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We are flying to HOU then transferring to IAH arriving at 1pm. Our international flight departs at 9:35pm. May we check our luggage at 1pm for our flight that departs at 9:35pm? Thank you!
It depends on what airline your flight out of IAH is on.
i will lost my black mobile battery on flight SK984 29-Dec. seat 32H and near.
I'm flying from Bonaire to Calgary on January 29, connecting through Houston. I want to change my plans, get a different flight to go to mazatlan for a week before returning to Calgary on February 4th. Can I collect my luggage on Houston and take a different flight to Mazatlan on January 29?
Your bags will be sent through to Calgary since it's an International to International connection.
Thanks for the quick response!
I am flying JetBlue from Buffalo, NY and then flying out from JFK to Taipei on China Air. Can I check my bags all the way to Taipei from the Buffalo Aurport?
If both flights are on the same reservation, yes, you can. if it's two separate reservations, no, you can't.
Hi i am traveling from texas to lax and arriving at terminal 4. I need to claim my baggage and transfer to tom bradley international terminal for an international flighht. Is there any way that I can reach TBIT from terminal 4 baggage claim without exiting the terminal?
No, you have to walk along the curbfront. What airline are you flying out of the TBIT? Do you have two separate reservations?
Yes I have 2 separate reservations. Im going domestic then international. American airlines to philippine airlines
Then yes, you will have to carry your bags between terminals along the roadside.
Flying MIA to PHL to MAN (UK) with AA.
Do I need to re-check bags at PHL?
Thank you.
No, you don't have to do anything with your bags in Philadelphia There is no US Customs when leaving the US.
returning a rental car at atlanta airport & then flying to lisbon. family flying out of E9. can you help with directions & suggestions?
I have an American Airlines flight from San Jose (Costa Rica) to MIA due to arrive at 5.10pm and then an international flight to Australia with Qatar leaving at 7.40pm also from MIA. Is that a sufficient layover when I have checked baggage? I am unsure of the terminals.
I arrival to JFK airport at 13:30 from MXP (Italy) and I have to depart from EWR airport at 18:00.
I'll pick up my luggage at JFK after immigration. I ask: Do I have to redo the normal check at EWR? Is there in EWR a sort of recheck?
You will have to check your bags at the normal check-in counter in Newark.
I have misplaced my IPhone 6 silver in a case. Last seen in seat 1F on flight from. Luton to Copenhagen on Easy jet