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Hi, I'm from the UK and I plan on getting a Delta flight from Grenada to ATL, arriving at 8:15pm. Then I get a connecting flight at 7:15am the next morning. Since ATL will be my first point of entry I know that I have to collect my luggage to clear customs.

Do you know if delta will allow me to check in my luggage for the connecting morning flight, immediately after clearing customs? I don't want to look after my luggage during the night. Also, do you know if wrap-a-bag is still in service and stores luggage?
on Aug 6th will be arriving in Seattle, from EL Paso, Texas on Southwest 4601 through Phoenix. at 12:45 pm. Next flight will be Alaska 71 to Juneau at 3:30 pm. will there be enough time to retrieve baggage and make it to Alaska ticket counter to check in and how far away is Alaska ticket counter from Baggage claim ?. thanks
Yes, that should be enough time. It's not too far from the Southwest baggage claim to the Alaska check in counters.
Is a woman's purse considered one of the 2 carry on items allowed?
It is considered the "personal item" that must fit under the seat in front of you.
Flying in from AMS to SEA with transfer/ layover in DTW. We have 2 1/2 hours at DTW to get from Delta to Alaska air. Are we correct in our assumption that Alaska is in a different terminal? Is this enough time? What is the procedure? Is it clearly laid out for us? We have global entry. Will that help? Also, we have access to the Delta sky club. Is there a club in the other terminal, since Delta subbed our final leg to Alaska Air? Any helpful tips appreciated
Yes, Alaska is in a different terminal. You will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, take the shuttle bus to the North Terminal, check your bags with Alaska, and go through security. It is NOT very clearly marked out because very few connections at DTW require changing terminals. There is no Delta club in the North Terminal.
I will be flying into IAH on United Airlines with long guns in a secured hard case. I will check the gun case in with the checked baggage. My question: when my flight arrives in Houston will my gun case come down the carousel with the other baggage or will I need to go to another location to claim it.
I'm flying into chiacago from Kansas City then flying to Doha. When I arrive in chiacago do I need to get my checked bags and recheck them for my flight to Doha?
If everything is on the same reservation then you do not have to claim your bags. If you have two separate reservations then you do have to claim your bags, take them to Terminal 5, and re-check them.
Okay I think it's on the same reservation. I paid for them at the same time and when I checked my bag the sticker they attached to it had all my flights
Our group is flying out of C and D. Can we check iwigt our bags at either terminal?
What airport? LGA? Yes, you can check in in either terminal.
I am arriving from dubai by EMIRATES FLIGHT .how to collect baggage & go to domestic airport alaska airlines for portland
What airport are you connecting in?
How and where to recheck baggage in Chicago airport Terminal 2 enroute to Malaysia via Hong Kong
What airline are you flying into Chicago and what airline are you flying out?
1. United 5004 operated by /SKYWEST DBA UNITED EXPRESS flying from Eau Claire to Chicago,
2 Cathay Pacific from Chicago to HK
3. Cathay Dragon (KA) from HK to Penang, Malaysia
You will have to claim your bags from United in Terminal 1, then go up 3 floors to the ATS Train to Terminal 5, re-check your bags with Cathay Pacific, and go through security.
Kindly help me in finding my 5 pcs of baggage which was left in north terminal of Jeddah airport on 16th may 2017, kindly let me know whom to contact to claim our baggage
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