San Antonio SAT

San Antonio, TX (0 miles)

Austin Bergstrom AUS

Austin, TX (67 miles)

Killeen-Fort Hood Regional GRK

Killeen, TX (113 miles)

Corpus Christi CRP

Corpus Christi, TX (135 miles)

Laredo LRD

Laredo, TX (150 miles)

Waco Regional ACT

Waco, TX (162 miles)

San Angelo Regional SJT

San Angelo, TX (175 miles)

Houston Intercontinental IAH

Houston, TX (191 miles)

Houston Hobby HOU

Houston, TX (192 miles)

Beaumont Jack Brooks Regional BPT

Nederland, TX (269 miles)

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When making a cost comparison, compare the cost of flights first, then factor in additional expenses for parking, rental car, Wi-Fi access, and transportation, etc., all of which vary from airport to airport; the total cost, along with flight availability, can help determine your choice of airport.

San Antonio International is in the process of replacing one of the two existing passenger terminals with a new one and also building another terminal, due increasing demand; therefore expect a lot of construction sites in the next two years. Many airlines offer a host of destinations, including a few in Mexico. Austin Bergstrom International is 67.6 miles from San Antonio International and has two passenger terminals--the South Terminal is being used for low-fare airlines. Viva Aerobus offers daily flights, and FunJet offers charter flights to Mexico, with more airlines to follow.

1. San Antonio International Airport SAT is located at the intersection of Hwy 281 and Interstate 410--8 miles from downtown San Antonio, Texas, has presently two passenger terminals; however, Terminal 2 will be replaced when construction of a new Terminal B is completed in 2010, and a third terminal--Terminal C--will be constructed to the West of the Terminal 2 site--to be completed 2012. San Antonio SAT airport is a busy facility with many airlines offering nonstop service to multiple destinations (including several in Mexico) and connections worldwide. To accommodate the ever-growing increase in passengers, SAT Airport is undergoing major changes in the upcoming years. The new Long-Term Garage with 2,800 spaces wraps around the SW corner of the existing long-term garage and also offers the choice of five levels of parking options. The new garage had brought the total parking spaces at SAT up to 9,000. Terminal B will be an 8-gate facility being constructed directly between the existing structures of Terminals One & Two. Initially it will house five gates but is designed to accommodate eleven gates should passenger growth warrant. A two-tier Roadway is to be constructed in front of all three terminal facilities--to be completed 2010. Presently, the existing roadway offers bi-level options only to Terminal One passengers. At this facility, the upper-level is used for passenger drop-off, while the lower-level is used for passenger pick-up. Once the project is completed, the two-tier roadway system will be available no matter what terminal facility they happen to be using.

2. Austin Bergstrom International Airport AUS --67.6 miles from San Antonio SAT--also known as 'ABIA Airport'--is the gateway to the City of Austin and to Central Texas. AUS airport has two major terminals: the main terminal, a/k/a the Barbara Jordan Terminal (named after US Senator) and the South Terminal. ABIA's new South Terminal, opened in 2008, is the first facility in the United States intended to accommodate low-cost airlines. Viva Aerobus is the first airline offering daily scheduled flights to and from Cancun and Monterrey, Mexico. FunJet, a charter, offers vacation destination to Riviera Maya. More airlines and destinations are planned to follow. The streamlined terminal operates differently from other terminals. The passenger's journey has been simplified by reducing the walking distance from check-in to the aircraft, and from the aircraft to baggage claim. There are no jet bridges or complicated baggage handling systems, allowing airlines using the terminal to pass the savings to the customer. Parking is located a short walk from the terminal building. A range of food and beverage, news and gift, tax and duty free outlets are available to passengers. Although the aviation industry is going through challenging times, the Austin-Bergstrom Airport administration believes that it cannot compromise on customer service and traveler safety..

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