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My daughter's phone died so she called us on a payphone using a credit card. She first called me but I was still at work and then she called my husband. Both 1 minute each call and we got charged 19.98 a phone call! 40 bucks for 2 one minute phone calls! WTF???!!! What kind of gouging is this???
Recently while waiting for passengers, and very briefly stopped before steadily circling as plane was late, were approached by this very RUDE person on a golf cart. We were the ONLY car around, and this person had the New York accent, curly hair at about 9:15 pm. This person needs to be in another line of work. We will never use this airport again as long as this person is allowed to work there. I intend on filing a formal complaint. I am a very patient person, but the smart comments and attitude is not appropriate for a person dealing with the public like this. Don't get me wrong, we really like this airport, convenience, etc, however this did not leave a very good impression to me or the passengers which I was picking up.