Toronto Pearson YYZ Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Toronto Pearson YYZ Airport

Passenger Terminal Layout of Toronto Pearson Airport, with transferconnections, ransfer procedures, automated border clearance, Terminal Details, Airline Lounges & Premier Dining,  and Formalities regarding Flight Transfers (including US Customs Clearance):

The passenger terminal complex at Toronto Pearson International includes two new terminals – T1 & T3 - connected by the accessible LINK Train running 24/7.  Each terminal has US Border Pre-clearance facilities, as well as its own services and amenities, including food & drink, retail and duty-free concessions, and free WiFi internet access. Note that NEXUS cardholders will be able to use a separate line at some security points. 
LINK Train connections between T1, T3, Hotel & Economy Lot:  The LINK Train offers free transportation between Terminal 1, Terminal 3, the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, and the Economy Lot ('Reduced Rate Lot') at Viscount Station; it runs 24/7 and is wheelchair accessible. Trains stop at the following locations:
(a) For T1, the train platform is in the T-1 Parking Garage, level 5. To get there from the terminal take the West pedestrian bridge to the parking garage. 
(b) For T3, the train platform is inside the T3/Sheraton Hotel pedestrian bridge. To get there from T3 follow signs up escalator /elevator to the Sheraton Hotel.
(c) For the Sheraton Hotel, the train platform is in the Terminal 3/Sheraton hotel pedestrian bridge. To get there from the Hotel use the Hotel lobby.
(d) For the Economy Lot, the train platform is at Viscount Station, which is on American Drive between Viscount & Airport Roads.
Passengers connecting from an international or trans-border arrival to another international (except U.S.) departure go to one of the B checkpoints along the international arrivals walkway for passport control & immigration checks, and from there to Pier (Concourse) F - no baggage re-check and security check  needed.  Those arrivals connecting onward to the U.S. will no longer have to collect their checked bags.
Automated Border Clearance kiosks ('ABCs') are now available to arriving Canadian citizens with valid passport, and to permanent residents with permanent  resident card. The kiosks do not require pre-registration or membership fees.   ABC kiosks are available at Terminals 1 & 3. For more information visit Canada Border Services Agency at:


Terminal 1 of Toronto Pearson with D, E & F gates serves most Star Alliance airline members.  T1 has four levels - pre-security areas are on Ground level G,  levels 1 - Arrivals,  Level 2 - Parking & Link Train, & Level 3 - check-in.  Post-security gate areas are located on levels 1 & 2:   (a)    Level 1 houses Canadian gates D1-12, and USA gates F84-F99 are on level 1 (USA gates F84-99 on level 1 may be reached from level 2); (b)    Level 2 houses Canadian gates D20-57; USA gates F32-99; and international gates E68-E81.
The Ground Level of T1 has desks for out-of-town vans and for group check-in, parking & hotel shuttles & public transport, as well as Lost & Found & 2 Information desks. Doors R & S lead to the bus stops.
The Arrivals level 1 of T1,  has baggage claim, oversized baggage, connection desk, interfaith chapel, Travelers' Aid, currency exchange, ATM machine,elevators/escalators, 6 information desks, security checkpoints, and Canada Border Service Agency.   It also houses US and International arrivals, security & passport check, currency exchange and access to street and taxi & limo stands.
The Departures level 2 of T1, with check-in counters A - N (with  H counters for US departures and connections in the center); to the left is the F & G transfer corridor, in the center the arrivals and departures corridor & Maple Leaf Lounge; and to the right is the  E & F Transfer corridor. This level also houses Information counters, security screening, Canada Immigration &  Canada Custom B, US Customs & US Customs Waiver Office, with access to Canadian gates D1-D12 and to USA gates F84-F99.
Connecting to A & B gates of T3: Near gate D20 is a transfer tunnel connecting to T3's A, B & C gates - or take the Link Train.
NOTE:  Once Terminal 1 reached its maximum capacity, the existing IFT infield terminal with gates 521-531 will be reopened.)

Terminal 3 of Toronto Pearson with A, B & C gates serves most SkyTeam & Oneworld airlines, as well as non-affiliated airlines. T3 has two levels. The two Concourse /Piers are reached from level 2: 
International gates B/C with gates B14-B37 - close to gate B20 is an escalator/ elevator down to the tunnel connecting to gates A1-A6;  Canadian gates B14-B41; & USA gates A6 - A20 & (A2-A6 reached by elevator).
Level 1 of T3
is the Arrivals level, which connects by a tunnel to parking P1, and to another long tunnel on the other side, leading to the U.S. gates A1a to A1g, with an elevator and escalator.  Separate gate  A07 is at the right end of this level. The Arrivals level also houses US Customs and Canada Immigration & Canada Border Services, Traveller's Aid, Lost & Found, and baggage claims, with outside access to all types of transportation.
Level 2 of T3 is the Check-in & Departures level, which connects to via 2 air bridges to Parking & Hotel, and to the LINK Train in the center.  This level connects in the center to B & C gates, to the east to A gates and to the West to B & C and to C gates:
Connecting to D, E & F gates of T1:  take the Link train.
NOTE:  Ongoing upgrades at the Arrivals level of T3 will be completed by November 2014.

New Dining Experience at both Terminals A new dining concept at Pearson offers premier Toronto-based restaurants with fresh local markets, unique atmoshere and innovation.

Airline Lounges at Toronto Pearson Airport: Star Alliance, Skyteam and Oneworld member airlines maintain lounges inside the passenger terminals, which are accessible to their preferred customers and holders of certain elite cards; however there are also several ‘pay-in’ lounges, accessible by all passengers, regardless of status and airline.
1. Terminal 1 has 3 Maple Leaf Lounges accessible to certain Star Alliance customers and located in the following areas: (a) International level 3, Node F; (b) International / USA, level 4, Node F; and (c) Domestic.
2. Terminal 3 has (a) the American Airlines Admirals Club, British Airways’ Galleries Club and Galleries First lounges – all three accessible by certain OneWorld customers; (b) the KLM Crown Lounge, accessible by certain Skyteam customers, and (c) the Plaza Premium Lounge, a pay-in lounge accessible to all passengers situated near gate C24..

Formalities Regarding Transfers at Toronto Airport:
A. Procedures for Passengers Departing for, or Arriving from, the United States:
1. Passengers departing to the United States: It is recommended to arrive at least 3 hours before scheduled flight, particularly for flights departing 4-9am & 3-5pm and Holidays & Spring Break. Proceed to the US departures area.
2. Passengers arriving from the United States:  Upon arrival at Toronto Airport, you go through Canadian Customs and check the illuminated display panels for your assigned carousel number, then proceed to the baggage claim area where you find baggage trolleys. Your airline representative can, at your request, also call for a porter. Before proceeding to the public hall, present your customs declaration card to CBSA border services, where you might be directed for further manual inspection or search, if deemed necessary.

B. Flight Connection Procedures and Rules:
1. Flight connection from & to Canada: Just confirm your departure gate number on the flight screens. However, if you leave the restricted area, make sure to have your boarding pass with you and return timely to your gate.
2. Flight connection to/from Canada to the United States: (a) If your flight originated in Canada and you have a boarding pass for a flight to the U.S., follow US connections signs, go through security screening & proceed to U.S. Customs. Your checked baggage will be automatically transferred (US Customs may recall your baggage for manual inspection). (b) If your flight originated in the US and you have to take connecting flight to an international destination you can (i) go to the special international connections customs counter, should your airline offer the option of automatic transfer of your luggage; or (ii) pick up your luggage from the carousel, follow international arrivals procedures and then US departures procedures – if your airline doesn’t offer automatic transfer of your baggage.
3. Flight connection to/from Canada to International Destination: (i) If your flight originated in Canada and you have a boarding pass for a flight to an international destination, simply confirm your departure gate number on the display screens. However, if you leave the restricted area, make sure to have your boarding pass with you and return timely to your gate. If you don’t have a boarding pass, obtain one at your airline’s check-in counter. (ii) If your flight originated outside of Canada or the US & you need to connect to a Canada destination, clear Canadian Customs. Do pick up your baggage immediately after passing Customs, which you then take to the connecting flight counter. Thereafter follow normal Canadian departures procedures & pass through security checkpoint A. Any liquids over 100 ml must be put into your checked luggage.
4. Flight connection from an International flight to the United States: If your flight originated outside of Canada or the U.S. and you need to connect to a US destination, you have two options depending on whether your airline automatically transfers your baggage or not: (a) if it does, and you have a boarding pass to your connecting flight, proceed via a connecting flights corridor (avoiding Canadian Customs), go through US Customs and your checked baggage will be automatically transferred (US Customs, at their discretion, can recall your baggage for manual inspection). (b) if the airline does not offer auto transfer of your baggage, you have to pick it up from the carousel & follow first normal international arrivals procedures, then U.S. ones.
5. Flight connection from an International to an International Destination: If your flight originated outside of Canada or the US and you have to transfer to another international flight, you have two options, depending on your airline: (a) If your airline transfers your baggage automatically, go to the special international connections customs counter. (b) If your airline does not transfer your baggage automatically, pick up your baggage from the carousel, then follow then normal international arrivals procedures and thereafter international departures procedures.

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