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i'd like to know if Alaska airlines and Copa airlines are at the same terminal, please.
What Airport?
Ill be travelling from bermuda via BA, baggage will be tagged til ams only, since ill have my connecting flight via KLM in ams. With regards to my baggage, if i proceed to the baggage claim area will ill be dealing with the immigration? I just need to claim my baggage and re-check in my baggage for my next flight. Can somebody please guide me regarding my concern. Ty
Yes, you will have to go through Schengen Entry passport control in order to claim your bags. If you need a visa to enter the Schengen Area, then you will need a transit visa.
Ty for your respond. My final destination from ams is philippines. Airside transit is applicable for me, somebody advised me to approach the help desk and tell them my situation. She said they will claim and check in my baggage for me. I just want to be sure. Ty
I wouldn't count on that
Boarding in Orlanda, going to Prague with a layover in JFK. Want to check luggage in at Orlando through to Prague. I do not want to have to pick up luggage until I reach destination. Is this possible?
If both flights are on the same reservation yes it is possible.
hi, i've flu from St. Petersburg to Tehran with Mahan Airline flight No. 51103, but when I arrived to Tehran I've found that my baggage has been lost. how can I make sure that it is remained in the Airport? the next flight to Tehran is on next thursday, I want it to be sent that day, because I need it. Thank you.
You need to contact Mahan Air
Yes i've contacted them but they just told that we have sent them an email, and we are waiting for their responce, but i can not wait till they reply to their email...!
This is not any airline or airport's website. nobody here can help you.
Hi, my husband's flight from Paris to JFK via Berlin on AirBerlin was delayed and he missed his connecting flight and had to fly to Frankfurt to get back to JFK. I am concerned about his luggage and have called Air Berlin US who have a continuous busy ring tone, and Air Berlin UK who hung up on me twice. I have called every phone number related to anything at Terminal 8 or JFK. Can you please advise/give me a number where I can speak to someone to see if his luggage arrived from the original flight? TIA
You are trying the only phone numbers that can give you that information. This is an independent website not affiliated with Air Berlin or JFK airport.
Is there curbside bag check for American Airlines at the airport
What airport?
hello I have a flight from Grande Prairie to Toronto after I arrive there I will have only two and half of an hour to check inn the next flight to Mexico is this enough time? I will be arriving on Westjet from Grande Prairie AB to Toronto and I will departure from there on Aeromexico. Also i don't know if I have to pickup my Baggage there or if air lines will take care of my baggage. I really like to have an answer for this concern thank you for your help.

Is it one reservation or two separate reservations? You should have enough time. Worst case all you have to do is claim your bags from WestJet, re-check them with AeroMexico and go through security.
Picking up a puppy flying in on next Wednesday evening is there a specific area I need to go to to pick him up.
What airline? What airport?
United laguardia New York
You go to the Baggage Service Office -
How can I talk to someone on the phone to add a description of my bag
You need to contact your airline's baggage services.
List of destination for direct flights from TTN includes Key West Florida. I cannot find flight info. Please advise.
There are no flights from Trenton to Key West and no airlines that serve Trenton even fly to Key West. I don't know why that is listed. You would have to fly Frontier to Ft. Lauderdale and then drive to Key West or book a separate ticket on Silver Airways to Key West. You could also build your own connection between Frontier and Silver in Tampa or Orlando or between Frontier and Delta in Atlanta.