Philadelphia PHL Airport Overview

Philadelphia International Airport PHL serves the State of Pennsylvania and is a major Airport on the East Coast, ranking very high among large U.S. airports in customer satisfaction.  It was recently named 'Airport with Best Concession Management Team'.

PHL Airport is about 7 miles southwest of central Philadelphia, accessible via Interstate Highways 95 (Delaware Expwy) & 76; PA 291 & 611, and the PA & NJ Turnpikes. The Airport, bordering to the south on the Delaware River, is served by the Airport High-Speed Rail Line stopping at Eastwick Station, University City, 38th Street Station, Penn Center Suburban Station and Market East Station.

With four runways and serving around 32M travelers annually, Philadelphia International Airport is served by major airlines offering  nonstop and connecting flights to desinations around the world.
- Frontier Airlines starts flights to Cuba in December 2016 with 4 weekly flights to Camaguey; 3 weekly flights to Santa Clara, and Saturday flights to Matanzas.
- Icelandair starts services May 30, 217 to KEF Keflavik Airport ( near the City of Rykjavik), with 4 weekly nonstop flights.

On-Airport Hotels at PHL Airport:
- the Airport Marriott, next to Parking Garage B (tel. 215-492-9000); and
- the Aloft Hotel on Island Avenue (tel. 267-298-1700).

Philadelphia International Airport has seven terminals  - A-West, A-East, B, C, D, E & F (Terminals B & C and D & E are connected), with access to corresponding garages. 

TSA Checkpoints: 
It is strongly advisable to arrive at the Airport 2 hours prior to domestic, and 3 hours prior to international scheduled flights.
PHL Airport has been working with the TSA & airlines to ease wait times at TSA checkpoint lanes during the busy summer months. PHL checkpoint hours: A-West: 5:15am; B: open 24/7; C: 4:15am; D/E: 3/45am; F: 4:15am.
- Airlines hired extra staff to assist passengers at checkpoints.
- Frequent flyers should take advantage of TSA Pre-check, expediting the screening process in a separate lane (annual fee: $85). 
- Pre-check passengers may request expedited screening if C lane is closed. Also, as pre-check is unavailable at F, lane D/E may be used.
- The downloadable 'MY TSA mobile application'
on iOS & Android devices is available from the site and from iTunes & Google Play.

Post-Security animal relief areas are now available at:
- TA-West, near gate A16; & TA-East near gate A1 shuttle bus stop;
- TB at B enc of the AB-Link;
- TC & TD at respective C & D ends of the CD-Link
- at gate E1, and at TF past checkpoint, at elevator/escalator lobby.

Present and Future Airport Developments:  The Airport is to be refurbished 'over the next several years':
- by December 2016 the TD /TE 's checked baggage inspection system (CBIS) will be operational.
- by January 2017 renovations at TD/TC ticketing buildings will have added ticket counters with  larger queuing spaces and inceased pubic circulation. Ongoing renovation on the center section of TD's ticketing building is then to be  completed - whereupon Delta Airlines will move in - freeing up the east end of TE's ticketing building for the final phase of renovations.
  - Long-term improvements:  The Airport itself will be expanded - using largely undeveloped parcels of land  - to be completed in phases over a 12-15 year span. Within this time period the following improvements are to be made: extension of runway, taxiway, designing new APM (automated people mover); construction of consolidated rental car facility, redesign of Terminal B/C for new ticketing, baggage & security screening; and many airport rehab  infrastructure projects (roof, window, &  escalator replacements, new restrooms & security upgrades).

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