, and is host to a multitude of domestic and international airlines and charters offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.  What's more, the airport serves close to half a million passengers each week with destinations on the North and South American Continent and Europe. 

The on-airport Miami International Airport Hotel has conference rooms on Concourse E, level 7 (305-871-4100).

Miami Airport has three connected terminals -  the North, Central & South terminals.

Future Airport Developments: 
1. By Summer 2015, the new Miami Central Station (MCS) is to be completed , whereupon Miami Intermodal Center transport hub (MIC) - located next to the Rental Car Center, will be able to access all means of ground transport, including Amtrak.
2. By 2016, the 'MiniMetro' - able to haul 150 assengers, & run every 3 mins at 40km/hr - is to replace the current (self-driven) train by a cable-hauled train - connecting TE to its satellite terminal (375meters) is scheduled for partial operation.
3. By 2018, a new baggage screening system is to double current speed & is intended to replace the current manual system of Central Terminal, while the current automated system of South Terminal will be renovated - creating one interconnected system with 12 new X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) machines. The project also includes new post-security corridors linking Concourses G & H, while the North Terminal's gates are to be retrofitted for the new jets (later, this may also be done in the Central Terminal).

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MIA Delays: 15 mins or less.


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