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You need to FIRE Bex delivery company. My bags arrived at 10 am yesterday and at 2 pm when I still heard nothing I called the Delta Sky Priority # and was told BEX delivery company had not picked up my bags, but I did not need to be trapped in my house, they would call 1 hr before delivery. By 8 pm I had STILL not heard anything, 9 pm, 10 pm, 10:45 pm we went to sleep (we wake up at 6:00 am for work). At 11:13 pm our doorbell rang, waking us up. The driver showed up with no warning. When I called to complain this morning Chris at BEX lied and said I had been called at 9 pm and "whoever" answered my cell phone accepted deliver. I have a call log on my cell phone and the only call from BEX was 11:10 pm and 11:11 pm when the driver realized they screwed up and didn't call. FIRE THEM.
This is not any airline or airport's website. Please contact Delta.
which gates does Southwest use in St louis airport
They use all of Terminal 2.
I'm flying in from Dubai and I have an overnight layover at JFK. I'm transferring airlines and I'll have to go through customs at JFK and get my bags. Then, I would like to check my bags in the evening before so that I don't have to carry them overnight. The bags are tagged for my final destination. Can I check bags the night before my flight leaves?

Many thanks!
You cannot check your bags the prior night for a connection the next day.
I accidentally left my bag at the airport yesterday, Sunday July 23, from flight 5162 out of Houston. Please advise how to retrieve it. Thank you
You need to contact your airline's baggage office. They are the ones who would possibly have it.
Is there any way to get from Baggage in A to the Garage at Terminal B without walking outside? I was not sure if there was a way to get from Terminal to Terminal without having to go with security again.
The question was for Philadelphia International Airport
My laptop, Apple MacBook 14" was left in the bin going through security. Please Le me know if it endedup at Lost and Found or in Security at the JNB Airport. You can please email me at or call me at (714) 749-3646. Thanks so much
We missed our connecting flight to Indianapolis last night. I heard that any checked baggage was being sent on the next flight in the morning to destination. Can someone confirm this? Thanks.
You have to ask your airline
How does one get a large act of luggage from the Avis rental drop off site to baggage check-in? Are there carts near the rental return?
What airport?
I am flying Vancouver to Brisbane (Australia) and only have a 2 hr layover in LAX.

1. Will I be able to check my bags right through from Vancouver?

2. Is there a shuttle from the Air Canada terminal to the Qantas one?

3. Which airport is the better option to buy duty free from?
Is it one reservation or two separate reservations? You can walk inside security from the Air Canada Terminal (Terminal 6) to the International Terminal if your bags are checked through.
Also, you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver.
Thank you for the reply!

It's one reservation. So should I buy duty free in Canada, or will that be a problem in LAX?
It's possible to buy it in Canada or LAX. Your Australian dollar will go farther in Canadian dollars, but the taxes are higher in Canada. It really depends on what you're buying.
is there curbside checking at Ft Lauderdale southwest airlines entry at 5:30AM?