Philadelphia PHL Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Philadelphia PHL Airport

Philadelphia Airport:  Terminal layout, Getting Arround, International Arrivals, US Airways/ US Airways Express passengers, & Terminal Details:

The passenger terminal complex at Philadelphia International Airport consists of seven passenger terminals: TA-West, TA-East, TB, TC, TD, TE & TF
, which offer access to corresponding garages.  Terminals B & C, as well as D & E are connected. As distances between the terminals can be long, even with courtesy shuttles running between Terminals, it is advisable to budget in an extra 30 minutes if you need to connect from an international flight to a regional one. Transfer passengers do not need to re-enter security checks, as all but Terminal F are connected at post-security areas.

Getting around PHL:  As all terminals, other than TF, are connected at post-security areas by moving walkways, and the shuttle bus connects directly to the F gates, transfer passengers do not need to re-enter security checks.
Free large shuttle buses, operated by US Airways , make the following connections at post-security areas, where they run FROM Terminal F (gate F14) only to either gates C16 or A1; and TO Terminal F only from either Gate C16 or Gate A1. Gate C16 provides connections to Terminals C & B, while gate A1 provides connections to Terminals A-East & West.
International Arrivals:  Terminal A-West is the only terminal with US Immigration & Customs.  Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag (the tag should indicate layover and final destination Airport Codes). Allow at least 35-45  minutes to connecting terminal. 

US  Airways / US Airways Express passengers note: 

1. US Airways:  (a) for ticketing & gates it uses Terminal A-West for international flights, Terminals B/C for domestic flights, and Terminal A-East for both flights. (b) For baggage claim it usesTerminal A-West for international, & Terminal B/C for domestic flights. Domestic arrivals at TA-West need to pick up their bags at B/C baggage claim.  (c) U.S. Airways lounges:  US Airways Club at Terminal B/C: tel. 610-362-7714; US Airways Envoy Lounge at Terminal A-West: tel. 610-362-1991.
2. US Airways Express uses Terminal F for ticketing & gates, and Terminals D/E for baggage claim. The US Airways Club can be reached at  tel. 610-362-4275.

Terminal F's Baggage Claim & Baggage Service Office are temporarily relocated to Terminal D/E Baggage Claim, and Terminal F parking garage's pedestrian bridge is closed - arriving passengers at TF will be directed to TE parking garage pedestrian bridge for access to baggage claim D/E.

Terminal A of Philadelphia International is divided into Terminals A-East & A-West - connected at their ticketing level - each with their own concourses A-West & A-East.  Terminal A-West is the only Terminal  with US Immigration & Customs, and serves all international flights, except those with U.S. pre-clearance facilities.
Concourse A-West with gates A14-A26 is currently served by British Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar & US Airways (transatlantic & international). Airline lounges: AA Admirals Club, BA Speedwing Lounge & US Airways Club.  A-West houses a large Customs Hall & a small International Arrivals Hall connecting to Garage A-West. Its Ticketing area also connects with the ticketing Area of A-East. .
Airline lounges: American Airlines Admiral's Club; British Airways Speedwing Lounge.
Concourse A-East with gates  A1-A13 (the USO facility is near A6) - is currently served by American, Frontier, Spirit & US Airways (US Airways has 3 gates there). It is mostly used for domestic flights. A connector from Terminal A-East Ticketing leads to the Baggage Claim A-East, and to the terminal connector to Terminal B/C.

Terminals A & B are connected by post-security walkway 
which houses the Minute Suites ('The Travelers Retreat'),
offering private suites for an hourly fee (13 pivate suites are equipped with a daybed for 2, noise reduction, & NAP26TM audio program delivering 3 hrs worth of sleep in only 26 mins). Rooms have high-definition TV with internet and flight-tracking data. Minute Suites with 2 workstation cubicles and a reception desk are located in the A/B Link.

Terminals B & C of Philadelphia International
- with Concourse B gates B1-B16, and Concourse C gates C16-C31 on opposite sides - are the two main US Airways terminals, connected by a shopping mall and a food court. They house B/C ticketing and connect  to the Baggage Claim B/C and to the Terminal Connector to Terminal D.  The US Airways Club is at B/C.
The B/C connector offers a large range of amenities & services, which in turn connects to the post-security area of TD.

Terminal D of Philadelphia International - with Concourse D gates D1-D16 - is currently used by Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, Alaska, Delta & United Airlines. Delta  ticketing is in TE, while gates are in TD.  Airline lounge:  Delta Sky Club.TD is connected to TE on the Ticketing level, and both terminals share new baggage claim in the new D/E Connector.  TD also connects to Terminal B/C's shopping area through a post-security walkway.

Terminal E of Philadelphia International 
- with Concourse E  gates E1-E17, is currently used by AirTran, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest & Virgin America. NOTE: Delta gates are in TD, while ticketing is in TE. TE shares ticketing & concessions with TD, and the baggage claim at the D/E Connector. 
The new three-level D/E Connector building  between Terminals D & E, houses on level 1 the new  in-line baggage system; on level 2 the 14-lane passenger security screening area for both terminals, and on level 3 airline offices.
Further additions to both TD & TE are scheduled for completion by June 2015 (23 more ticket counters, new concessions, baggage claim D &E expantion, and connecting D & E baggage claim buildings wth a one-level addition housing new baggage carousels ; & renovation of existing facilities.

Terminal F of Philadelphia International  - with F gates F1-39 (Concourse 1 gates F1-F9; Concourse 3 gates F24-39; Concourse 2 gates F10-F23), is currently only used by US Airways Express. On the North side of the Terminal Complex is Terminal F Ticketing with attached Baggage Claim F and a Terminal Connector to Terminal E, as well as access to Concourses 1 with gates F1-F9, Concourse 3 with gates F24-39, and Concourse 2 with gates F10-23.
The recent 'Hub' expansion -located where the 3 concourses intersect - now has four times more space allowing for added food & drink and retail concessions - upscale dining included.  XpresSpa now offers shaves & showers.  On the Hub's mezzanine level the US Airways Club nearly tripled its space. 
The remainder of Terminal F's expansion work involves new baggage claim facility, expansion of security checkpoint and Concourse, and adding more concession space - to be completed in Fall 2015.

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