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I missed a flight from Houston to Jackson. Is there any way I can get my luggage back?
We will be traveling by United Airlines from Miami to Beijing with connecting flight in Newark. Do we have to claim our baggages in Newark?
No, there is no US Customs when leaving the US. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Will our checked baggage be sent direct to Liberia, Costa Rica from DFW or will it be flown to Atlanta and then to Costa Rica and will we need to collect our luggage from our arrival terminal and be responsible for getting it to the international terminal
Your bags will go straight to Costa Rica if both flights are on the same reservation. All you have to do on your way to Costa Rica is take the Plane Train from your arrival concourse to your departure concourse and then walk to your departure gate. There is no US Customs when LEAVING the US.
My mom went from YVR to Fiji via San Fransisco on July 13th/2017.
Her bag went missing at San Fran.
She still didnt get her bag and all her clothes and medication are in that bag.
Today is the 19th July and all she is told is that its comin on next flight but no sign of the bag yet.
I need to know what is exactly goin on at San Fran aitport.
This is not any airport or any airline's website. Nobody here can help her. She shouldn't put medication in checked baggage.
Where is this located at MSP? I can not find any link to a description of where the United Baggage Service Office is physically located at the airport. I am to be picking up a dog being shipped on a flight from Newark on Wednesday and have never been to MSP. Is the location near baggage claim area or somewhere else in the airport. Any advice is welcome, thanks.
Yes it's in Terminal 1/The Lindbergh Terminal on the lower level near the United Baggage Claim.
I lost my pouch wallet yesterday in AUH Airport, somewhere around gate 8 of the departure inside are stuff like my Emirates ID, my debit card, and some cash...I hope somebody found it and put it in lost and found section of the airport...Thank you.
Flew on Jetblue from Denver to JFK to connect to an international flight on Royal Jordanian to Beirut through Amman. Bags didn't make it to Beirut or Amman, seems they got lost in the transition. I wasn't told to pick them up and check them back in at any point. Any idea? And does anyone have a JetBlue baggage phone number (that actually connects) for JFK terminal 5?
Was it one reservation or two separate reservations? Did you see the bags tags indicating that they were tagged to AMM and BEY? If they were not tagged to Royal Jordanian they are sitting in the JetBlue Baggage office in JFK. If they were tagged to Royal Jordanian and dropped off with them, but didn't make it on the flight, they could be anywhere. They may be in JFK or Amman or even in Beirut if they went ahead and sent the bags the next day. JetBlue baggage service should be able to tell you if they dropped them with Royal Jordanian or not.
I am a scholarship student and my scholarship officers booked the ticket. I believe they are two separate reservations at this point. The initial tags said only DEN and JFK. At the Royal Jordanian terminal in JFK I updated the tags on the system with them and was told they'd be fine. Do you have a reliable number for jetblue baggage services? I've called the one I found online, no response to call or voicemail in more than 48 hours.
Yeah. There's no way Royal Jordanian got your bags. They went to the baggage claim in JFK and are sitting there in their baggage office.
what size of baggage i can bring with me on your flight from tlv to bratislava on the 24-8-17
Contact your airline. This is not any airline's website.
Is there any Alaska airline cubside check in at Orlando airport? MCO airport
File Ref #: BOSDL44263 - The "" site indicates my 2 bags were already delivered last night at 9:05pm. We were up until 10:30 pm, checked the porch and exterior of our home last night before bed as well as this morning and they were not delivered. According to the site "Robert" in a grey pick-up truck was supposed to deliver it. I'm attempting to escalate via multiple means and upon two calls into the Delta toll free number, I've waited on hold for over an hour. I've signed up for email alerts about my luggage with no statuses sent up to this point. Would someone please contact me as soon as possible?
The bags were just delivered. The status on the site was prematurely set to, Delivered, 14 hours early. Thank you.