Philadelphia PHL Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Philadelphia PHL Airport

Philadelphia Airport:  Terminal layout, Getting Arround, International Arrivals, US Airways/ US Airways Express passengers, & Terminal Details.

The passenger terminal complex at Philadelphia International Airport consists of seven passenger terminals, arranged from East to West: TA-West, TA-East, TB/TC, TD/TE & TF- connected in their secure areas,
which offer access to corresponding garages.  Terminals B & C and  D & E are connected, while TF is only connected at its secure area  to the secure areas (post-security) of the other terminals..  NEW:  Nursing mothers now have nursing rooms available at 'Minute Suites' in the corridor connecting Terminals A-East & B, at post-security - first 30 mins are free - for more info call Minute Suites at 215-937-1076, or visit:

Getting around PHL:   A new E/F secure connector provides a link between TE & TF, and to all other terminals without the need to re-enter securty checks. The transfer between E & F terminals involve a 15-minue walk.  Also free large shuttle buses, operated by American Airlines, make the following connections at the secure side between TA-East and TF, and TC & TF.  The A-East shuttle stop is near gate A1, TC shuttle stop is at gate C16 (near Au Bon Pain), and TF shuttle stop is at Gate F-14.  If connecting from an international flight to a regional one, it is advisable to budget in an extra 30 minutes!
NOTE:  The TF Garage pedestrian bridge reopened for: (a) Departing Passengers, who may park in the E-FGarage, take the F bride to the terminal and the elevator /escalator to the check-in lobby and security checkpoint;  (b) Arriving Passengers exit TF, follow new E-F Secure Connecctor to TE, exit through secure doors to E Pedestrian Bridge leading to E-F Garage, to ground transport & baggage claim.
International Arrivals:  Terminal A-West is the only terminal with US Immigration & Customs.  Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag (the tag should indicate layover and final destination Airport Codes). Allow at least 35-45  minutes to connecting terminal. 

American Airlines passengers:  American Airlines operates ticketing, gates & baggage claim out of Terminals A-West & A-East, and Terminals B/C. (check with AA at  Arriving domestic Passengers at A-West not transfering to another flight - must pick up their bags at  the A-East baggage claim.
American Eagle operates out of TF - ticketing & gates are in TF, while some select flights will depart from TB or TCl; the baggage claim is at TD/TE.
 - Contacts:  Both American & American Eagle use Code AA; reservation tel. 800-433-7300; baggage inquiries 800-37-4771.

 -  American Admirals Club lounges are available at: TA-West, mezzanine level, gates A15/16; TA-East, gates A4/A6A; between TB/TC at  level 3; at TF on level 2 near food court.


Terminal A of PHL is divided into Terminals A-East & A-West - connected at their ticketing level - each with their own concourses A-West & A-East.  Terminal A-West is the only Terminal  with US Immigration & Customs, and serves all international flights, except those with U.S. pre-clearance facilities.
    Concourse A-West  of TA with gates A14-A26 is currently served by American, British Airways, Lufthansa & Qatar airlines  (transatlantic & international).  A-West houses Travelex, a large Customs Hall & a small International Arrivals Hall connecting to Garage A-West. Its Ticketing area also connects with the ticketing Area of A-East.  Airline lounges: American Airlines Admiral's Club; British Airways Speedwing Lounge.
    Concourse A-East  of TA with gates  A2-A13 (the USO facility is near A6) - is currently served by American & Spirit airlines. It is mostly used for domestic flights. A connector from Terminal A-East Ticketing leads to the Baggage Claim A-East, and to the terminal connector to Terminal B/C. Available services: Minute Suites, The Traveler's Retreat, a children's play area, shoe shine, UPS store, Travelex.
   A & B Terminals are connected by post-security walkway which houses the Minute Suites ('The Travelers Retreat'), offering private suites for an hourly fee (13 pivate suites are equipped with a daybed for 2, noise reduction, & NAP26TM audio program delivering 3 hrs worth of sleep in only 26 mins). Rooms have high-definition TV with internet and flight-tracking data. Minute Suites with 2 workstation cubicles and a reception desk are located in the A/B Link.

Terminals B & C of PHL
- with Concourse B gates B1-B16, and Concourse C gates C16-C31 on opposite sides - are served by American Airlines.  Both terminals are connected by a shopping mall and a food court. They house B/C ticketing and connect  to the Baggage Claim B/C and to the Terminal Connector to Terminal D.  B/C services include the Admirals Club & shoe shine, and Terminal C houses the XpresSpa.
    The B/C connector with the Philadelphia Marketplace houses 30 retail shops & a large food court, also connects to the post-security area of TD.
- The new Comcast's lounge is is across from the food court, between TB/TC and offers X1 TV service with with seating/charging stations, and Xfinity reps for support.
NOTE:  Terminal B will be redesigned:  The OTG  Management is to open 8 new restaurants and add food & drink options to 15 gate areas. The food offerings will include a chef-driven concept, with iPads using OTG's Flo platform (the upscale restaurant's menu can be viewed online and orders electronically submitted).

Terminals  D & E:
  Terminal D of PHL
- with Concourse D gates D1-D16 - is currently used by Air Canada, Alaska, Delta, Delta Connection & United Airlines. NOTE: Delta  ticketing is in TE, while gates & baggage claim are in TD.  Services :Delta Sky Club, Travelex, XpresSpa, shoeshine. TD is connected to TE on the Ticketing level, and both terminals share new baggage claim in the new D/E Connector.  TD also connects to Terminal B/C's shopping area through a post-security walkway.  (TD's center section renovation of the ticketing area is to be completed by January 2017', whereupon Delta will move in - freeing up the east end of TE's ticketing area for the final phase of renovation. . 
    The new three-level D/E Connector building  between Terminals D & E, houses on level 1 the new  in-line baggage system; on level 2 the 14-lane passenger security screening area for both terminals, and on level 3 airline offices.
  Terminal E of PHL - with Concourse E  gates E1-E17, is currently used by Frontier, JetBlue & Southwest. NOTE: Delta gates & baggage claim are in TD, while ticketing is in TE. TE shares ticketing & concessions with TD, and the baggage claim at the D/E Connector. 
Further additions to both TD & TE have now been completed and include 23 more ticket counters, new concessions, baggage claim D & E expansion, and connecting D & E baggage claim buildings with a one-level addition, housing new baggage carousels; and renovation of existing facilities.
NOTE:  Already completed: checked baggage system (CBIS) for both TD & TE, connecting TE & TF concourses, and the ticket lobby renovation. CBIS certification is expectd by Fall 2016 and should be operational by Dec. 2016.  Thereafter, in a phased sequence, ticket counter and curb-side conveyors will be tied into the new CBIS as renovations to the ticketing building are completed.

Terminal F of PHL - with F gates F1-39 (Concourse 1 gates F1-F9; Concourse 3 gates F24-39; Concourse 2 gates F11-F23), is currently only used by American & American Eagle airlines. On the North side of the Terminal Complex is Terminal F Ticketing with attached Baggage Claim F and a Terminal Connector to Terminal E, as well as access to Concourses 1 with gates F1-F9, Concourse 3 with gates F24-39, and Concourse 2 with gates F10-23.
The recent 'Hub' expansion - located where the 3 concourses intersect - now has four times more space allowing for added food & drink and retail concessions  (upscale dining included).  Services include the Admirals Club, XprsSpa & shoe shine.
NOTE: The remainder of Terminal F's expansion work
was completed in Spring 2016 and involvesd new baggage claim facility, expansion of security checkpoint and Concourse, adding more concession space, and a corridor linking TF to the other terminals at post-security. The secure area of Terminal F now connects to the secure areas of all terminals - enabling passengers to walk the entire length of the Airport within the secured area.

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