Miami MIA Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Miami MIA Airport

Miami Airport layout, Getting Around at MIA, International Arrivals, Terminal Details, & VIP /Airline lounges.

The Passenger Terminal Complex at Miami Airport consists of three connected terminals, arranged in a semi-circle & surrouding the parking areas. T
he North Terminal with Concourse D & Customs facilities; the Central Terminal with Concourses E, F & G; and the South Terminal with Concourses H & J.  Each of the Terminals' Concourses serves specific airlines.

Getting Around at MIA:

    Skyride Connector is a moving walkway on level 3, connecting all terminals (with 4 stops inside Concourse D) and parking areas.
    Elevated Skytrain
at North Terminal services the 1-mile-long Concourse D,  with 4 stations between east and west Gates D17 & D46 and completing its route within 5 minutes.
    MIA Mover is a 1.25-mile-long elevated people mover system connecting passengers from the airport to the rental car center.
    Miami Metrorail: The quickest and most economical way to get to areas between Palmetto, Earlington Heights and Dadeland South, is by taking the Miami Metrorail: The new Miami Airport Metrorail Station's Orange line connects at Earlington Heights to the Green line  heading north to Palmetto - while both Orange and Green lines proceed south  to Dadeland South. 
    APCs  (Automated Passport Control kiosks) can be used by U.S. citizens & its green-card holders, by Canadian citizens, by passengers with only carry-on bags, and by passengers of all visa waiver countries - speeding up waiting time.
    Mobile Passport ( - CBP (Customs) mobile app for iOS & Android devices enables passengers to enter & submit passport & customs declaration info by using their smartphone or tablet. Eligible are U.S. citizens & Canadian citizens with both valid passport & B1 or B2 visa status.
    International Arrivals from Concourses D, E & F are being processed in the North Terminal's new 3-level Arrivals Facility. Its passport control hall has 72 processing lanes, able to handle 2,000 travelers/ hour; is also houses 30 passport control kiosks (APCs) for passengers who are US & Canadian citizens or citizens of visa-waiver countries. Six lanes and 12 Global Entry kiosks are specifically designed for Global Entry program members.  Level 2 houses 5 baggage claim carousels - with access to Sky Train on either side, connecting to all other gates. The first level has a large greeting lobby.  U.S. Customs & Immigration areas are located at (a) South Terminal J (exit a level 3, or if transferring to another flight take elevator to level 2);  and b) at North Terminal D (exit at level 1, or if transferring to another flight take elevator to level 2). ).
    International Arrivals at South Terminal will be processed at Arrivals J.  Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag on level 2, from which you can then connect to your next flight.


The North Terminal houses Concourse D and baggage claim 21-27and is the hub for Latin America & the Caribbean.
   Concourse D (1-mile-long)  is served by American, American Eagle, & Qatar.  It houses gates D1-D60 (level 2), served by the Skytrain on its roof with four stations, running between the east and west Gates - completing its route within 5 minutes:
Skytrain Station 1 stops near gate D17 at eastern-most end of the Conourse and serves gates D1-19.
Skytrain Station 2 stops between gates D20-25 - with access to domestic baggage claim.
Skytrain Station 3 serves gates D26-39 (Admirals Club is at D30), passport control, exit to Central/South Terminals; and gates E1-35 of Central Terminal (with walkway to gates E10-30).
Skytrain Station 4 serves gates D40-60, and the new Regional Commuter Facility with 2 concourse level gates and covered outdoor walkways to 12 lower-level gates for American Eagle.
The Central Terminal houses Concourses E, F & G, and has corresponding baggage claims 14, 15 & 19 for E, 12 & 13 for G, and 10, 11 for F.
    Concourse E is served by Airberlin, Aeroflot, Cayman Airways, Falcon Air Expresss, Finnair, InselAir, Insel Air Aruba, Interjet, Surinam, & WestJet.  It houses gates E2-E11 on level 2, and satellite gates E20-33, reached by train from level 4.
    Concourse F is served by BoA, British, Canadian North, Iberia, Sun Country, Virgin Atlantic, & XL Airways France.  It houses on level 2 gates F3-23.
    Concourse G is served by Arkefly, Avinor, Falcon, Frontier, Jetairfly, Miami Air, SBA Airlines, Swift Air, TAP Portugal, Transaero, Vision, & World Atlantic. It houses on level 2 gates G1-19.
NOTE:  The Central Terminal is currently closed for a much-needed upgrade in Concourse E.& its satellite - including 4 new passenger bridges, 9 new elevators, replacement /refurbishment of air conditioning, re-roofing & LED lighting fixture installation. 

The South Terminal houses Concourses H & J (H gates to the right  - J gates to the left) with baggage claims 5 - 8  for H & 1 - 4  for J arrivals. A new 'virtual reality passenger assistant, named Leticia gives passengers information regarding the 60 shops, restaurants & services.
    Concourse H is served by Aeromexico, Air France, Alitalia, Bahmasair, Delta, LAN & United. It houses on level 2 gates H3-17;
    Concourse J  is served by Aerolineas Argentinas, Air Canada, Air Europa, Avianca, Caribbean, Copa, GOL, IBC (on level 1), Lufthansa, Swiss & TAM.  It houses on level 2 gates J2-18. International Arrivals at South Terminal will be processed at Arrivals J.
NOTE:  Concourse H's is to be prepared to handle international flights of large A380 aircraft.  No starting & completion dates have yet been announced.

VIP Clubs & Lounges:
1. North Terminal, Concourse D:  American Airlines Admirals Club at gates D16 (Skytrain station 1) & D30 (Skytrain station 3),
2. Central Terminal:
at Concourse E, pre-security: Military Hospitality Lounge on level 2;  and Executive Conference Center, at level 7 of MIA Hotel;
   at Concourse E, post-security: Premium Lounge (AA, BA, IB) on level 5; 
   at Concourse F, pre-security: Consular Lounge on level 2; at post-security: Club America F at level 3;
3. South Terminal:
   at Concourse H post-security: Delta Sky Club on level 4.
   at Concourse J, post-security:  the VIP Lounge operated by  LATAM ( LAN /TAM airlines) at gate J5.

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