Miami MIA Airport Overview

Miami International Airport MIA serves the City of Miami and Dade County in south-east Florida, is Florida's primary Airport, and one busiest U.S. Airport - serving as gateway to the Caribbean, Latin America, & Europe.  MIA is one of the fastest-growing Airports in the U.S. - rated to be among America's ten best. 

MIA Airport is only nine miles northwest of Miami, accessible via Interstate Highway 95 South (exit: State Road 112).  

With four long runways and an estimated 40 million passengers a year, Miami Airport is a major hub for American Airlines, and is host to a multitude of domestic and international airlines and charters offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.  What's more, the airport serves close to half a million passengers each week with destinations on the North and South American Continent and Europe. 

The on-airport Miami International Airport Hotel has conference rooms on Concourse E, level 7 (305-871-4100).

Miami Airport has three connected terminals -  the North, Central & South terminals.

Future Airport Developments: 
1. By Summer 2015, the new Miami Central Station (MCS) is to be completed , whereupon Miami Intermodal Center transport hub (MIC) - located next to the Rental Car Center, will be able to access all means of ground transport, including Amtrak.
2. By 2016, the 'MiniMetro' - able to haul 150 assengers, & run every 3 mins at 40km/hr - is to replace the current (self-driven) train by a cable-hauled train - connecting TE to its satellite terminal (375meters) is scheduled for partial operation.
3. By 2018, a new baggage screening system is to double current speed & is intended to replace the current manual system of Central Terminal, while the current automated system of South Terminal will be renovated - creating one interconnected system with 12 new X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) machines. The project also includes new post-security corridors linking Concourses G & H, while the North Terminal's gates are to be retrofitted for the new jets (later, this may also be done in the Central Terminal).

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