Philadelphia PHL

Philadelphia, PA (0 miles)

Wilmington New Castle ILG

New Castle, DE (24 miles)

Trenton Mercer TTN

West Trenton, NJ (36 miles)

Atlantic City ACY

Egg Harbor, NJ (46 miles)

Lehigh Valley ABE

Allentown, PA (55 miles)

Newark Liberty EWR

Newark, NJ (80 miles)

Harrisburg MDT

Middletown, PA (83 miles)

Baltimore Washington BWI

Baltimore, MD (90 miles)

Teterboro TEB

Teterboro, NJ (92 miles)

New York Kennedy JFK

New York, NY (94 miles)

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When making a cost comparison, compare the cost of flights first, then factor in additional expenses for parking, rental car, Wi-Fi access, and transportation, etc., all of which vary from airport to airport; the total cost, along with flight availability, can help determine your choice of airport.

Philadelphia International has seven different terminal facilities, meaning if you need a connecting flight you might have quite a trek ahead of you. Lancaster Airport, 60 miles away, is served by Cape Air, offering five round trip flights daily to all Legacy carriers at the Baltimore/Washington BWI Airport. New Castle County Airport, 25 miles from Philadelphia Airport, in Delaware, serves the surrounding businesses with Avionics, Air Charters & Air Cargo.

1. Philadelphia International Airport PHL is located about seven miles from downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The high-speed SEPTA rail connects the Airport to the City. PHL Airport is a major international and domestic hub for US Airways; additionally, a host of domestic and international airlines service the airport with nonstop and connecting flights to destinations around the world. Four runways accommodate its extensive air traffic. The airport is a sprawling complex with seven different terminal facilities: Terminals A-West and A-East, Terminals B, C. D, E & F. It's quite a trek, even with a shuttle, between Terminal A and Terminal F, so veteran travelers recommend budgeting an extra 30 minutes if you're connecting from an international flight to a regional one. Aside from its many amenities offered to its passengers, PHL Airport has recently installed 140 large, easy-to-read, LCD monitors throughout its seven terminals that visually provide travelers with the same information as the Airport's overhead public address system. As with the audio announcements, visual messages can be presented in English, Spanish, French and German. Philadelphia International ranks highest among large airports in North America in overall customer satisfaction in J.D. Power and Associates' 2008 North America Airport Satisfaction Study.

2. Lancaster Airport LNS --60 miles from Philadelphia International--is located about 6 miles north of the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, at the intersection of Route 501/Lititz Pike and Airport Road and right in the heart of Pennsylvania-Dutch Country, with easy access from Route 30, Route 283 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Presently the only commercial Airline is Cape Air, offering five round trip flights daily to all Legacy carriers at the Baltimore/Washington BWI Airport, with connections around the world. Charter flights take passengers to Orlando, Florida, and Air taxi charters are also available. The passenger terminal has a full-service Italian restaurant and rental car desks for Hertz and Avis. You can even watch a movie at the on-Airport located Penn Cinema. The Airport offers unlimited free parking - both for aircraft and for cars.

3. New Castle County Airport ILG --25 miles from Philadelphia International-- is located five miles south of the City of Wilmington, Delaware and is only a 25-minute drive from Philadelphia's city center. Major transportation arteries I-95, I-295 and NJ Turnpike are only a 5-minute drive from the airport, and the Amtrak station with 90-minute connections to both New York City and Washington D.C. is 10-minute away. Due to ILG's strategic location, it is well situated to serve major corporations, as well as individual aircraft owners in this area. New Caste Airport has three major runways, ten taxiways and several aircraft parking ramps. It offers aircraft operators a choice of three excellent FBO facilities (Avionics, Air Charters & Air Cargo), which all provide timely and efficient service at competitive rates, as well as other services for your convenience.

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