Beijing Capital PEK Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Beijing Capital PEK Airport

Airport Notices;  International & Domestic Arrivals &  International & Domestic Departures Procedures;  Terminal Complex;  Terminal-to-Terminal Connections & Procedures to follow for International / Domestic Flight Connections at T3; and C: Important Airport Telephone Numbers: 

NOTICES:  The Airport hotline is 96158.
1. A one-stop check-in service program for transfer passengers is now in place. 
2. China now has a 72-hour no-Visa Entry Policy for eligible passengers (including U.S. ctizens).
3. As a special service until Dec. 31, 2014 free baggage storage (1 bag ony), is available at Terminal 2 beween gates 8 & 10, & at Terminal 3, at east side of exit A of Arrivals Hall, level 2.
3. Terminal 3's transportation center has a light-rail station for the Airport Express Line of the Beijing Subway.
4. Domestic long-distance calls are free for the first 3 minutes at one of the 700 multi-media public phones in the terminals.

International Arrivals Procedure: Passengers will arrive at Terminal 3, Concourse E (T3-E), go through Passport Inspection & Quarantine, and submit to the Immigration officer their completed Entry Registration Card with valid passport & visa for inspection. Thereafter, they proceed to take the elevator down to level 2 and board the APM people mover, arriving at the international baggage claim area on level 2 of T3-C.  There they complete the customs declaration form, and are free to exit the terminal.  Passengerr pickup is at Exit B of the baggage claim.
Domestic Arrivals Procedure: The domestic arrivals hall is on level 2 of T3-C, where passengers can access the baggage claim area & and therefter exit the terminal.  Passenger pickup is at Exit A & C of the bagga claim area.
International Departures Procedure: Enter T3-C from doors 2, 4, 6 & 8 of level 4; register at check-in areas A through H. Note that the international couners close one hour piro to scheduled airline departure.   (If needed, visit the Customs Declaration Counter between check-in D & E.) 
International passengers using flights CA153, CA155, CA175, CA177, CA903, CA905, CA923, CA953, CA957, CA977, as well as flights with domestic stopovers:  After boarding procedures, follow Guide to designated waiting area near Boarding Gates C3 /C54. Take APM train on level 2, getting off at T3-E, level 2; take elevator up to level 3 of the International Departure Hall. Thereafter go through passport inspection & Quarantine (or the Enry / Exit Frontier Inspection),  present your valid ID card & boarding pass at security check, go through Red Channel if you need to declare something, or go through 'Nothing to Declare Green channel;  thereafter wait & board your connecting flight.
Domestic Departures Procedure: Enter T3-C doors 10 or 12 at level 4 and check in at Area H, J, K or L. Note that counters will close 45 minutes prior to airplane departure.  If you have bags to check in present your ticket with valid ID to check-in counter & get your boarding pass, If you have an E-ticket or no bags to check in, proceed to E-ticket counter or 'No-Baggage-Counter. Thereafter, take elevator down to level 3 of T3-C, go through security check, waiting area & board your plane.

The Terminal Complex at Beijing Capital International (BCIA) includes three passenger terminals - T1, T2 and  T3 (the Dragon Terminal). T1 & T2 are close to each other, while T3 is southeast of T2. Separate exists are to be used at 'Capital Airport 2d Expressway' - one for T1 & T2, and one for T3. Each of the three terminals has its own parking garage.
Free inter-terminal shuttles run
between the three terminals 6am to 11pm every 10 mins; and between 11pm and 6 am every 15-30 mins). They stop at T1 outside gate 7of level 1); at T2 outside gate 7 of level 1; and at T3 at gate 5 of level 1.  The Route starts at T3, level 1, gate 5 and continues to  T2's departure level; T1's departure level;  T2's Arrivals Level, gate 11;  T1's arrivals level, gate 7; and T3's Departure level.  

Terminal 1 of BCIA handles all domestic flights, which include flights of Grand China CN, Capital JD, Hainan HU, Tianjin GS, Spring 9C & Lucky Air 8L. (A walkway connects to T2 - a 10-15 min. walk - or you can take the shuttle bus).
Terminal 2 of BCIA houses China Southern, China Eastern, EkyTeam members & many other domestic & international flights.  (A walkway connects to T1 - a 10-15 min. walk - or you can take the shuttle bus).

Terminal 3 (the Dragon Terminal) of BCIA
houses Air China,, members of Star Alliance and OneWorld, as well as domestic & international airlines which are not represented in T1 & T2.   Terminal 3 also has a multi-level parking Garage 3, and a Transportation Center with light-rail station for Airport Express Line subway, and  designated traffic lanes for airport buses, taxis and private vehicles.
The 7-level 'Dragon Terminal'  layout looks like two Y-shaped buildings are almost touching their base in the center, where the 'passenger express' connects the two buildings, taking four minutes between them. The terminal, with 2 underground & 5 above-ground levels, houses 66 jetways, 120 gates, has natural lighting, and is divided into three sections T3-C, T3-D & T3-E:
To determine from which section their flight will depart from, passengers only need to know whether they will take international, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, or domestic flights. Color-coded boarding passes will guide them to the right connection: after check-in, passengers can find boarding areas C, D or E with individual colors on their boarding card: T3-C is blue, T3-D is green & T3-E is yellow.
Note that the APM unmanned train runs every 3 minutes between T3-C and T3-E, at level 2.

T3-C (for domestic flights ) - note however that Air China also uses T3-D for some of its domestic flights.
Level 4 of T3-C is for check-in and domestic & international baggage claim.
Level 3 of T3-C houses Satellite Concourse T3-C. C gates surround the outside of the Y-shaped concourse: at north are gates C37-C19; at south are gates C01-C18;  In the center are gates C51-C57, reached by shuttle buss from the remote stand flight boarding hall on level 1.
Level 2 of T3-C, houses domestic security check, waiting area, & departures at contact stand, as well as the APM train to international baggage claim.
T3-D (between T3-C & T3-E) serves a part of Air China's domestic flights); it covers an area of 30,650 sqare meters:.
Level 3 of T3-D is the Arrivals level, with baggage claim, offering food & retail concessions, and First- & Business-class Lounges.
Level 2 of T3-D is the Departures level, with check-in counters, self-check-in kiosks, & shops & services;
Level 1 of T3-D is the passenger Security Inspection area, as well as the passenger transfer area; and
Ground Level of T3-D is the Transportation level, used for the Mass Rapid Transit service.
T3-E (for international departures & arrivals, including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan flights). 
Level 2 of T3-E houses Satellite Concourse T3-E - shaped like a Y - with outside gates divided into north side gates E36-E20 and south side gates E01-E19. Inside gates are divided into E62-E57 & E51-E56 on opposite sides. To reach  Gates E51-E62, take the shuttle bus on level 1 from the remote stand flight boarding hall:  Gates E51-E62

Services and amenities inside the terminals
:  A myriad of restaurants and fast-food establishments, as well as retail stores of every kind and description dot the 45,200 square-meter commercial center in Terminal 3, including duty-free shops, as well as service-related stores which include banking & currency services, and meeting facilities, internet access, business centers, postal services, public phones with e-mail capacity; IC & other electronic device card sales, nursing room, dressing room, childrens play areas, free power chargers, porters & luggage carts. Lost & Found desk are in Terminal 3's domestic & international restricted areas.
What to do during Layover Time:  The Airport is a city by itself and its terminals, particularly T3, offer an infinite selection of food & drink and retail stores, duty-free stores & other services.  Furthermore you may want to consider:
1. T3-E has a lovely fish pond area with pagoda - the Suzhou & Royal Garden - with free fishfood to feed the fish. Open 9am-3pm.
2. T3-C, level 4 features exhibits.
3. T3-E, at the fountain, features entertainment 10am-2pm.

B.  Terminal to Terminal Connections & Procedures to follow for International / Domestic Flight Transfer Connections at T3:
(a) International Arrivals go through inspection & quarantine, exit and enter border inspection, go to bggage claim, pick up your bags, go through customs and (if continuing journey), re-checkin bag.
(b)  Inter-terminal shuttles run daily between T1, T2 & T3, 6am-10pm (every 10 mins 8am-8pm; every 20 mins other times);
(c) To get from T3C to T3D or T3E: Both domestic & international travelers must first obtain boarding passes at T3C. International passengers to T3E need to board thereafter the intra-terminal train, which takes only 2 minutes.
(d) International to Domestic Flights  - Pass inspection & quarantine; pick up your luggage at baggage claim, go to customs inspection, transfer, go through security check, proceed to your gate area & wait for your connecting flight.
(e) Transfer from Domestic to International Flights - Go through inspection & Quarantine; then  through Frontier (Border) Exit & Entry Inspection; then  through security check & customs inspection; and thereafter proceed to your gate area & wait for connecting flight.
(f)  Air China transfer passengers arriving at BCIA from either Frankfurt, Milan or Stockholm will only need a 'one-stop' check-in service for their baggage to the final destination - they will only need to go through customs procedure and head thereafter to their conneting terminal / gate.

C.  Important Airport Telephone Numbers:
Airport Service Hotline (for T1 & T2 dial 0086-10-645-9759 for T3 dial 0086-10-645-30015 -  or e-mail: - messages will be answered within two hours.
Airport Inquiry or Complaint - 0086-10-96158
Airport Taxi Dispatch Station - 0086-10-64558892
Airport Shutte - 0086-10-64594375 /76
Customs -- 0086-10-12360 or 0086-10-85734500
E-ticket Authenticity Identification Service - 4008158888
Medical Services -  Parking Garage 1: 0086-10-64540999;  Parking Garage 2: 0086-10-64591919;  Parking Garage 3: 0086-10-64530120
Parking  - Parking Garage 1: 0086-10-64540814;   Parking Garage  2: 0086-10-64595535;   Parking Garage 3: 0086-10-64558552
Police Stations: At Terminal 2: Room 22008 near Channel 14 of dometic security check side; at T3 near domestic excess bagage check-in desk at check-in area on level 4.

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