Baton Rouge BTR Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Baton Rouge BTR Airport

The two-level Passenger Terminal  has recently been renovated. The terminal has in the center a new three-level atrium ('the Rotunda')  The glass-enclosed Rotunda now houses the TSA checkpoint and offers food & drink and retail concessions, new seating with power outlets.   On either side of it are Concourses A & B. A Business Center, smoking room, reading room, Children's Play room are near the B gates.
    Concourse A with gates A1-A4 - is presently served by Delta & United, and
    Concourse B with gates B1-B3 - is presently served by American.
TSA Security Clearance is open 4:45am-7pm.

Airline currently serving the Airport:
American - tel. 1-800-4333-7300;
Delta* - tel. 1-800-221-1212;
United - tel. 1-800-864-8331.

* Note that Delta's special agents are at hand ( recognized by their red jackets) - to assist passengers with Delta-related concerns.

Meeting Point: The old Rotunda is now the official arrivals court for visitors picking up a passenger at the airport; with vending machines for snacks & drinks. 

Baton Rouge Bars, Cafes, Restaurants & Stores

Gate/Area: Frist Floor
After Security | Gate/Area: Second Floor
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Gate/Area: First Floor
Gate/Area: Second Floor
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