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у меня пропал багаж , я его не получила в аэропорту бенгурион летела компанией пегасус pzakkm fra/26 sep 17 - cis42 - 2/17 ttl aviv saw pc 994 nlv pc 779
у меня пропал багаж обещали привезти на следующий день в эйлат , куда обращаться?авиалиния ПЕГАСУС fra/26 sep. 17 - cis42 2/17 tel aviv saw ps 994 tlv pc 799. тел. для связи 0528345213. сумка небольшая -белая
Вы должны позвонить PEGASUS

My brother Ralph van Belkum lost 1 of his 3 luggages on his flight from Marseille to Accra on the 20th of september.

File number : ACCKL53381
Name : Van Belkum
Luggage tag : AF400568

He has been sending mails to KLM whithout succes so far. On facebook someone told him to check the airport of Springfield.

Kind regards,

Ruth van Belkum
The airport of Springfield?

Your bag appears to have been tagged by Air France, not KLM. You could try contacting Air France.
Is there a luggage wrap service in the San Antonio airport?
Considering they don't really have any international flights and that luggage wrapping services are very rare in the US to begin with, I really doubt it.
I'm going to have a puppy coming to Fresno airport. Where do I go to pick up my dog? Is it just the baggage claim area?
You need to ask the airline that is transporting the dog.
To whom it may concern
Dear Sir/ Madam,
I forgot a bag with souvenirs in the airplane coming from Singapore. Me and my husband, we had 14a and 14b. Can you please tell me if there is a lost and found desk where I can ask?
In the bag, there was also the receipt from the store. It was a light green, plastic bag. Probably the receipt has my name, as the seller scanned the boarding pass.
The bag had: a purse mirror, a spoon and two sticks, a pack of playing cards, 3 golf balls, a pack of batik coasters, a pack of lipstick holders.
Thank you!
Emilia Popa
Hi, I will be arriving on a flight from Ottawa ON and will be departing to Sault Ste. Marie ON. I arrive in terminal one, what is the process following my arrival? Do I re check my luggage? What floor is the luggage pick up area on? And how do I get to sign in from there?
I have a connecting flight at Pearson, this is where I am wondering about all of the info!
All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate if both flights are on Air Canada.
Trying to reach lost and found but had no response. I forgot my purse in the security counter today morning. Please call me at 056-1703197. Manish Laligam
Do you do home deliveries? does not sell products nor do we deliver anything. Perhaps you have asked the wrong place.
Flew delta from Minnesota to Saskatoon. Lost luggage. Delta customer service keeps trying to call saskatoon-delta. No answer!