Comox Airport (YQQ) Nearby Airports by Distance

Closest Airports to COMOX YQQ AIRPORT

Comox YQQ

Comox, BC (0 miles)

Vancouver YVR

Richmond, BC (85 miles)

Victoria YYJ

Sidney, BC, (99 miles)

Abbotsford YXX

Abbotsford, BC (123 miles)

Bellingham BLI

Bellingham, WA (124 miles)

Seattle Tacoma SEA

Seattle, WA (197 miles)

Kelowna YLW

Kelowna, BC (247 miles)

Yakima McAllister Field YKM

Yakima, WA (296 miles)

Portland PDX

Portland, OR (304 miles)

Spokane GEG

Spokane, WA (366 miles)

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