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I'm flying with United Flight and have a free full size carry on with my flight. It's just my son and I. Will I have to pay an extra baggage fee for a small carry on (diaper bag) on top of my full size carry on?
If you are traveling with a lap infant you can bring a diaper bag and it doesn't count against your baggage allowance.
Hi. Is there any wrapping services in Tampa airport? Does this include strollers? and how much does this service cost if it's available?
I'm have been to the Tampa airport dozens of times and have never seen such a service there.
Coming to Mexico City to Texarkana, I have to do the immigration process in Dallas airport. I'm an American citizen and I need to know if there are luggage carts in the Costume area. I have back surgery and I can't carry on my two bags by myself. Thanks a lot for any information you can provide me.
Yes, there are baggage carts available in the International baggage claim.
When I bought the tickets for me and my friends, we weren't sure when we were going to go to our final destination (Colombia) and back so we bought tickets from Newark to Florida separately from the tickets we got from Florida to Colombia and back. All of the tickets are with the same airline (Spirit) but they told us that because we purchased the tickets separately, we have to grab our bags, check them in again and go through security again. However, we only have an hour and a half between flights which I do not think is enough time to do all of that. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should Spirit be allowing us to connect the flights/have our bags be sent straight to Colombia?
Thank you!
That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly. Spirit is an Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier. They will not do you any favors. Note that on your return you would have to claim your bags in Ft. Lauderdale to go through US Customs anyway.
I have left my coat bag in Emerates check-in counter around 1700 hrs. While check in , flight no EK032 on 8.07.2017.
What are the regulations for types and weight and number of baggages for flight to Alaska? I need to know this before my flight on the 18th of July, 2017. Thank you
It depends on your airline. Search your airline's website or call them.
My luggage from Poland to dallas texas is in DFW international airport custom waiting for clearance for australia since 26th june 2017, i have been contacting on 972 973 9825 for last 5 business days. I only hear recorded message stating operation time 7 days a year which is of no value to me. I would like to speak to someone in person to pay outstanding shipment clearances.i have emails regarding matter no responses. How many weeks/ months is my luggage sit in dallas customs.
This is not any airline or airport's website. Nobody here can help you.
Do I need to provide my own pet carrier or do you provide carriers and how much does it cost to bring a small dog with me.
This is not any airline or airport's website. You will need to provide a pet carrier and contact your airline regarding fees.
Boarding at Amsterdam to Denver, via Atlanta (1'51'' hr transfer time), all on same Delta booking.
Two questions: 1. is this transfer time sufficient? 2. do I need to reclaim & re-check my baggage at Atlanta, or is this not needed because same airline booking?

Yes, in Atlanta you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and take the plane train to your departure concourse. You should have just enough time.
Where is southern airways in DFW
I suggest calling them at 1 (800) 329 0485 as they don't have it on their website.