Air New Zealand Airlines

IATA Airline code: NZ
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Main Phone 1-800 262 1234
Additional Phones 1-86 767 2247

Online check-in & baggage payment You can book an Air New Zealand flight online to New Zealand, Australia, the South Pacific, London, England or throughout its New Zealand domestic, Tasman and Pacific network. You can also book online worldwide multi-stop connections from the USA with London, Hong Kong, New Zealand or Pacific Island stopovers en-route.

Carry-on Baggage Rules & Fees 1. International Flights: (a) Economy Class is allowed 1 carry-on bag not to exceed total linear dimensions (length, width & height) of 118cm/46.5in. (b) Business, Premium Economy & Star Alliance Gold classes (including Airpoints Gold and Gold Elite) can bring onboard 2 carry-on bags up to 7kg/15lb and maximum total linear dimensions of 118cm/46.5in. (c) To, through, or from the USA: only 1 carry-on bag is allowed for all classes. 2. Domestic Flights: 1 carry-on bag up to 7kg/15lb or 118cm/46.5in.and on Link flights up to 105cm travelling on Link services are 105cm which generally means a bag should be no more than 48cm Star Alliance Gold Customers (including Airpoints Gold and Gold Elite) are permitted 2 bags of same size/weight. 3. Additionally you may bring onboard one small personal item (handbag, slim laptop, duty free items (where permitted). 4. All item brought onboard must fit under the seat in front of you or into the overhead bin. If not, it needs to be repacked as part of you checked baggage and fees may apply.

Checked Baggage Rules & Fees 1. For international travel the free checked baggage allowance up to 23kg each for the following classes is: 1 bag for Economy, 2 bags Premium Economy and 3 bags Business. 2. Fees stated apply to Air New Zealand operated flights only. If your flight is operated by an Air New Zealand partner airline, check its rates. 3. Excess baggage rates vary for international journeys, depending on your destination. You may also want to contact Air New Zealandís Reservations, the Holidays Store or Travel Center for additional fee information. 4. I you have excess baggage, allow sufficient time to complete the formalities at check-in. Excess baggage is subject to available space. Alternatively, you may want to consider shipping your baggage instead. 5. Extra Bag fees quoted below under 'Regular size & weight fees' are the fees for extra bag 1, 2 & 3. If you take 2 extra bags along add fees for bag 1 & bag 2 (with 3 extra bags add up all three fees).

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