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How and where to recheck baggage in Chicago airport Terminal 2 enroute to Malaysia via Hong Kong
What airline are you flying into Chicago and what airline are you flying out?
1. United 5004 operated by /SKYWEST DBA UNITED EXPRESS flying from Eau Claire to Chicago,
2 Cathay Pacific from Chicago to HK
3. Cathay Dragon (KA) from HK to Penang, Malaysia
You will have to claim your bags from United in Terminal 1, then go up 3 floors to the ATS Train to Terminal 5, re-check your bags with Cathay Pacific, and go through security.
Kindly help me in finding my 5 pcs of baggage which was left in north terminal of Jeddah airport on 16th may 2017, kindly let me know whom to contact to claim our baggage
This is not any airline or airport's website. Nobody from the airline or airport will see this message.
I will be flying into ICN through Delta from Seattle, have a 4 hour layover and my small dog will be flying with me in the cabin. We will then fly Asiana from ICN to Guangzhou. Do we need to have import papers for her if we have a layover but are changing airlines?

We got bumped to a different flight after our luggage had been checked in to land in SJ yesterday evening. We just landed in SFO. The luggage flew from Seattle 7.55pm yesterday, landing before 10pm in SJ.

We had been told the luggage would be delivered to our home, but it has not arrived. I need to pick it up - has important medicine in it.

Can you tell me where it is? On the way to us? or in SJ waiting for pick up?

650 621.0880
This is not any airline or airport's website. Nobody from the airline or airport will see this message.
I am flying from Leon, Mexico to California. How many ounces of Alcohol are allowed on check bag? Also, can I bring as many 4 ounce bottles of alcohol in my carry on as I want or is there a limit to that?
Anything you bring in your carry-on has to fit in a 1 quart zip-lock bag. You can check as much alcohol as you can fit, but you will have to pay duty on anything over 2 liters.
What are the rules regarding carrying fruits and seeds on a Singapore Airlines flight, departing from Cape Town to Brisbane?
Traveling from Barbados to Miami, I have a two hour layover until my next flight to JFK then a five hour layover at JFK until my next flight to charlotte airport then to my final destination in Belize at what point to I pick up my luggage?All flights are with AA
You will claim your bags in Miami to take them through US Customs.
I'm flying in from Iceland and I'm not some how long I should give myself to get to my next flight to Denver. I have not book the MSP to Den flight yet. My flight from Iceland lands in MSP at 10 am.
I wouldn't book anything before 1 PM.
Hi I am panicking already! We have to stop in jfk to refuel then get back in the same plane do we have to get our luggage and do customs and immigration? Am sure it's only a 2hr stop been at jfk before! Nightmare!
You will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and get on a different plane to go to Orlando. You have enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hi all,
I'm flying from Calgary to Atlanta with an 18 hour stopover in Toronto. I'm flying in on Westjet and flying out on Delta (codeshare partners).
Does anyone know if I will have to collect my baggage when I land and keep it with me for those 18 hours? or will they take care of it and I'll meet my luggage in Atlanta?

Thank you in advance for your help!!
Is your layover overnight or same day? If it's overnight you'll probably have to claim your bags.
It's overnight - ah okay, thanks for the quick help! Appreciate it :)