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Portland Airport ( PDX ) Terminal Map Information

Type Name Terminal Location
Airline Lounge Alaska Airline Club Lounges Concourse C C4
Store Travel Oregon Main Terminal Baggage Claim
Store Your Northwest Travel Mart Concourse B B3
Restaurant Flying Elephants Deli Main Terminal Oregon Market
Bar The Country Cat Concourse E E1
Restaurant Rogue Ales Public House Concourse D D7
Restaurant Potbelly Sandwich Concourse C C7
Store Brookstone Main Terminal Oregon Market
Cafe Peet's Coffee and Tea Concourse D D3
Restaurant Beaches Restaurant and Bar Main Terminal Oregon Market
Restaurant Stanford Restaurant and Bar Main Terminal Oregon Market
Store Travelex Concourse D D9
Restaurant Burgerville Concourse D D4
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse C C18
Store Metalsmiths Sterling Concourse C C8
Store House Spirits Distillery Concourse C C8
Restaurant Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen Concourse C C7
Store Rich's News Concourse C C8
Restaurant McDonald's Concourse C C15
Store The Dragontree Spa Concourse C C12
ATM ATM Main Terminal Main Lobby
ATM ATM Concourse B B3
Restaurant Rose's Restaurant & Bakery Concourse D D5
Restaurant PDX Food Carts Main Terminal Oregon Market
Cafe Laurelwood Brewing Co. Concourse E E2
RestRooms Restrooms Main Terminal South Lobby
Cafe Stumptown Coffee Concourse B B1
ATM ATM Concourse E E3
Store The Market Main Terminal South Lobby
Restaurant Petite Provence Main Terminal Oregon Market
Store Your Northwest Travel Mart Main Terminal Oregon Market
Airline Lounge Wendy's Test Concourse D D7
Restaurant Hissho Sushi Concourse D D4
Restaurant Mo's Seafood & Chowder Concourse C C7
Store Sound Balance Concourse C C2
Store Pendleton Woolen Mills Main Terminal Oregon Market
Store CC McKenzie Shoes & Apparel Concourse C C6
Store Columbia Sportswear Main Terminal Oregon Market
Store Made in Oregon Concourse C C8
Cafe Starbucks Concourse C C8
Cafe Starbucks Concourse D D4
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse C C12
Airline Lounge United Airlines Club Lounge Concourse E E1
Store The Barbers Main Terminal Oregon Market
Store Powell's Books Main Terminal Oregon Market
ATM ATM Main Terminal South Lobby
Store Made in Oregon Main Terminal Oregon Market
ATM Currency Exchange Main Terminal Baggage Claim
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse C C9
Store The Market Concourse D D8
Store InMotion Entertainment Concourse D D3
RestRooms Restrooms Main Terminal North Lobby
Store Made in Oregon Concourse D D5
Store Travelex Main Terminal Baggage Claim
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse D D8
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse D D4
Cafe Starbucks Concourse A A2
Cafe Laurelwood Brewing Co. Concourse A A4
Store Your Northwest Travel Mart Concourse C C15
ATM ATM Concourse D D7
Store Nike Main Terminal Oregon Market
Store Your Northwest Travel Mart Concourse A A3
ATM ATM Main Terminal North Lobby
Store The Oregonian News Main Terminal Oregon Market
Restaurant Panda Express Main Terminal Oregon Market
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse C C3
Restaurant MOD Pizza Concourse C C7
Restaurant Cafe Yumm Concourse C C7
Store The Real Mother Goose Main Terminal Oregon Market
Restaurant Beach Shack Main Terminal Oregon Market
ATM ATM Concourse C C13
Store Kiehl's Main Terminal South Lobby
ATM Currency Exchange Concourse D D11
Bar Henry's Tavern Concourse C C11
ATM ATM Concourse C C3
Cafe Capers Cafe Concourse B B1
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse D D1
Store Your Northwest Travel Mart Concourse D D4
RestRooms Restrooms Main Terminal Baggage Claim
RestRooms Restrooms Concourse E E3
Store The Oregonian News Concourse E E2
Restaurant Sandoval's Fresh Mexican Grill Main Terminal Oregon Market

Portland Airport Terminal Map Overview

Portland PDX Terminal Map PDX Concourse A PDX Concourse B PDX Concourse C PDX Concourse D PDX Concourse E PDX Main Terminal


Terminal Layout at PDX Airport, Getting Around at PDX, International Arrivals, Paging/ Meet & Greet; Terminal Details, and Important Phone Numbers:

The passenger terminal complex at Portland International Airport consists of an integrated terminal with 5 Concourses - together forming an ‘H’ layout: 
Ticketing (upper level) and Baggage Claim (lower level) are in the center,  while the five in-line concourses are divided into a North Terminal with Concourses D & E, and a South Terminal with Concourses A, B & C.
Between  North & South Terminals is the Concourse Connector (at gate D1 North & gate C1 South) - allowing passengers who cleared security to move between the concourses without further screening. Moving sidewalks are between concourses. The ticketing level has two connectors to the rental car facility & parking garage.  

    Getting around at PDX: A Concourse connector is between gate areas D1 and C2 and provides easy connection between North and South Concourses in the secured areas. Moving sidewalks provide fast access between concourses.The North Lobby between Concourses D & E and the South Lobby between Concourses A/B and C are accessible from the Oregon Market in the center of the terminal, which offers above-average shopping and eating options.
    International Arrivals at Concourse D (except those who cleared US Customs at participating airports) are directed to passport control, get their bags at baggage claim, go through customs, the cashier, and thereafter will be directed to the shuttle bus taking a few minutes and arriving on the baggage claim level, opposite carousel 10.  If connecting to another flight , take the stairway up to Concourse D, then - depending on where your next flight will depart from - proceed to either  D or E gates (at right), or take the Concourse Connector near gate D1 to B & A gates (at left) or C gates (at right). Global Entry, TSA Pre-Check lane and APCs (automated passport control) kiosks will shorten the arrivals process.
    Paging / Meet & Greet:  (a) Audio & visual paging is available throughout the terminal, just dial 0 on any white paging phone. Customer Service Paging Center: tel. 503.460.4040 or 1.877.PDX.INF0. (b) The best place to meet your arriving passenger is on the baggage claim level, opposite carousel 10.

NOTE:  Entrance and exit lanes to the concourses are no longer side-by-side.   The new exit lane control system maximizes the flow of passenges thrugh the terminal. They detect anyone trying to enter the concourse thorugh the exit lane, and automatically close doors & alert police.  

TERMINAL DETAILS:    (Ongoing work: New shops & restaurants continue to be added until 2017. )

The Main passenger terminal houses on the ticketing level three airline ticketing areas: to the right for Delta, Virgin America & American; to the left  for Spirit, Hawaiian & Alaska, and in the center for all other airlines - with security checkpoints near right & left ticketing. Behind the center ticketing desks are shops & restaurans, and access to the Conference center.
- Recently completed: New carpeting, Federal Inspection Station upgrades with new security access control system;  relocation & expansion of north & south security checkpoint exit lanes; and new passenger waiting areas; and two new canopies now keep passengers dry when boarding buses from Federal Inspection Station to baggage claim.  
- NOTE: Currently the Airport's effort is to balance the passenger number between north & south sides. Alaska Air Group & Southwest  Airlines - the two largest carriers with two-thirds of total PDX passengers - are occupying the south side of the terminal.  Therefore, Alaska Air Group will switch concourses from current Concourses A, B, C to Concourse E, while United Airlines will switch from Concourse E to Concoursse C. Concourse E will be extended, starting Fall 2016 - to be completed late 2017.

The Concourse Connector at post-security  joins North & South Concourses by moving sidewalks: (the pet relief area is at the south end of the Concourse Connector.
    South Terminal Councourses & Airlines:
    Concourse A with gates A2-A12 is served by Alaska Airways;
    Concourse B with gates B1-B3 is served by Alaska Airways, PenAir & SunCountry;
    Concourse C with gates C1-C23 is served by Alaska, American, JetBlue & Southwest.
    North Terminal Concourses & Airlines:
    Concourse D with gates D1-D15 is served by Air Canada, Condor, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, Icelandair, Spirit, Virgin America & Volaris (D1 connects to C1 by moving walkway). Concourse D will open by April 2017 'Tender Loving Empire' offering record label and handmade goods supporting independent artists. Cncourse D also includesa new Kids' Play Space.
    Concourse E with gates E1-E7 is served by Air Canada, Seaport & United.  NOTE: Concourse E will be extended by 210 feet.
Other amenities and services inside the passenger terminal: Service Centers in Main Terminal & Concourses offer various business-related services listed separately.  PDX is adding new shops & restaurants up to 2017.  WiFi Access points cover presently over 80 percent of the Terminal's main level. For paging services call 503.460.4040.  Travelex is in the ticket lobby; The PDX Conference Center is on the ticketing level bordering on center of Concourse Connector. Translation service through AT&T is available at the information booths, near the baggage claim.  Food-conscious passengers may note that Burgerville, an Oregon favored serves breakfast, lunch & dinners, using  fresh & healthy local food. 
The new USO Northwest Center ('USONW') is open daily 5am-9pm, located on the Mezzanine level, before security check.  Tel. 503-272-2262; fax 206-246-1914; e-mail: pdxmanager@usonw.org . It offers laptops, free WiFi, TV, electronic games, free snacks & comfortable seating. 

Airline Lounges:
 Alaska's Board Room is between gates C3 & C6. 
Delta's Sky Club is near gate D7.
United's Red Carpet Room is near gate E1.

Important Telephone Numbers:
TDD 1-800-815-4636 or 503-460-4040;
Customer Service toll-free 1-877-739-4636 or 503-460-4234;
Paging: 503-460-4040;
Lost & Found: 503-460-4272
Parking: 503-40-4234 or 1-877-739-4636