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Sharm El Sheikh Airport, Lost & Found Dept.

To whom it may concern

On 25th July around midnight, we opened our PIR as one of our luggage, on ….(numero di volo) didn't arrive to Sharm Apt.
Unfortunately the luggage hasn't been found yet! We are very upset for that and total lack of communication from you.

We investigated with Naples airport too and personally visited their lost and found storage. I think there is a mistake on the P.I.R. we opened at Sharm. On the file reference you wrote my name: Monica Minotti instead of my husband’s name: Luca Zuffranieri which was the name tagged on the luggage that was lost!!!

For this reason, I kindly ask you to re-open or correct the PIR and question World Tracer System
with my husband's name: LUCA ZUFFRANIERI who is the owner of the lost luggage.

We kindly ask you to do all your best in order to find our bag

Please find attached a copy of the P.I.R

Looking forward for your prompt reply
Best Regards
Monica Minotti
This is not any airline or airport's website. Nobody here can help you.
I will be traveling from MSY to CLT with a 1 hr 38 min layover to ALB on Nov 30. will I need to reclaim my baggage before boarding flight to ALB?
No, you don't have to claim your bags in Charlotte.
Will I have to retrieve my baggage fron Delta before I go to International terminal for british air to london?
I should have included airport is Atlanta Hartsfield. Flight from GSP to ATL is a separate booking from ATL to LHR. If I must retreive my luggage it will mean going through security again and taking shuttle to International Term, is that correct? BTW I have been using ATL Airport since 1955, more efficiently laid out terminal than a lot of others I have used. Think Charlotte, NC. Miles between gates, no train.
Yes, you are correct. You have to claim your bags from Delta, take them on the shuttle to the International terminal, re-check with British Airways, and go through security.
My daughter who is 15, will arrive alone from France to DFW and connecting/transting to Phoenix on American. Does she have, after customs, to go out security to claim and clear her luggage and recheck the whole thing or she can stay inside security and clear her bags before connecting ?
She will go through US Immigration, claim her bags, go through US Customs, re-check her bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to her departure gate on the Skylink train.
Hi, I was wondering if there is any problem with clearance of small drone with video (Dji Spark mini drone) at security checkpoint on international flights.
I was traveling to hawaii and had a flight of turkish airlines from Pakistan to jfk airport. after which it was united airlines to hawaii. turkish airlines told me that i will get my luggage at hawaii but when i came to hawaii i couldnt get it. on inquiry i was told that the luggage was still at jfk airport. can you guide me what i can do in this situation because it has been five days and the airline is not helping me at all
Whoever told you that at Turkish doesn't know what they're talking about. Any time you enter the US you have to claim your bags to go through US Customs. Also United doesn't fly to JFK so I don't exactly know how you connected to United at JFK. Your bags are in the Turkish Airlines bag office in JFK.
I got on united from laguardia airport. anyways i have got the bag back now
I accidentally left a 15" Macbook Pro laptop (in a black foam case" on an American Air flight #3512, coming from Knoxville last Thursday afternoon, Gate B10. I returned to the gate right away, but was not permitted back on the plane. Juan was not too helpful, but the on-boarding pilot was kind enough to look for it himself. No luck. I've filed a report and phoned to follow up without any news other than "we're still looking." Are there any other "Lost and Found" options for searching. I'm desperate to get this laptop back, despite being password protected and backed up. "Find my Laptop" not working since computer is off. Any suggestions?
When your pants expensive ones what recourse.
Where were your pants taken? Complain to them. If they were taken off your body, then you have nobody to blame but yourself.
I'm flying from Chicago to Sydney, Nova Scotia, connecting in Toronto. Do I have to recheck my bag in Toronto? I've read conflicting information on this. It's all on one itinerary.
You will either do nothing with your bags or identify them on a screen.
What time in the morning does the curb side check in start?
What airport? What airline?