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Luggage didn't make it on my klm flight from Amsterdam yesterday Filed a report and no one can answer when this will be delivered and baggage services doesn't answer the phone. Any suggestions
Are there baggage carts or skycaps available at international baggage claim to the car rental center? we are arriving on emirates
There should be baggage carts in the International baggage claim. However, you have to take a bus from T4 to the rental car center. It's a difficult walk that I don't recommend.
I have 40 minutes between two flights domestic. Do i have to go through security again to get from terminal c to terminal e
No, you do not have to go through security again. All gates in Charlotte are connected inside security.
My mom was traveling from Jacksonville Fl to Fort Lauderdale yesterday 3/15/17 then she had connecting flight to Bogota, the Jet blue carrier took her carrion bag from her, not enough room. The bag never arrived to final destination;Bogota.
How do we get more information about the whereabouts of it?
You need to contact JetBlue baggage services
Travelling from Edmonton to Toronto with a connection to Miami. Will I have to pick up luggage in Toronto or will it go straight through. On WestJet all the way
Unless there is an issue you shouldn't have to claim your bags in Toronto.
I'm arriving to LAX form Tokyo at 10:40 am, my connection flight to Miami is at 12:50 pm all American airlines flights. Do I have enough time to pass immigration and customs? I have also the world traveler ID
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure gate. You should have enough time.
Please advise - I'll be traveling to Tokyo from CLE via UA all the way. Do I need to go through the U.S. Immigration and Custom and recheck in my luggage or will it ship all the way from CLE to Tokyo? I will arrived into Denver at 10:33 am and departing at 12:30 pm for Tokyo - that's about 2 hrs. Is this connection time good enough? Thanks.
In Denver you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to your departure gate. You have enough time.
Sorry, I thought you were going From Tokyo to Cleveland. On the way to Tokyo all you have to do in Denver is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.
Thank you so much for your prompt reply!
Hi - I intend to purchase a domestic flight from Ohio to SFO via UA. However, I'd like to know should I transit from Chicago or Denver and since there'll be a one "stopover" - can you kindly advise the minimum connection time. Do I have to go through the U.S. immigration and customs pre-clearance at Chicago or Denver?! I know there's a non-stop flight but I'm not able to take that flight on that day. Appreciate your kind advise.
There is no US Immigration or Customs when traveling on domestic flights. Transiting Denver is generally a bit easier but Chicago isn't bad either.
Thank you for your quick response. Supposedly I'd travelled on the flight from Ohio and transit at Denver. Are you saying that I'd only have to walk over to the departure gate for SFO? And so, my luggage will be sent all the way from Ohio to SFO to be picked up upon arrival? Will I be able to make the connection within 1~1.5 hours?! Thanks again!
Yes, that is all you have to do to make your connection.
Thank you so much again for your time and the prompt response!
I am flying united from terminal B and my son is flying American from terminal A, can we pass between the terminals without going through security?
Yes, you can. Also, they are just concourses, not terminals.
Seems like I can't find the exact combination in a previous post.

Flying Air Canada: YVR through YYZ to final destination LGA.
1. Which city do we go through customs?
2. Do our checked bags go all the way to Laguardia or do we need to pickup and drop again in Toronto.

Thank You
You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto. You should not have to claim your bags in Toronto.