Lambert St Louis STL

Saint Louis, MO (0 miles)

Peoria General Downing PIA

Peoria, IL (138 miles)

Bloomington Central Illinois Regional BMI

Bloomington, IL (143 miles)

Willard CMI

Savoy, IL (144 miles)

Paducah Barkley Regional PAH

West Paducah, KY (145 miles)

Evansville Regional EVV

Evansville, IN (161 miles)

Quad City MLI

Moline, IL (188 miles)

Springfield Branson National SGF

Springfield, MO (195 miles)

Indianapolis IND

Indianapolis, IN (228 miles)

Kansas City MCI

Kansas City, MO (237 miles)

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Lambert-St. Louis International is Missouri's largest airport and is undergoing a transformation to be completed within the next two years. Many airlines serve the Airport with direct and connecting flights. Evansville Regional, 40.6 miles away, is served by both American and Delta Connections offering flights to five hub cities with connections around the world.

1. Lambert-St. Louis International Airport STL, located outside of St. Louis, Missouri, Lambert has unveiled rocking chairs, a cell phone lot, a restaurant makeover plan and animal relief areas at both terminals. Lambert-St. Louis International is giving passengers and airport visitors more upscale and local food choices, more seats and better services. The 'Airport Experience Program' identified and prioritized major projects, which had previously started and with completion dates scheduled over the next several years. It is a multi-phase program to modernize and upgrade the Main Terminal and concourses. The first Airport Experience project started with the interior restoration of Lambert's four historic domes--at this writing the interior restoration of the main terminal dome ceiling has been completed. Also the complete replacement of Lambert's Main Terminal in-bound baggage system has been completed, while the replacement of all roadway signs along Lambert International Blvd. is about to be undertaken.

2. Evansville Regional Airport EVV --50.6 miles from Lambert Airport--is located in the southern part of the State of Indiana and close to the border of northern Kentucky and southeastern Illinois. It can easily reached via Interstates I-64 and I-164, with Routes 41 and 57 leading directly to the Airport. EVV is serving the cities of Evansville, Henderson and Owensboro. Over one thousand parking spaces are available in front of the terminal. Evansville Airport is also developing a 76-acre Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) with warehouse service. Nonstop flights are available American Airlines and Delta Connection to the hubs of Chicago Ord, Dallas/Ft.Worth, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Memphis and Detroit, offering connections around the world. Amenities within the passenger terminal include a Children's area, 'Meals & More' in the main lobby, offering food, drink, sundries, gifts & newspapers; a comfortable TV lounge, two large meeting rooms (no charge!) and Wi-Fi access throughout the terminal. 'E-V-Valets' in red vests or blazers assist you with your luggage and answer questions--no tipping needed. Short- and Long-Term parking is available (Short-term lot is in front of the terminal), both are within walking distance, but also offer shuttle service to/from the terminal. To get from the Airport to your destination, you can rent a car or take the Unity Taxi (812) 421-9999 or one of the hotel shuttles provided for hotel guests.

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