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Is it free under the wiegjt
What airline are you flying and where are you flying from and to?
Lost my luggage and is no way they answere the phone
On june 30 I arrived dallas airport at around 16:30 pm and after checking in I go to security check and make a line following many people, I take our of my computer(HP brand) from my bag,and shoes and so on, then I crossed the nacktscanner (near D30), I took my shoes and waited the computer, and I didn't my computer but I found another computer (Dell brand) near me, it is similar colour and size with mine, but it is not mine. I think someone made a mistake , and took my computer away. My flight is AA945 from Dallas to Chile at 20:15 pm, I waited unit 19:30 and then want to D33 and enter my flight. there are many personal information in my computer I hope you can help me to find it.
send my best pleasure and thanks to you.
Thank you very much for your great help.
my phone no is +86 18655309638
we are planning to bringing 4 suitcases to ixtapa via mexico city-my wife is in a wheelchair . is there assistance available to assist us with luggage through customs and to aero mexico luggage check
I would like to gather information in regards to the sale of unclaimed baggage. Where and when are these sales held ? Are they open to the public? Are they advertised?
Hello my delta flight MSP to SEA arrives at 7:58pm and alaskan air flight to YLW leaves at 9:25pm booked on seperate reservations, is there a way to ocheck the bag through, or will I have enough time to collect my bag and re-check with Alaskan air then head back through security?
You will have to claim your bags and re-check it and go through security. You have barely enough time.
Flying from mem to las on Allegiant with checked luggage and next flight on southwest! How do I get my luggage and make my next flight to check luggage wit about an hr?
That's not realistically enough time.
Lost my Phone at entry gate,so i was in the plane when i realised it. Crew did what they could.
Arrived in belgium,no possible way to have contact or communicatienetwerk with catania airport.Mail is not responded.From tracking i know the Phone is still in the airport.
Who do i contact?
Is there a group check in at Brisbane terminal for Virgin?
Can I check in a fishing rod case that is longer than 62inches and is 5 inches in diameter?
That depends on the airline, which you have not posted.