Chicago OHare ORD Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Chicago OHare ORD Airport

Passenger Terminal Layout of Chicago O’Hare Airport, What's New, Getting Around (international arrivals procedure, Domestic terminal transfer options, Midway Airport connection, USO services, and Airline & other Lounges), TERMINAL DETAILS (Terminals, Concourses, gates & airline clubs):

O'Hare International Airport's semi-circle terminal complex consists of four passenger terminals -T1, T2, T3 & T5. All terminals offer on their lower level roadway access to ground transportation from curbfront (Airport Express, rental cars, taxis, charter buses, suburban & reserved taxis, reserved limos). The Pedestrian Tunnel Level connects with the other terminals, as well as with  the Main Parking Garage in the center, with the Bus/Shuttle Center at Level 1 and the Hilton Hotel in front of it.  The Airport Transit Station (ATS) connects to the Airport Transit system, above the upper-level roadway.

    Food delivery to your gate:  Apple App Store & Android Market make the B4 YOU BOARD available, where you can order from participating HMSHost restaurants free food delivery.
    Self-Service Baggage check-in is now available at ORD
    New Automated Passport Control (APC) at self-serve kiosks is now available at Terminal 5 for expedited U.S. border clearance process!  Alternatively, mobile passport control (MPC) has arrived at ORD where eligible travelers may submit passport info & customs delcaration form to CBP by smartphone & tablet app prior to arrival.  Android & iPhone users may download the MPC app from Google Play Store ( or  from  Apple App (
    International Passengers arriving at Terminal 5 without checked baggage can now use expedited '1-Stop' customs processing express lanes.
    Check out the many new shops & restaurants at Terminal 5!
    By Dec. 2016 The Airport will have a Consolidated Rental Car/ Parking facility & ATS

Getting around: 
   The ATS train
connects all terminals at their pre-security areas (security check needed to get to the post-security area & gates. A shuttle bus will also be available between Parking Lot F & Terminals 1, 2 & 3 and to/from Terminal 5.
    International Arrivals: Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag; then proceed up one level to the Airport Transit System (ATS) station and take the ATS train, which runs every few minutes,  to your connecting terminal, where you need to go through security check  before proceeding to your connecting gate.  NOTE: Arriving passengers from a non-Visa-waiver country need to wait in line at immigration. Permanent U.S. & Canadian residents with Global Entry, or are a repeat traveler from a visa-waiver country, may skip the immigration line & use either Global Entry or the Automatic Passport Control kiosks to the left.
    Transfer options between Domestic Terminals T1, T2, & T3(a) Use walkways at post-security areas of the Departures level - follow signs; T3's walkway is near Concourse G (the walkway between T2 to T1 is for flight transfers of United Express).   (b) The free ATS shuttle train runs every few minutes in the unsecured areas of the terminals.
    Transfer to Midway Airport: take the Omega Shuttle (773-483-6634) or take the CTA Blue line to downtown and change to the orange line to Midway.
    USO - military service areas:
Terminal 2, above Delta ticket counter, on Mezzanine Level - open 24/7,  tel: 773-686-7396.
Terminal 3 at 'Cyber Canteen', inside of security, at entrance of Concourse L, by Security Check Point  9 - open daily 6am-10:0pm, tel. 773-686-8426


Terminal 1 of O'Hare with Concourses B & C (Concourse C is in a satellite building, connected at its center by a walkway to the center of Concouse B).  It serves All Nippon Airways ANA (departures only), Lufthansa (departures only), United all domestic flights & international departures only) & United Express (all check-in & baggage claim).
    The Baggage Level of T1 is the Arrivals level with baggage claim 1-7 and ground transportation; an information counter and rental car desks.
    The Ticketing Level  is the Departures level, with ticketing desks 1A-1G , and offers a variety of services and is leading to Concourse B, which in turn connects by walkway at its center (between gats B8 /B9) to Concourse C. The upper level also connects at its west end to T2, and at its sub-level via pedestrian tunnel to T2 & T3.
       Concourse B with gates B1-24 housesUnited Clubs near gates B18 and  B6 ;  near gate B14 is the new Spa.
       Concourse C with gates C1-C31 houses a United Club near the Information counter. Both Concourses offer various amenities and services.
Airline Lounges at T1: The United Club has two clubs near gates C16 & 18, and  two clubs near gates B7 & B18.  The United Club also serves  Lufthansa at gates C16 & 18.  (Tel: 866-822-4827 for lounge; 825-3016 for conference room).

Terminal 2 of O'Hare, with Concourses E & F
, serves Air Canada, Delta (domestic; Paris departures at T5), & Delta Shuttle.
    The Baggage Level of T2 has baggage claim 2A-2E, and ground transportation level.
    The Ticketing Level is the Departures Level with counters 2A-2E, and connects to T1 at right end and to T3 and the Rotunda at left end. On either side of the gateway to Concourses E & F is the Mezzanine level (with prayer room & USO), accessible via elevators/escalators. The gateway area splits in a Y formation between Concourses E and F.   This level offers transfer to Rotunda & Terminal 3 at West end and to Terminal 1 at east end.
       Concourse E with gates E1-E17 houses the Delta Sky Club near gate E7.
       Concourse F with gates F1-F28 houses the United Club near gate F10.

Terminal 3 of O'Hare, with Concourses G, H, K & L,
serves Air Berlin(departures only), Air Choice One, Alaska, American (domestic;  international departures only), Frontier, Iberia (departures only), Japan Airlines JAL (departures only), JetBlue, Spirit, & Virgin America.
    The Baggage Level of T3 is for baggage claim 3A - 3G & ground transportation;
    The Ticketing Level serves Departures with ticket counters 3A - 3K, leading to Concourse L to the left, the Y-shaped gateway to Concourses K & H in the center and to the Rotunda (leading to T2) and Concourse G to the left.
       Concourse G has gates G1A-G21, (gates G13-G17 are on lower level). At the entrance to G gates is the Rotunda, which houses a USO facility, ATM machines, a Mother's Room, an indoor pet relief room, and access to Terminal 2.
       Concourse H has gates H1-H18, with the Admirals Club ain the center between Concourses H & K
       Concourse K with gates K1-K20 with the AA Flagship Lounge near gate K18.The Executive Center (with 26 meeting rooms) is at gate K6/H6 (tel. 1-800-237-7191, press option 3).
       Concourse L has gates L1-L11 (including gate L2A/C & L11A/B).

Terminal 5 - the International Terminal of O'Hare, with Concourse M presently serves Aer Lingus, AeroMexico, Air Berlin (arrivals),  Air France, Air India, Alitalia, American (international arrivals) ANA All Nippon (arrivals only),  Asiana, Austrian, Avianca, British, Cathay Pacific, Cayman, Copa, Delta (Paris departures/ arrivals), Emirates, Etihad, Finnair, Frontier (international arrivals), Hainan,  Iberia (arrivals);  Japan JAL (arrivals),  KLM, Korean, LOT Polish, Lufthansa (arrivals), Qatar, Royal Jordanian, Scandinavian SAS, Swiss, Turkish, United (international arrivals), Virgin Atlantic, Volaris, & Westjet airlines.
All international arrivals, with the exception of flights from airports with border preclearance, are handled at Terminal 5. 
T5 now offers world-class amenities & design. Dining & shopping options are now available in both pre- and post-security areas, with 18 new premier restaurants & luxury retail shops (incl. 11 Chicago brands).The 10,000 sq.ft new duty-free shop is right after the TSA checkpoint. 
Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks, a 1-stop mobile passport control, and Global entry are also available.
    The Baggage Level of T5 is the Arrivals & Baggage Claim level with baggage claims 3A - 3. Its ATS train station is across from the upper-level roadway and connects to the other terminals to the right and to Economy Parking lots E, F & G, Kiss n' Fly and the PACE Bus to the left.
    The Ticketing Level  is the Departures Level of T5 faces the upper roadway with entrance doors 5B-5F, containing the ticketing counters 5B-5F, Information counter and the concession court.
       Concourse M with gates M1-21wraps around the concessions Court; to the left are gates M10-M21; to the right are gates M9-M1 - prepare yourself for long walks from check-in to gates.  Near gate M14 is a Mother's Room.
Airline /Airport lounges at T5:  Lounges of SWISS, Swissport , Air France, & Korean are at east side of Concourse M - while British Airways, Alitalia & SAS Business  lounges are at the west side of Concouse M.  (The AirFrance /KLM Lounge at T5, near gate M7, is also accessible to passengers of the following Airlines: Aer Lingus, AeroMexico, Air India,  Etihad,  Royal Jordanian & TACA.

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