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Ticket Change Fees

When travelers book their flights, they often think they've booked in accordance to their schedule. However, sometimes a traveler needs to change a flight, whether they need a later flight, an earlier flight or they want to fly out on a completely different day. When this happens, passengers are required to pay airline change fees. Each airline has its own change fees; travelers should familiarize themselves with their airlines change fee prior to purchasing tickets.
Change fee for domestic or international flights is $100. Change fees for flights that result in a date change are subject to more expensive change fees; the exact price is determined by the fare of the ticket and what type of change is being made.

American Airlines

Passengers who make a same-day change to their flight are subject to a $75 change fee. Change fees for flights that result in a date change are subject to more expensive change fees; the exact price is determined by the airline based on the type of ticket the passenger purchased and what type of change is being made.
Same-day change fees on United Airlines cost passengers $75. For changes to a ticket that extend beyond 24 hours of the original flight time, passengers must pay a $150 flight change fee for domestic flights, and $250 for international.
Airline change fees on any domestic Delta flight will cost passengers $150, regardless whether or not the change for a same-day flight. Passengers traveling on international flights on Delta airlines are subject to a change fee of $250.
Southwest change fees are among the least expensive in the airline industry; this is because Southwest Airlines does not charge change fees to passengers at any time. Southwest passengers can change their flight and pay nothing if their new flight is the same price. If their new flight is less expensive the passenger will receive a refund of the difference. If their new flight is more expensive, the passenger must pay the difference. 
The JetBlue airline change fees are based on the type of ticket a passenger purchased. Passengers who wish to make a same-day flight change pay no change fees to change their flights. Passengers with a refundable ticket are able to change their flight at any time free of charge. Passengers with a nonrefundable ticket are required to pay a $100 flight change fee to make any schedule changes to their already purchased tickets.
US Airway passengers who purchased refundable tickets are eligible to make changes to their flight itinerary with no change fees. Those who purchased nonrefundable tickets on US Airways are subject to change fees. Passengers with nonrefundable tickets will pay a $50 change fee for any ticket change for both same-day and different day ticket changes.
Travelers would love to be able to change their tickets with no change fees, but airlines have a different idea. Few offer changes free of charge, though there are some that offer inexpensive flight changes. Other airlines charge a significant amount of money to change a flight, which is why passengers should read the change policies prior to booking any flight on any airline. The safest way to avoid flight change fees is to book a refundable ticket, because most airlines allow passengers to change their refundable tickets at no charge.

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