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Can you still board a plane with an iPod and or lap top?
Where are you flying from and to?
My son ARNAV MAHURKAR travelling from Delhi-Schiphol ,KLM 872, today arrived at 8.30 am to find he had exchanged his baggage with a fellow passenger by the name AD CHAKRABORTY.KLM office has been informed.The person is not reachable,Can you help?

My parents are flying from Hyderabad India to Chicago on this 1 of September, they are first time travelling they are not aware of baggage claim and other process. they are not educated in english. I am worried about how they come-out and claim baggage,

Is there any service offering in ORD for receiving passengers and collect baggage and handover to relatives outside? any help is appreciated.

There is no such service.
Yesterday (25.08.17)I forgot to collect my Dark Blue TUMI Travel Bag. I came in with SK506
I took wrong bag from flight Athens to Cph 24/8. It is purple with pink/gtey flowers, bought at Jumbo.
We are disembarking our cruise in morning and have an evening flight from Barcelona to London. Is there an area to leave luggage at the airport for the day while we tour the city?
Hello, I need to fly from Paris to Atlanta. The cheapest flight I found has a layover in Atlanta and then goes to Newark. Since all passengers from abroad have to go through customs and pick up luggage at the first port of arrival in the US, would I be able to just exit the airport after I get my luggage instead of going on the connecting flight to Newark? Thank you.
In Atlanta your bags will be sent to a security checkpoint where the only way out is to re-check your bags and go through security and back into the terminal, since you are a connecting passenger. So don't do this if you need to check a bag. Also, it's called "hidden city" ticketing and is considered fraud.
Do you offer any military veterans discount ?
BTW... I'm flying with Frontier Airlines
This is not any airline or airport's website.
I flew into Hartsfield on 23/8 on Air Canada 7544.
I got prior instructions at my originating point of travel to collect my bag at the baggage claim(in Atlanta) and then transfer it to my connection Delta 704, flying to Nassau.
I went from my arrival terminal F to the claim carousel but my bag wasn't there. I know it was the correct carousel in international baggage claim because the AC 7544 flight was on the carousel board.
I then went to the baggage assistance next to the carousel and they said because I was pre cleared in Toronto and that my bag was checked through to Nassau it would have been pulled(in Atlanta) and sent to the departure gate for your Delta 704 flight.
I am now in Nassau and my bag did not arrive on my flight.
I was shown my bag by the US customs agent as I was going through the pre-clearance in Toronto, so I know that my bag should have been placed on my AC 7544 flight to Atlanta.
I need help locating my bag please... is there a direct number that I can call?
I have a baggage check from my travel city of origin...
what additional information do I need to supply?

Ryan Lightbourne
You need to try to contact Air Canada and Delta baggage services. Either of them might have it.
Luckily I rec'd my bag at my final destination yesterday.
this is my first flying, my boyfriend purchased my ticket so I had a question, whats the limit on baggage he told me 2 bags and a carryon. But if thats incorrect I wont have money to pay for the extra bag. please help
Where are you flying from and to and on what airline?
from spokane washington to denver colorado
What airline?