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11:30 at night and still waiting after 45 minutes for my luggage on United....what takes so long when half the plane carried in their luggage!!!!
hi, i'm flying in JFK at 2242hr from orlando by delta, and changing to china southern airlines in terminal 4 at 0045hr. will i have enough time for this?
If both flights are on the same reservation that is plenty of time. if it's two separate reservations and you have checked bags it will be difficult.
I am transiting MEX->JFK (Aeromexico) ->YYZ (Toronto on Delta). Will I need to claim bags during the JFK connection? How about go through immigration? Customs?
I fly from Japan to SF and then to Sacramento. We are going to get picked up in SF and not continuing my flying to Sacto. Will we have our check-in luggage with us going through customs so it will not be sent to Sacto.
Yes, you will claim your bags in San Francisco to go through US Customs. After clearing customs just rip the tags off and don't re-check them.
Thank you very much I appreciate the post
I have booked United & will have 1 23kg bag to check in. I couldn't see an option to pay for baggage when I booked. Do I pay at checkin?
Yes, you will pay at check in.
I am arriving and picking up luggage in the east terminal, friend is arriving in the west terminal. How do I get me and my luggage over to the west terminal to meet up with him??
It's just the other side of the same building on the same floor. You can just walk over there.
I will arrive at LAX terminal 8 ( united airlines from San Diego) and will continue to Sweden from terminal B. Do I need to fetch my baggage and check in again at terminal B?
Thanks for all help
If it's all the same reservation you don't need to do anything with your bags. If it's two separate reservations you'll need to claim your bags and re-check them.
I'm flying to China from the US, with an intentional overnight layover in Vancouver. When I arrive in Vancouver, what will happen to my checked luggage until the second leg of my flight the next day? Will it be kept at the airport or will I need to retrieve it and recheck it the next day? Can I request to send my checked luggages directly to my final destination?Thanks so much for responding!
My son filed a delayed baggage claim, but was told they would send him the file reference # the next day. Why couldn't they give it to him right away? Now we need to wait a whole day before we can try tracking his bag!
My son flew from Dallas to Sydney on Tuesday. He and several others were told their luggage was not put on their flight due to headwinds. How do I know if it made it on the next outgoing flight? My travel agent said the next flight was sold out. Would his delayed luggage take priority over that plane's passengers?
Delayed baggage is unlikely to take precedence over passengers. They may send it on another airline or via one of their flights to Los Angeles.