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We are relocating to the states from the UK with 16 large bags plus carry ons. Is the any kind of sky cap or luggage porter service to help get the bags through customs and to transportation?
No, there is no such service. You will have to get several carts.
I'm flying AA and I checked the allowance for checked baggage is:
Dimension: 62 in / 158 cm
Weight: 50 lbs / 23 kgs

But since I am flying to Transatlantic (Hong Kong) then I am allowed 2 bags for free. I just want to be sure that the 50lb maximum is still for each bag? Therefore I can bring 100lb in 2 bags? Thank you!
Yes, that is correct.
thanks for the informarion
What airport? What airline?
Where are the bags for united 1887 from Denver????? Still waiting.......
Im taking a flight from LAX to YYZ with a layover for 1hr 20mins at YVR. Will I need to recheck my luggage at YVR and do you think this is enough time if so?
My son forgot his Galaxy Tab 11 inch. in the flight from AUH to LAX. on 17th sept. EY171 Seat 18 A and 18 B Dept. time 8.35 am arrival at Lax 2.10 pm. Kindly notify me as soon as you get it. Ph# 562-552-2365. Thanks
Anyone have any info on luggage from st Maarten from military planes
You will have to ask whoever evacuated you.
I fly ATL - BOS on Spirit arriving into BOS at 3:46pm. Then, I fly BOS - LIS - MRS (layover in Lisbon to Marseilles as final destination) departing at 6:20pm the same day on TAP Portugal airlines. How does my checked back get changed from my Spirit flight to the TAP Portugal flight (do I tell Spirit I have another flight at check-in in Atlanta and they take care of it OR do I get bags at baggage claim in Boston and go back through to check-in at Boston airport OR.....)? And, is 2 hr. 34mins. enough time to process the movement of the bag? I already purchased tickets.
You have to claim your bag from Spirit in Terminal B, take it with you to Terminal E, re-check it with TAP, and go through security. You have just enough time if the Spirit flight is on-time.
Thank you for responding. That's very helpful. My ticket shows my TAP flight leaves from Terminal C. Wouldn't I go to that Terminal to check back in and do security instead of Terminal E, as you mentioned?
Yes, that's correct, I'm sorry, TAP departures moved to Terminal C, so you go to Terminal C.
I need to store luggage for 24 hours. I have one hour layover at Tambo. Is this sufficient time to collect luggage and store with A-teck and catch domestic flight?