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I flew in last night to CVG from Barcelona (VIA CDG). 1 of my 2 bags arrived, but the "special baggage" - a large, tubular shaped bag was not there. The tag number was 538842, the ORIGINAL flight was CDG AF1149. We missed this connection, and were re-routed through Detroit. I can't find you number to call...can you advise?
You need to call Delta Air Lines baggage service.
I will meet a friend in the baggage claim location so we can take a cab together. She will arrive on jfk on feb 17 2018 at 6:45 am on a Delta Flight 1155. Her flight is from SFO to JFK. Please advise the baggage claim for this Delta Flight.
She will use one of the domestic baggage claims in Terminal 4. I don't know which one. Do you have any other question?
I am going to fly from Rdu to jfk. Please advise which baggage claim I will use
Arriving on a SWA flight need to know how to get my boarding pass from Icelandic airelines?
What airport?
I arrived to IAH via Air New Zealand and was connecting to a United flight. My bags were not checked through to my final destination (Austin) but I mistakenly took my bad to the United connections area. My bad did NOT scan but the attendant put it on the belt anyhow. When I arrived in Austin my bag did not make it. I've discussed this at length with United and they do not know where the bag is or may be. Is there another point of contact for me to reach out to?
Call Air New Zealand. They bag was probably sent to the Air New Zealand bag office in Houston since they didn't know where else to put it (since it only had Air New Zealand tags).
I am fllying alone. Do you still have skycaps at the entrances to SW Airlines that check in your baggage. That way I do not have to stand in line to check in. I am not disabled, but am 82 and standing too long affects my legs.
What airport? This is - not any airport's website.
We booked a flight to ATL that lands at 7:26am and out next Delta flight leaves at 8:39am. My husband would like to check his fishing poles. Will we have enough time to claim the baggage and recheck them for our next flight?
What airline are you flying on the first flight? If it's not Delta, then no, that's not enough time.
I travelled from KOA - PHX - SAT on 10/12 10:45 PM flight from gate 3 in American Airlines flight AA 664. The wallet is Black Alpine Swiss money clip which has my drivers license, credit cards etc. Please contact me at 210-753-8855 if you have found my wallet.
Is there short term baggage storage at terminal 3 vegas airport?
No, there is not.
Does DCA accept cash for checking in baggage?

My card info was stolen this month and I would like to check a bag but the new card has not arrived yet.
What airline? American, United, and Delta all don't accept cash for bag fees. There are machines there that sell prepaid credit cards for cash for people with no credit card. You could also use your Debit card if it has a Visa or Mastercard logo.
American airlines. And I only own 1 card.
Then you'll have to get a prepaid card before your flight. You can get them at any grocery store or drug store.
During my transit stay yesterday on 10th October for my connecting flight EY-0228 departing for Delhi from Abu Dhabhi International airport, Departure Terminal 1A. I have lost my Sony Cybershot HX50V Digital Camera Color - Black with black colored camera case in area near to Travelex shop counter at Terminal 1A . Plz look into the above matter and provide any kind of support to locate my lost digital Camera.