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If I am taking a carry on through American Airlines what size backpack may I bring with it?
A normal size one that fits under the seat in front of you.
Hi! I am traveling from Sweden with SAS to ORD, arriving 6.35 pm. I then have a connecting flight (American Airlines) to Seattle leaving at 8.20. Is that enough time? I am not a US citizen and I'm scared I'm gonna be stuck in Chicago because there's so little time to make the connection!
That is very difficult - basically impossible if it's on two separate reservations.
I don't have separate reservations... Will 1hr and 45 mins be enough?
My son was told that his bags will be taken off the Qantas plane (Sydney to Dallas) and put on the American Airlines flight (Dalllas to Cancun) for him. Is that correct?? Is there no need for him to pick up his bags and check in for the Cancun flight? Does he just turn up to the departure gate?
He will go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security. He should ask a Qantas agent in DFW. AA has this procedure for AA to AA International to International connections, but I'm not sure if this is extended to Qantas to AA connections.
Thanks. I'll tell him what you said.
I have a connecting flight with the same carrier from London to ATL to New Orleans. Will I have to collect and check in my bag at ATL before my New Orleans flight? I only have 1h 40 to conenct
Yes, in Atlanta you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure gate. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Thanks for your reply. That puts mind at rest a bit. I have upgraded my seat so i'm at the front of economy. Hopefully that'll buy me a bit more time.
Hi. What is the earliest I can arrive to the airport before my flight and check my bags?
It depends what airline you're flying. If you're flying United, about 4:30 AM.
I am flying from Atlanta to Miami. I will have a 5 and a half hour layover in Miami & then I am flying on to Lima Peru. Will I have to retrieve my checked baggage in Miami & recheck it for the next flight to Peru? Will I have to go through another security check? I haven't flown in over 13 years! Feeling very nervous about the whole thing!
Are both flights on the same reservation or two separate reservations? What airlines are you flying? I can't answer your question without that information.
Hi again
My Air China International flight from MCO to EWR Arrive Terminal C
Departs EWR Terminal B to PEK Terminal 3, Departs PEK Terminal 3, and arrives SHA Terminal 2
My question is does the checked luggage automatically get transferred by the airline, or do I have to pick it up at some point, also do I need to go through security each stop, and which stop do I go through customs.
Each stop has approx 2 hours, so will this amount of time work.
This is my first International Flight so I'm quite concerned.
Thank you so much.
Hoping for an answer, gave this site a great rating-
Maybe I asked in wrong site or area???
Hi, tomorrow I'll be traveling with my brother and cousin from Montreal's PET Airport to Tokyo via Air Canada. We will be stopping at Vancouver Airport for a layover of 5 hours. Just wondering, do we pick up our baggage at Vancouver Airport or at Tokyo directly? Thanks for answering.
Oh, and forgot to mention that from Vancouver to Tokyo we will fly with All Nippon Airways.
All you have to do in Vancouver is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.
So I don't have to pick up my baggage at Vancouver? Thanks for the reply.
I'm flying out of Pittsburgh to O'hare then to san diego do I need to claim my baggage and turn in back in for my other flight I only have 40mins between flights
If both flights are on the same airline then you don't have to do anything with your bags in Chicago. That is still a difficult connection.
I'm going to the US with my wife y two little kids. I'm arriving with 12 suitcases and 8 boxes. Is there a service that we can pay to help us with our baggage at the carrousels.
Most airports do not have such a service. You should pack a foldable cart (or multiple ones) in your baggage.