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Questions, comments and tips about airlines or baggage. Share your Airport experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.

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  • American check a bag or not to check a bag...
    Apr 15, 2014
    I'm ready to purchase a RT ticket through American Airlines online. They offer the chance to add a checked bag on to the price of my ticket, however I'm not yet sure whether I want to check a bag or just go with carry-on. If I do not select the "check a bag" option while purchasing my ticket, can I still decide to check a bag later on and pay for it there at the counter on the day of my flight? Or will it be too late because I didn't purchase this option at the time of purchasing my ticket? If I CAN decide later to check a bag, is there any advantage to doing it online vs. day of / at the counter? Many thanks-


    Yes, you can pay for the checked bag during online checkin or at the counter. Checked bag fees are the same on AA whether paid online or at the airport.


  • Status on my confirmation
    Apr 9, 2014
    I noticed on my Delta e-mail confirmation of our tickets that our status was confirmed but when I look at the receipt on their website the status saids open. Can you explain what that means? We are paid in full and have selected our seats. Just want to make sure everything is a go for our trip.


    If you were shown as confirmed you should be confirmed. You could call Delta to check, though.


  • Lost Fit Bit Chip
    Apr 9, 2014
    Connected through Charlotte last night and lost a fit bit chip. small computer chip about 1" long on flight # 2755 or #2069. sitting in seats in rows 4 or 8.


  • Rechecking Luggage?
    Apr 8, 2014
    Hello, I am flying American Airlines from Green Bay to Ohare, and then transferring to Turkish Airlines. The tickets are not booked separately. Will I have to recheck my luggage, or will it be checked all the way through to Istanbul? Thanks.


    American and Turkish have an interline agreement, so American should check your bags through to Istanbul in Green Bay, if so, you will not have to deal with them in O'Hare.


  • Do i have to claim my bags and recheck ?
    Apr 8, 2014
    I am travelling to Orlando through Jfk for a 2 hours transit , with a one ticket reservation all Air france the two connections , do i have to claim my bags and recheck even when not booking an American domestic airways ?


    Any time you go through US Immigration, you have to claim your bags and re-check, therefore, if you are entering the US at JFK, then you will have to claim your bags and re-check there. However, if you are leaving the US through JFK and flying in from a domestic airport, then you do not have to claim your bags in JFK as you will not be going through immigration in JFK.


  • lost baggage
    Jun 8, 2014
    be very careful not to check your bags with US Airways and Philadelphia airport. My bag is completely gone. Seriously believe it was stolen and told airline baggage claim the same. Even went so far as to file police report for theft. Bag is still gone and no one seems to care.


    KLM lost one when we arrived in U.K. that postponed our trip to Spain. now we are back in Canada SAME THING!! so frustrated ,your right not one of them care anymore ,very disappointed with K.L.M.although all the same now.many gifts form all over U.K. and Europe which is always difficult to remember, jewellry etc.all we wanted is our stuff back.just to let anyone else know. I will carry all I can now in future, I sware they know exactly what has happened after 2dys. they dont care your right..


  • Carry on luggage
    Apr 4, 2014
    I'm trying to find out if my carryon is an approved carryon for Delta. I've measured it and it is the size that is on their site but I've heard that sometimes it's up to the people that are working and if it's close they'll make you check it. Is there a way I can be positive that my luggage will work?


    If it's under the sizes listed on the website you'll be OK as that means it will fit their sizer. They routinely let oversize bags on. The only way you may be asked to check is if there is no more room left in the overhead bins.


  • check in luggage
    Mar 30, 2014
    how early can a person check in luggage


    The same day as departure.


    Also, the time of that day will depend on the airline. (for example the Lufthansa check-in desk doesn't open until the afternoon, however, most others should be open fairly early in the morning).


  • Transferring Baggage
    Mar 24, 2014
    I will be traveling to Rome from MIami and connecting with a flight to Tel Avi, do I have to transfer my luggage, will I be using terminal 3 for arrival and departure?


  • LAX to JFK to CDG to JED:
    Mar 19, 2014
    I am getting on Virgin America flight at LAX then landing in JFK T4 at 7pm. I have 75mins to go to baggage claim (because there is no partnership with Virgin America and AirFrance), re-check bags, go through security, and get on my 8:15pm CDG flight in T1- is this enough time to do all this or will I miss my flight? Will it be easier to travel without baggage? How long does it take to go from T4 to T1?


    You will probably miss the baggage cutoff for Air France. You probably should not have booked that flight. You could make it if you travel without baggage and your Virgin America flight is on-time. It will take about 15-20 mins to get from T4 to T1.


    So if my baggage gets left behind will it be sent on a different flight to reach my destination?


    No, since it hasn't been checked at that point with Air France, it will be thrown out.


    How long does it take to go through immigration at JFK airport?


  • Contacts (eye) and flying
    Mar 5, 2014
    Where would you place your contacts? I'm trying to go with only carry on luggage. I will empty my contact case out and pack the saline in the 3-1-1 but where do I place my extra contacts? I always travel with extra. They are sealed in the box that they come in.


    You can put them anywhere, just leave them in the packaging.


  • Shanghai luggage transfer United to Thai November 21 2013
    Feb 9, 2014
    Baggage checked Detroit to bangkok via Chicago thenShanghai. Three hour layover in Shanghai as we are boarding the Thai flight they pull us aside and recheck our passports and said in Shanghai they do not transfer luggage between United and Thai. The luggage is on the carousel. The ignorant local Thai staff said we can get off the plane spend the night and call United and maybe get another flight the next day. We boarded and left our luggage in Shanghai. The wonderful chief pursur on the Thai flight Pattana C. #14398 looked at our baggage tags and said everything was perfect. He contacted bangkok office while we were flying and had the luggage sent to Bangkok. He had never heard of such a problem. Is there some new procedure for Star Alliance bagge transfer in Shanghai?. Also if you are just connecting in Shanghai you have to fill out all the paperwork and then go thru the special transit line and then go back thru immigration and security everything the same as if you were staying but no visa. Too much hassle for just a transit. I hope this message can be read by Thai airlines and United air. Once again thank you chief pursur Pattana.


    Airports and officials in mainland China have struggled in their role to become international transit hubs. Glad they eventually got things worked out.


  • cancelled flight
    Feb 3, 2014
    Is flight 3719, departing 1:34 out of ILM to PHL cancelled, Mon, Feb 3?


    It is currently scheduled to operate. The PHL-ILM segment of that flight has cancelled, and normally that would result in cancellation of the ILM-PHL segment. However, the same type of aircraft cancelled last night on an ILM-CLT flight, so that airplane may be operating 3719 ILM-PHL today. Be sure to keep an eye on


  • Baggage transfer from Air India (T 5) to Delta (T 2) at ORD
    Feb 2, 2014
    Hi, I will be reaching Terminal 5 on Air India and then need to fly on Delta out of Terminal 2. All are booked through one ticket. So the luggage will be checked to my final destination ATL. My question is whether I can drop off my luggage with Delta in T5 at ORD after clearing customs or do I have to take them from T5 to T2. The airport train system doesn't allow carts.


    The re-check counter at T5 should be able to take your bags if they are tagged through to ATL.


  • Wednesday cancellations
    Jan 29, 2014
    Are flights from Phila to ILM cancelled today? Specifically 3719 arriving at 1:30?


    US Airways 3719 is cancelled. US Airways 4063 that leaves PHL at 9:30 PM and arrives in ILM at 10:50 PM is still scheduled to operate at this time. Check official flight status at


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