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I lost a bag. Within it was my hat (wool, green) and for certain a hairdryer. Lost date 18th June. Please help
What airport? What airline? Where do you think you left it?
Copenhagen Airport
Yesterday's flight leaving Chicago to connect in Detroit was delaying causing passengers to miss their connecting flight & fly today. Where can they find their luggages once they arrive to Guadalajara?
You need to contact your airline.
I'm arriving at terminal 2 with delta airline and departing at terminal 4 with Singapore airlines. These air tickets were purchased separately and they are non-connecting flights. I have 2 big size luggages and 1 cabin size luggage. I understand I hv to collect my luggage at terminal 2 and re-check in at terminal 4. What is the best way to travel from terminal 2 to 4 with all the luggages. I hv ample of time for my second leg flight ~ 6 hrs. Thank you
The AirTrain is the only way between terminals.
Where do you check in with bags for United flights if you are flying first class?
At the United check in desk where it says Premier Access.
After arriving on UA in Vegas can i left my baggage in storage for 6 days?
travelling on either WJ or AC from Ottawa (on separate ticket) to join
flight to Paris with connection to Moscow
What airline are you flying to Paris? What is your question?
Wj to TO and then AF to Paris
We have purchased a confirmed one-way ticket to LAX from San Francisco which includes carry on luggage to 5Kg. I need to add checked baggage to our ticket. How do I do this... Thankyou..
What airline? With most US airlines you just pay at the airport.
Yes thank you for your reply. The airline is Virgin America. Thanks
Bag was delivered to Claim area 1 at laguardia for delta. It arrived last night at 11:29pm but still hasn't been delivered. Help!
Tomorrow flying Delta connection from IAD-MSP-MIA with nearly 4hr layover in MSP. I'm flying on a CRJ-900 from IAD-MSP and a A319 from MSP-MIA so I know my roller bag will be gate checked automatically possibly 'pink tagged' for my first leg. My concern is that when the gate agent asks to scan my boarding pass to put a tag on it that it will go straight to my final destination airport MIA. In reality I actually need my bag for work and a meeting for that 4hr layover in MSP. Will i be able to gate check my bag just to MSP and be able to retrieve my bag in MSP or will i not be able to retrieve my bag in MSP and it will just continue on to my plane going to MIA?
Yes, you should be able to gate tag your bag in IAD. just in case, bring like a shopping bag or something you can put your computer in to bring it on the plane if you have to check through your bag to Miami.
I arrive In Stockholm from the US on Norwegian and then on to Prague on Czech airlines. Do I have to claim my bags and where, and then how do I get from terminal 5 to terminal 2 to check bags and myself in again on Czech airlines?
Yes, you have to claim your bags in Stockholm and re-check them with Czech. You can just walk between Terminals.