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Your Guide to Airlines Serving Baton Rouge Airport

Baton Rouge Airport (BTR) is served by several major air carriers, providing travelers with convenient options for air travel. On average, the airport sees about 50 daily flights and offers nonstop service to 15 destinations.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is one of the largest air carriers serving Baton Rouge Airport, offering nonstop service to several popular destinations, including Atlanta, Detroit, and Minneapolis. With a focus on customer service and comfort, Delta offers a variety of amenities, including in-flight entertainment and complimentary snacks and beverages.

American Airlines

American Airlines is another major air carrier serving Baton Rouge Airport, providing nonstop service to several domestic destinations, including Charlotte, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Chicago O'Hare. With a strong commitment to safety and reliability, American Airlines is a popular choice for travelers seeking a comfortable and stress-free travel experience.

United Airlines

United Airlines is a popular choice for travelers flying out of Baton Rouge Airport, offering nonstop service to several destinations, including Houston, Newark, and Denver. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, United Airlines is dedicated to providing customers with a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is a low-cost carrier that provides nonstop service to several destinations from Baton Rouge Airport, including Houston, Orlando, and Nashville. With a commitment to affordable fares and exceptional customer service, Southwest Airlines is a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Note that the above information can change at any time. See a complete list of airlines served, including terminal locations below:

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