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We flew to MCO on 6/8/2017 from Dublin and our luggage never arrived. We believe that our luggage arrived the day after we did and is still there. Who could I contact to check please?
Are all airlines baggage claim in the same area ?
what airline fly to/from Islip (ISP)?
What terminal does Southwest fly into..?
What airport?
I am dropping my 75 yr. old friend off at curbside terminal 3. She's flying American international. She has 3 large suitcases. Are there skycaps available to help with luggage?
What airport?
Sorry ohare
I arrive via AA on a Thursday night for a Friday cruise. I was thinking about staying within the secured area all night and picking up my luggage the next morning. Thanks.
No, you can't do that.
We are relocating to the states from the UK with 16 large bags plus carry ons. Is the any kind of sky cap or luggage porter service to help get the bags through customs and to transportation?
No, there is no such service. You will have to get several carts.
I'm flying AA and I checked the allowance for checked baggage is:
Dimension: 62 in / 158 cm
Weight: 50 lbs / 23 kgs

But since I am flying to Transatlantic (Hong Kong) then I am allowed 2 bags for free. I just want to be sure that the 50lb maximum is still for each bag? Therefore I can bring 100lb in 2 bags? Thank you!
Yes, that is correct.
thanks for the informarion
What airport? What airline?
Where are the bags for united 1887 from Denver????? Still waiting.......