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Denver International Airport DEN - also known as 'DIA' - is the State of Colorado's primary airport, serving its 'Mile-High City' Denver and surrounding counties. It is the highest airport in the United States, covers 55 square miles, and is also one of world's  largest airports - with plenty of room to grow.  Someone described Denver Airport as 'being like an apparition of snowy white peaks floating over the empty plains' - referring to Jeppesen Terminal's roof.   At the 2014 Skytrax survey, announced in spring 2015, Denver Airport came in as the eighth among the World's 10 best airports, and third among North America's best airports. It also ranked number 2 for 'Best Airport Staff' & 'Best Regional Airport' in North America.
DEN is now the first U.S. airport to secure international Carbon accreditation.

You can contact the Airport toll-free within Colorado at 1-800-247-2336.

Denver Airport is located in the northeastern section of the City of Denver (which is also its operator) - reached directly from Pena Blvd*., and from close-by Interstate Highways 70 east/west, E-470, and 25 north/south. Travel between Denver's Business Center and DIA takes an estimated 30 minutes.
* Ongoing Bridge Work update on Pena Blvd. (betw. I-70 & East 64th Av.): inbound Pena completed Oct. 31; outbound Pena completed Nov.20.

With six long runways and and over 53 million passengers per year, Denver International Airport is hub to Frontier, Great Lakes & United airlines, and is served by a host of airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe. 
NOTE:  Lufthansa launches five weekly nontop flights on Airbus A330-300 to Munich, Germany, starting May 11, 2016.

A new on-Airport Westin Hotel & Conference Center is currently under construction is scheduled to open in Nov. 19, 2015. The 14-level hotel with 519 rooms, includes ahuge conference center and meeting rooms. The top level will have a swimming pool & fitness studio.

Denver Airport's Jeppesen Terminal (the Main Terminal) is flanked on either side by 'Terminals'  West & East - with separate Concourses A, B & C. 

Present & future Airport Developments:  As part of the new South Terminal Redevelopment Program, during 2015 an open-air public Plaza, a public transit center with an RTD East Rail Line station and a Westin hotel on top of it are scheduled to open.
1. During 2015 /early 2016 - the new South Terminal Redevelopment Program will complete three independent, yet integrated projects, which include design and construction of:
   a. Public Transit Center with RTD East Rail Line station (connecting the Airport with Denver's Union Station in 30 mins), and improvements to existing concourse, baggage & train systems.
   b. 519-room Westin hotel & conference center (to be built on top of the Public Transit Center)
   c. Open-air public Plaza to include new concessions and commercial space - all to be connected to the Jeppesen Terminal. It also involves reconstruction of south levels 4, 5 & 6 bridges.

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DEN Delays: 15 mins or less.


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