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Haw much per pound for overweight baggage
Overweight baggage
What airline? Where are you flying to?
Hello, does Pittsburgh International Airport offer luggage plastic wrapping services?
No, they do not, considering that PIT does not have flights to any high risk countries.
I am carrying soft sided luggage that I'll place in on of those portable, foldable luggage carriers. Will this carrier by itself be counted as my carry on?
I am traveling with my son from Toronto to Dallas with a 7 hr layover in Houston IAH. flight from toronto is Aircanada and from Houston to Dallas it will be United. Will my luggae be checked al the way to Dallas. If not is there a place to keep my luggage in the airport and then do a little sightseeing in Downtown?
Yes, your baggage will be checked through to Dallas as you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto.
I am travelling next week from Cleveland Ohio to Nairobi Kenya; the first part of the trip is from Cleveland to Washington IAD (via United) and from Washington IAD to Doha (via Qatar) and from Doha to Nairobi (via Qatar). I would like to know if I could check in my baggage with Qatar at Washington IAD on my way to Doha. Thanks
Yes, you will claim your bags in IAD and re-check them with Qatar Airways.
I am traveling international from CLT next week. I have 2 car tyres as check in luggage. Is there a plastic wrap service in CLT ? If so, where is it located ? Thanks.
Travelling from Ottawa to YVR with a stop over then on to Auckland. If I check my bags in Ottawa do I need to pick them up in YVR?
No, you don't.
I am picking someone up at Midway. how do I do it?
Follow signs to the cell phone lot. When they arrive, you can pick them up on the arrivals level off of Cicero. It's not hard.
We are meeting family in Quebec and arriving on different airlines at YQB. Looking for a place to meet. Where id the baggage area?
can I bring a bag of coffee grounds that are sealed?
Yes, you can.