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Travelling from Ottawa to YVR with a stop over then on to Auckland. If I check my bags in Ottawa do I need to pick them up in YVR?
No, you don't.
I am picking someone up at Midway. how do I do it?
Follow signs to the cell phone lot. When they arrive, you can pick them up on the arrivals level off of Cicero. It's not hard.
We are meeting family in Quebec and arriving on different airlines at YQB. Looking for a place to meet. Where id the baggage area?
can I bring a bag of coffee grounds that are sealed?
Yes, you can.
Sorry,I didn't state what airport in my abouve question. It is Seattle Airport. How long does it take to walk from D-1to Baggage Claim area?
About 5 minutes.
How much time will it take to walk to Baggage Claim from Gate D-1?
What airport?
The Turkish Airlines chart is not helpful; nor is their "customer service" contact.
Does anyone know the Economy free baggage allowance and excess allowance for Mumbai to Belgrade & Dubrovnik to MumbaI?
Does anyone work at the SAS airline services counter? My bag did not arrive with me on Tuesday May 30th. Someone opened a claim for me that afternoon, but I have been unable to reach anyone at their number (973-596-8325) at all yesterday or today. I also left 2 voicemails and have not received a call back.

On the SAS website there is a baggage claim tracer (, however the claim number that was given to me does not match any in their records.

I am unable to get any update on my claim and I fear that it may not have even been put into the system.
This is not the SAS or any airport's website.
We're flying delta from memphis to Hawaii with a connection at LAX. Will we have to claim our bags and re-check them at terminal 2? I got a notice on the delta app about checking bags at terminal 2 at LAX.
If both flights are on Delta you don't have to do anything with your bags in LAX.
My son Adrew flew American Airlines yesterday with a 7am flight from Pgh, to Charlotte then went onto Jacksonville, his Marine Suit bag filled with his uniforms did not make it to Jacksonville when he arrived at 10:40am. He reported it at Jacksonville. We received phone call from Charlotte that his bag was missing the proper tag. Andrew stated that he filed a claim in Jacksonville but has not received it at Camp Geiger. Is there anyway to find his uniform bag.
Nobody at American or the Jacksonville or Charlotte airports will read this message is this is not the official website of any airline or airport. Sorry.