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Will my luggage go straight to Brisbane Or will I need to pick it up in Vancouver. We are flying with two children and lots of luggage so important to plan ahead
I will land at EWR from Brussels via United Airlines at 12:35 and take another UA at 14:59 for IAD Washington which is my final destination.will i need to re check my bags and all custom stuff at EWR prior flyng for IAD?i will land to Brussels from lomé(west africa)
Since there is so much to do at Incheon International Airport, how early can you check-in baggage so you don’t have to walk around with it?
Can I take a skateboard as a carry on or will it have to be under baggage?
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Where to csll
Contact your airline.
I'm arriving around noon but my friends flight arrives at 5:30 pm. Can my bag stay at the baggage claim til then so I can wait for her arrival in the terminal?
What airport? Is it a domestic flight or an international flight?
is there curbside check in aerolineas argentinas terminal 7 at jfk?
No, there is not.
Is there a Comad Bd for The Port Authority of NY NJ Newark NJ 07114 ?
what is a "Comad Bd"? Anyway, this is, I suggest contacting PANYNJ instead.
What is the weight of the checked bag have to weigh before you pay extra?
That depends on your airline and where you are flying. Contact your airline.