Closest Airports to PORTLAND PDX AIRPORT

Portland PDX

Portland, OR (0 miles)

Eugene EUG

Eugene, OR (106 miles)

Bend Redmond RDM

Redmond, OR (116 miles)

Yakima McAllister Field YKM

Yakima, WA (120 miles)

Seattle Tacoma SEA

Seattle, WA (129 miles)

Victoria YYJ

Sidney, BC, (214 miles)

Bellingham BLI

Bellingham, WA (222 miles)

Rogue Valley Medford MFR

Medford, OR (223 miles)

Abbotsford YXX

Abbotsford, BC (237 miles)

Vancouver YVR

Richmond, BC (251 miles)

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Portland International is the largest Airport in Oregon and can also serve the southern regions of western Washington State. Among its many airlines is Alaska and affiliated Horizon offering flights to the 49th State. Eugene Airport, 109 miles south of the city of Portland, and quickly reachable via I-5, offers another choice with flights to Denver, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

1. Portland International Airport PDX, located on Airport Road, off Interstate Hwy 205, is a bright and user-friendly airport located about 30 minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon. To get there, you have the option of taking the MAX light rail service that connects the airport to downtown Portland in less than 40 minutes. The light rail station is located outside the southern end of the terminal near concourses A and B and currently costs less than $2. Most major airlines service Portland PDX airport, with Alaska Airlines and its affiliated Horizon Air offering the most flights. With a multitude of domestic and international destinations, PDX Airport is a world-class airport. Its modern H-shaped terminal facility has ticketing (upper level) and baggage claim (lower level) in the center and five in-line concourses forming the legs. The passenger terminal is divided into North (D & E) and South (A, B & D) concourses. The concourse connector provides easy access between North and South Concourses and allows passengers to move freely between them without additional screening. Moving sidewalks provide fast access between concourses. Also, in the center is the noteworthy Oregon Market, which offers above-average shopping and eating options. The new parking garage next to the terminal has a clearance of 8 feet.

2. Eugene Airport EUG is located near the City of Oregon, in the center of Oregon State, off Hwy 99 (turn west to Airport Road) and close to I-5 (the Washington/Oregon/California interstate connector). It is Oregon's second-busiest airport and serves a large six-county region with a population of 670,00. Eugene Airport, a non-hub commercial service airport, provides outstanding customer service and its four airlines make daily non-stop flights to West Coast hub cities, as well as to Denver, Las Vegas and Phoenix, with connections around the world. Short- and Long-term parking is available (handicap parking is at short-term lot with long-term fees).

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