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Hi sir I am coming for bd airline for the date is 1/9/17 but my baggage is not coming I am coming on this time check but not coming please can u check what is poblem of the baggage and please send the baggage the baggage code is 589876
Hi sir Please. Check my baggage bg589876
This is no airline or airport's website. Nobody here can help you.
I arrive at FCO on British Air (operated by AA) at 7:15 am. I depart on Alitalia for Palermo at 10 am.

Will that be enough time to connect and will my luggage be checked through? Do I have to recheck at the Alitalia desk? Thanks so much
Yes, you will have to claim your bags from American and re-check them in Terminal 1 with Alitalia. You have just enough time.
We arrived this morning 9/1/2017 to Iceland from Boston at 6:30 in the morning. My husband took ill in the plane and they brought him to the hospital. We were suppose to continue on to Helsinki and then Slovenia.... we were not able to make the connecting flights. We need assistance in changing flights, but more importantly, our luggage is no where to be found. HENDERSON JBVGCM LJUBLJANA JOZE
LJU. AY723. 01SEP, HEL. AY602. 01SEP, KEF. FI603. 31AUG;
HEL. AY602. 01SEP, KEF. FI630. 31AUG
bottom line (Henderson) 0 108 092278
Bottom line (Reisinger) 0 108 092284

Is it possible that our luggage went to Slovenia and maybe in your airport... they would have Boston Logan Airport tags on them?

Is there anything you can do to help us? Thank you
Linda A Henderson
I'm sorry about your circumstance, but this is not any airline or airport's website. You need to contact Icelandair - they would know if the bag made it to Helsinki or not. If they don't have it you'd have to check with Finnair.
Does anyone know how to contact Spirit Airlines baggage service???
I forgot my laptop at the airport on August 30.
I have contacted the customer service and they gave me an email address where I can send my details to ship the laptop back to my country but the email is bouncing back.
Can you please provide me with the correct email address as soon as possible?

Kindly find my shipping address below:
SRI international
333 Ravenswood Avenue # ah147
Menlo Park, CA 94025

This is not any airport or airline's website, and you didn't even post what airport this happened at.
Please help me find my lost bag. It contains cherished baby clothes some are family keep sakes over 40 years old. My mother recently passed away and I am desperate to me reunited with the items. My husband has tried calling the airport and contacting the airline but nobody is willing to help.
Nobody here can help you either. This is not any airline or airport's website. It also doesn't help that you didn't even post what airport this happened at.
We missed our connection to dfw in Atlanta. I understand my luggage went on to dfw.
We are being rerouted thru Oklahoma City and will be renting a car to get to our Dallas hotel.
Can I get you to deliver my suitcase to the hotel? It would save lots of anguish and time. Pretty please?
This is not any airline or airport's website. You need to contact your airline.
I am Traveling out of the States for Xmas am I able to pack in my suitcase a bottle of Brandy for a Gift I am going to Europe
Checked bag: Yes, Carry on bag: No
Thanks That is a big help keep up the great job your doing Ray
I will be carrying on a picture on my flight. What are the size dimensions allowed?
Hello! My huspand's baggage was delayed. He had to leave to go to work to a cruise ship before he could get his bag back. He is due to come to San Juan on Saturday. Where in San Juan airport can he find his bag, that should be at the airport? Thank you.
It should be in his airline's baggage office.