Security at Paris Orly ORY Airport

Once you arrive at the airport, do not accept any package or baggage from another person no matter what the reason is.
Never leave your baggage even for a few moments, because if it is not being watched it is regarded as suspect and may be destroyed.
Security checkpoints
Once your hold baggage has been checked in, you must go through the security checkpoint to reach the boarding areas. To go through, you must show the security agent your magnetic boarding pass, either printed or on your mobile phone with your proof of identity. Before going through the security screening gate, place the objects indicated in the trays put at your disposal. If the alarm goes off as a passenger passes through, a body search is systematically carried out. Random inspections can be carried out by the security agents, in accordance with the European regulations. Therefore your baggage may be thoroughly searched and you may be obliged to submit to a body search even if the alarm has not gone off.

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