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What airport are you talking about? This is not any airport or airline's website.
Mr Zap,
first, you have to travel a bit how airports in other countries ferl like.
Second, LGA for example, two years ago, no free wifi, rows upon rows of payphones but no cellular reception - ZERO.
JFK, (was there yesterday), free wifi only on departures floor. So if I just arrived and need to be picked up - then it's bad luck.
Phones to luggage claim? GLA -NONE; JFK - a recording answers you, telling that the voice mail is full.
Mr. Zap, again, you should travel first before you could understand the complains here.
For visitor from abroad the NY airports feel a little bit third world. Worse, they all feel a bit like being part of the NY correction system.
Yes, you should travel a bit first.
I do not work for any of the New York Airports and this is not their website. What I am saying is that complaining here is pointless. It's like complaining to the manager at McDonald's that your shirt doesn't fit.
9/5 flt#5823 my overhead bin bag got left behind. I'm in a wheelchair. This bag contained my Toshiba laptop but most important all of my medicatio How can I get it returned I'm closest to CLE
You need to contact your airline (which you did not post here).
Lost-found Flight Details : AT 534 / 23 AUG AT 948 / 24 AUG SU 2415 / 25 AUG SU 1644 / 25 AUG
Routing : ABJ / CMN / MXP / SVO / SIP
Bag Tag Number(s) :AT655180
Please check up a finding of my luggage and send it to Moscow the Sheremetyevo-Simferopol airport
This is not any airline or airport's website. Nobody here can help you.
Can they be carried on into the passengers cabin. They are of sentimental value
They are too large to store on the aircraft. I recommend shipping them.
My friends are coming in from ORD on Spirit Air. Where is baggage claim? And can I meet them at the baggage claim area?
The lower level of Terminal 3. Yes, you can meet them there.
Thank you very much!
Is there curbside baggage check for Delta international flights in terminal E?
Where is area to claim delay baggage from Easyjet in Porto Aeroport?
I have been without my luggage for 5 days on a business trip in Germany. I flew AirBerlin out of Logan International (BOS). I can not find a number for AirBerlin at Logan Airport or within the US for that matter. Please help. Thank you.
Air Berlin's US Phone number is 1 (917) 261-3165
Thank you. I have tried and on hold each time over 15 minutes. No one answers. It seems impossible to contact this airline.
Well, they are in bankruptcy and it's a holiday in the US.
Hi does anyone know the thomas cook phone number at the logan airport? i lost my luggage leaving boston and the manchester office says to call boston but i cant find the local boston number.