Shanghai Pudong PVG Airport Terminal Map

Main Terminal / Concourses at Shanghai Pudong PVG Airport

Pudong Airport: Getting to & Connecting with Terminals 1 & 2; International Arrivals, Transferring to another flight; Terminal layout &Terminal Details:

Getting to, and connecting with, TerminalsT1 & T2.
1. If you arrive by car and need to get to T2 - take the A20 Expressway, the A1 (Yinbin Dadao) & thereafter the Shanghai North-South Elevated Freeway. 
2. T2 & T1 can be accessed from the Maglev train station, located in between the separate parking lots for both terminals.
3. The Maglev train from Longyang Rd. Metro station runs every 1-20 mins.
4. The Green Metro Line 2 runs every 9 minutes; however at Guanglan Road stop you need to transfer from an 8-car to a 4-car train to the Airport.
5. To connect between Terminals 1 & 2: shuttle buses operate 6am-9pm and run between the two terminals every 10 mins, taking 5 minutes (located at T1 - Exit 1 of the domestic, & Exit 8 of the international departure level; and in T2 - Exit 23 of the international and Exit 27 of the domestic departure level).

International Arrivals proceed to International Arrival Access, go through joint inspection (Inspection, Quarantine & Immigration), then go to baggage claim, pick up bags, go through Customs, and proceed to the Arrivals Hall. 
International Departures check in, go through inspection (Customs, Immigration & Security) and on to their gate.

Transferring to another flight
(provided, transfer is within 24 hours, and passengers stay in the secured area): After security inspection, airline staff will guide passengers to transfer flights via passage way.
International to International transfers - go to one of the nine counters handling transfer services in the central part of the International Arrivals Concourse. After you receive your boarding pass, take the proper elevator up to the International China Inspection & Quarantine (CIQ) Area & then wait for your connecting flight (transfer time: at least 29 mins).
International to Domestic transfers - after arrival & CIQ check, go to the transfer hall for check-in, then proceed to your departure concourse (transfer time at least 51 mins).
Domestic to International Transfers - you arrive in the connecting concourse and pass through Domestic Departures, then proceed to the Transfer Hall, take the elevator or escalator to the International CIQ Area, and wait for your connecting flight (transfer time at least 49 mins).

Shanghai Pudong Airport's terminal complex has two passenger terminals - T1 & T2 - connected via shuttle bus (a 5-minute ride). T1 & T2 face each other in an  H shape - with their concourses and main terminals forming the vertical lines of the H (T1 at left, T2 at right), and their respective parking lots and Maglev railway station forming the horizontal line of the H. 

To choose the right terminal, look for the airline code on your flight ticket:

Terminal 1 airlines by Code: AF, JL, KE, KL, MU, 3U, FM, Z2, GF, LJ, UL, BI, & CI.
Terminal 2 airlines by Code: AI, BA, GA, MH, PR, QF, QR, VS, 5J, AC, AY, CA, CX, CZ, EK, KA, LH, NH, NX, NZ, OZ, SQ, SU, TG, TK, DL, UA, AA, HO, 9C, EY, SK,, EU, OQ, DG, 2P, ZE, K6, B7, LV, AM, LX, SC, ZH, BR, GE, GS, HX, D7, W5, 8L & HU

Terminal 1 of Pudong Airport - with a capacity of 20 million passengers (but fewer services & amenities than inT2 - is divided into an International side (left) and a domestic side (right). T1 has 204 check-in counters, 13 baggage carousels, 29 gates, 13 of which are double-decker gates. 
Information counters at T1: near departure gate 3 for domestic flights; near gate 11 for international flights, and near arrivals gate 7.
Level 1 is the Arrivals level with baggage claim.
Level 2 is the Departure level with a Transit Hall in the center and access to gate 16 (in the center of the Concourse). international gates 17 -  29 are at left, and domestic gates 15 - 1 are to the right. The Sakura Lounge is between gates 18 & 19.
Level 3 houses check-in counters A-M (with Customs being between K & J) followed by Immigration & security checks. Level 3 also houses the concourse for International, Hong Kong, and  Macao & Tauion flights.

Terminal 1 expansion project is adding an additional 6,000 sqm, increasing capacity to 37 million passengers, and includes a new baggage handling system and transfer facilities, all to be completed by late 2014.
SkyTeam Lounges: The Skyteam Alliance plans to have its members share lounges in Terminal 1. (A new China Eastern lounge has recently been copleted.)

Terminal 2 of Pudong Airport with 3 levels is divided into international (left) and domestic (right ) sides. The Information counter for domestic flights is near gate 23; for international flights near gate 26,  a counter serving both is at gate 25, and a counter near 2A serves at  Arrivals, exit.
Level 1 is for departures and arrivals, making it easy for transfer passengers. 
Level 2 houses Domestic & International Arrivals Halls, which include arrivals from Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan. It also  houses the Arrivals gates 1-29.
Concourse D - between the two levels - is divided into gates D58-D73 & D75-D90.

Services & amenities in both terminals:  Food & drink and retail concessions are available in both terminals. Baggage storage at T1 is between gates 4 & 5 and 10 & 11 in the Departures Hall; and between Gates 6 & 7 of the greeting area in the Arrival Hall. (tel: +86(21)68346324).  Baggage storage at T2 is near Islands A & M in the Departure Hall; and near the International exit in the Arrival Hall (tel: +86(21)68340076).
Other services include a Business Center, Lost & Found, luggage carts, express delivery, insurance, special aid, vending machines, power chargers, photo kiosks and post offices.
The Transfer Level of the Main Terminal houses a 3-star hourly hotel (also available by reservation: tel. 021-68346480 for domestic / or 021-68346490 for international services.

Important telephone numbers: For information call 96990 (all other numbers may precede counry & city codes +86 (021)
Baggage at T1 - 22344553; at T2 - 22381085
Business Center at T2 - 22381085
Lost & Found at T1 - 22344553; at T2 - 22381085
Police Center at T1 - 22344553; at T2 - 22381085


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