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Flying KLM from Bristol to San Francisco via Schiphol, if I check-in my hold luggage at Bristol will it be transferred to the San Francisco flight automatically, or will I have to collect my luggage and Check-in again?
You won't have to claim your bags in Amsterdam.
Thanks for the reply, I thought as much but needed clarification
My baggage is at LGA erport and I need to send them to my hous iis it possible and if yes how I do it or who I need to talk with?
You need to contact your airline.
Can I check my luggage on United flight from IAh straight through on my Qantas flight tobAustralia
If you purchased two separate reservations, no you cannot.
My fly: Sun 17.Sept. 2017 HAM 10:35 BA 0965, from LHR 12:40 BA 0067, PHL 18:05 AA 4916 to ILM. Have I collect my baggages and must pass the CBP?
Which gate I am arrive and which gate I depart? How many time I need to change the gates?
In Philadelphia, you will You will arrive in Terminal A, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure gate, likely in Terminal F. You need at least 90 minutes, with 2 hours preferable.
Thank you, it will be very helpful! Can I take a bus or what else from gate A to gate F?
You can take a shuttle bus inside security or walk.
I know there is fish box storage at ANC. My flt leaves at 5am. Can I check my baggage the night before at the fish box place and not have to deal with it in the morning?
In the morning you will have to physically move the boxes from cold storage to your airline's check-in desk yourself.
We are flying Korean Air from Seoul to ORD next March 2018. And then. transferring to Jet Blue , ORD to BOS. We made the trip in March of'17 also.

In March of '17, flying KE from Seoul to ORD, and then connecting to Jet Blue to Boston, we were told by airport personnel outside customs, to deposit our bags at American for re-check, as they handle the bags for Jet Blue. This was not correct, and we lost our bags for 5 days . Thankfully someone at Jet Blue put in some effort where others had not for days, and we got everything.

Any idea where recheck is for JetBue bags after clearing customs at ORD?
You have to take the bags to their check-in counter in Terminal 3. JetBlue doesn't get many international connections at ORD so they aren't set up with any facilities to accept bags in T5 as many days would go by with them accepting zero inbound bags.
Thanks so much. Well that sucks. There will be three of us with 6 checked bags/boxes plus carry-ons. Any ideas on how to get there with all that luggage? I'm assuming carts can't go between terminals? Or can they?
Pack a foldable cart in your checked bags is the only option I think. Also, since you have 3 people, if you have time, you can send two people ahead with what they can carry, and leave one person behind with the rest, then one person stays with the bags they carried to T3 and the other goes back to T5 and the remaining 2 people bring the rest of the stuff from T5 to T3.
Thanks ZAP. Luckily we will have a big strong 17 year old with us who lives in the gym. :)
I guess that's what we'll do.
I appreciate what you do for us here!
I am traveling to Memphis (American airlines ) from Doha via Miami (Qatar airways). Once I land in Miami do I need to collect my checked in bags ? If so do I need to pass through the CBP clearance area with my baggages?
Yes, you will have to claim your bags in Miami to take them through US Customs.
I have lost a big orange bag at the JFK airport on the emirates check in counter -
how do i get it back
Contact Emirates. Check in counters belong to the airlines.
I am flying from O'Hare Airport to Zurich on United Airlines.
When I made the reservation my son was driving me to O'Hare airport. After I book the flight my son said he won't be able to take me so I booked a United Airlines flight to O'Hare
Now I have 2 Confirmations with United Airlines. When I check in at United Airlines in my hometown can United Airlines combine the 2 Confirmations and send my luggage straight through to Zurich or will I have to claim my luggage at O'Hare and then take my luggage over to United Airlines Terminal 5 (International) to check my luggage back in.
I have a 5 hour layover at O'Hare before I fly out of O'Hare to Zurich.
United doesn't fly from Chicago to Zurich. Swiss Airlines does. You can show your confirmation to the United agent in your first city and ask that your bag be checked through to Zurich but they are not obligated to. 5 hours is enough to transfer the bags yourself if you have to.
I know Swiss Airlines goes to Zurich and they are a partner of United Airlines. I booked both Confirmations thru
United Airlines.
Thanks for the info. I will ask at the United counter if they can send my luggage to Zurich.
I had my shoulder replaced this past February so It would be very hard for me to have to go to baggage claim at O'Hare collect my luggage and then take them on the train to Terminal 5 to check the luggage in there. Then have to do the same returning.
On the return you WILL have to claim your bags in Chicago to take them through US Customs, even if you can get them tagged to your final destination.
Traveling from Atlanta to Athens with a layover in Frankfurt. Will I need to claim my baggage in Frankfurt and transfer to the next flight? Flying 1 reservation on Lufthansa. Which terminal do they use in Frankfurt?
Lufthansa uses Terminal 1. If everything is on the same reservation you will not have to claim your bags in Frankfurt.