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Hi We fly into Atlanta from Manchester UK arrive at 15:10 (Virgin flight) depart for Cancun at 18:10, is this enough time to make connection ? Also do we have to collect and re-check in our luggage ?
Sorry didn't mention, fly to Cancun with Delta
Yes, you have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to your departure gate. You have enough time.
Do you know if Blu Express Business Class Seats are good? May fly from CUN-FCO. Thanks
They're sure better than economy class seats but they're at least a generation old. They're not competitive with major international carriers'.
I am flying from SCL to MIA to MXP, with a 13-hour layover in MIA (4:30AM to 5:30PM). I do NOT want my bags checked all the way through-- I want to grab them when I land in MIA. Is this possible, or am I forced to check them all the way through? How do I make sure I can get them in MIA? (Note this is an International-to-International connection).
I forgot to mention, both flights are with American Airlines.

From what I have been reading I'll have to collect my bags in Toronto during my connection. I'm flying in from Calgary with my connection in Toronto to Atlanta. I land in Toronto at 6:38am and my flight from Toronto to Atlanta leaves at 8:15am. Am I going to have enough time to get my bags and get through security and still make my Atlanta flight?

Yes, that should be plenty of time. You will proceed directly to US Immigration and Customs preclearance when you get to Toronto.
Newbie here not sure posting in right place,

Flying 8/28 OGG-SEA / SEA- CDG / CDG - SOF

Flying Alaska to SEA Delta to CDG And Bulgarian to SOF

7 hour layover in SEA 1 hour 50 in CDG

All in first or business.

Do i need to get checked bag and recheck?
If I am flying Aeromexico from MEX with a connection on Delta that is domestic, will I need to claim and re-check baggage? Thanks
Yes, you will.
I will be traveling from Malaysia to Narita airport via ANA. From Narita airport I Will then fly to Chicago o hare ( 5 hour layover at Chicago) with United airline for a connecting flight to Columbus Ohio, also via United airline. Will I have to pick up luggage, go through customs, recheck luggage and then go through security again at Chicago? Or will my luggage be checked all the way through Columbus?
Yes, you will arrive in Terminal 5, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, then re-check your bags at the re-check desk then take the ATS Train to Terminal 1 or 2 (B or C gates are in 1, E and F gates are in 2), then go through security and to your departure gate. You have enough time.
I need to know if Blu Express/Paranormal airlines are good. i may take it from CUN - FCO. But Does anyone no how good they are if they are good?
It's not a very nice airline. The seats on their 767's are very tightly packed. However, not many airlines fly nonstop from Mexican/Caribbean beach destinations nonstop to Italy, so that's the advantage.
Hi, I am flying with Lufthansa from London Heathrow, arriving IAH Gate E at 17.45, departing for Guatemala with United Airlines at 19.42, Gate C. Will I have to collect my baggage and go through security, or just go through security, and do I have enough time? I booked through a travel agent and they are not helping me with answers to these questions. I only have an e-ticket and don't have any information regarding check-in! How do I confirm my flights? And when I am in Guatemala, how do I confirm a flight if I am out of wifi access?
Please note that both flights will be on United. You will both arrive and depart from Terminal E. You will go through US Immigration, customs, and security but you should not have to claim your bags since you are on an International to International connection through IAH all on United. You do not have to "reconfirm" flights. For your return flight just show up to the airport in Guatemala City 3 hours before your flight.
Really? Thank you so much. My travel agent STILL has not got back to me about this... fast to take my money, not so fast to be helpful. I will never book with an agent again, always go direct to airlines. I am bit concerned because my e-ticket says my flight is with Lufthansa - what do they call it when that happens? SO if I ring UA they tell me I have to ring Lufthansa! The e-ticket I have talks about terminals C and E - hence the query. I have no check-in information yet - bit worried to be honest, I have discovered, since booking my tickets, that this travel agent has a tendency to book flights that don't materialise! ie not really booked... :( Thank you for your very swift response. Guess I will have one more chance to try tomorrow, and then I will be in trouble if nothing pans out.
I fly out of EWR. I will have a checked bag and a carryon. There is a layover in Brussels for 2 hours and 25 minuets. I will also be switching from United Airlines to Brussels Air. My final destination is Seville, Spain. Will I need to pick up my checked bag and then re-check it? Do I go through customs in Brussels or Seville? If so to both where do I go and should I have enough time to do all that?
You will go through passport control in Brussels. You don't have to do anything with your bags. You have enough time.