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Where to csll
Contact your airline.
I'm arriving around noon but my friends flight arrives at 5:30 pm. Can my bag stay at the baggage claim til then so I can wait for her arrival in the terminal?
What airport? Is it a domestic flight or an international flight?
is there curbside check in aerolineas argentinas terminal 7 at jfk?
No, there is not.
Is there a Comad Bd for The Port Authority of NY NJ Newark NJ 07114 ?
what is a "Comad Bd"? Anyway, this is, I suggest contacting PANYNJ instead.
What is the weight of the checked bag have to weigh before you pay extra?
That depends on your airline and where you are flying. Contact your airline.
David Mayer left a grey pouch with 3 notebooks inside the pouch—
His delta flight arrived at lax from Raleigh Durham, delta 1097.
Can someone help me locate the item?
I fly in from Manchester UK and fly with Delta to Sarasota Florida. What concourse and gate do Delta use .
Are you talking about Atlanta? If so Delta uses every concourse in Atlanta.
Can I check my luggage straight through to international destinations if changing planes
at Ohare airport in Chicago?
What airlines? Where are you flying from and to? Are both flights on the same reservation?
Please. I lost my Nintendo Switch in a blue and grey case at terminal 34 by the side ways facing TV. I left it charging. It was a birthday present and was new. Can you please let me know if it has been found around that area. It was around terminal 34 and 33 in international departures. I have spoken with Thai Lion air and they've said that they will look, but I can't tell you how important this item is to me. Please return it and I will be so grateful.
how do i ck in & get boarding pass?
Contact your airline. This is, not any airline or airport's website.