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Please help! We are flying from Paris to Atlanta landing on Terminal "I" and we are going to terminal "S" taking a international flight to our final destination San Francisco. Do we have to catch our baggage and go thru security? or dose the baggage go "automatically" to the international flight?
We´re afraid that 2h is not enough to catch next flight if we have to wait for our baggage and then check it in again.. please advise. (first trip to US)
You will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure concourse on the Plane Train. Your second flight is not international. Atlanta and San Francisco are both located in the United States of America. You have enough time.
which terminal does china southern airlines take off in mexico city benito juarez airport??
I was traveling with my family from POP on AA 925 to MIA on May 26 and left a phone with all our pictures from the vacation. My husband was holding onto our 19 months old while I was holding onto our 4yrsold son. Our plane landed and was on the ground for 30 minutes before reaching a gate to deplane and we were nervous about the time as we have a transfer in less than an 2 hrs and we still have to get through customs and claim our luggage, we just dragged our carry on along with the kids off the plane. We didn't realize the phone was left on the plane until we were well past customs and boarder protection. After that we got in touch with with a AA employee and they called gate 28 for us confirming that the phone was found and will bebrought to customs for pick up. My husband tried to go back out to pick but was stopped at TSA. They told him that an AA employee with clearance is the only people who can get back out. After a few run abouts, no one was able to help us. We ended up leaving the phone behind and getting on our plane back home because the kids were too homesick and tired by the time. After coming home, we tried to reach AA lost and found and filed a report. So far, we did not have any luck with reaching a live person to talk to. Does anyone have lead way as to how I can reach AA? The value of the phone is not the concern but the pictures of the kids is most important to us.
Is a curling iron permissible in carry on luggage?
Yes, that is fine.
I'm taking Jet Blue to JFK with 1 bag, and then my next flight is American to DCA, with a 2 hour lapse between arrival and departure. Will Jet Blue transfer my bag directly to the AA flight without me having to go through baggage claim and re-checking the bag?
JetBlue does not transfer bags to or from AA. You will have to transfer it yourself.
I have a pet bird coming to Albuquerque today on United, I'm just wondering where I go to pick her up..
I will arrive at IAD from Tampa at concourse D at 4:05 p.m. I need to get to concourse B to catch the SAS flight to Copenhagen at 5:15 p.m. What is the best way to travel between the two concourses? The luggage is checked through, so we won't be lugging anything. Do we walk, take the AeroTrain or Mobil Lounge shuttle? Which is most efficient (in case thunderstorms force us to rush)?
The Mobile Lounge or AeroTrain are about the same. The Mobile Lounge is slower but with less walking and AeroTrain is faster but with more walking.
Hello! Can you tell me if American Airlines and Delta baggage areas are close to each other?
In what airport?
Hi, I'm from the UK and I plan on getting a Delta flight from Grenada to ATL, arriving at 8:15pm. Then I get a connecting flight at 7:15am the next morning. Since ATL will be my first point of entry I know that I have to collect my luggage to clear customs.

Do you know if delta will allow me to check in my luggage for the connecting morning flight, immediately after clearing customs? I don't want to look after my luggage during the night. Also, do you know if wrap-a-bag is still in service and stores luggage?