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  • Airport Shuttle service
    May 13, 2015
    I am a travel agent out of state trying to schedule shuttle service for a client several clients whe calling all state shuttle service the phone call dropped. We called back no answer when someone finally answered after several calls the woman who answered intentionally hung up the phone. then called back she answered what then hung up again this is very unprofessional customerservice I will not do business with this company.


  • Return Ticket
    May 14, 2015
    If I'm arriving internationally (from Belize) do I need to show a return ticket? or onwar travel ticket if I'm coming in on a one way?


    Where are you going? What country are you a citizen of?


    I'm headed to New York, and I am a resident of Belize


  • Transfer from American T4 to Delta T5
    May 10, 2015
    I have only a 35 minute layover and I will need to go from Terminal 4 to Terminal 5 for a flight to Australia. Is this possible?


    No, not realistically.


  • Terminal Transfer
    Apr 15, 2015
    Hi - I'm flying from Vancouver to DFW with a 60 min gap, then DFW to Charles de Gaulle. Will I need to pick up my bags and go through security and then change terminals? Do I have enough time? I booked my flights together through expedia - it was unclear whether the system booked with enough time for the transfer or not


    You will pre-clear US Immigration and customs in Vancouver. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You will depart from Terminal D. If you arrive in a different terminal the SkyLink train connects all Terminals inside security.


  • 2h 15 to change plane & rechecking bag on different tickets in Sydney
    Apr 15, 2015
    Hey, I've got a problem and would like to hear some experiences or tips, what i can do; My flight goes from chrichtchurch to sidney, ariving at 8:05 - i booked this flight with jetstar, when i wanted to fly in to nz. I just wanted to change the plane in sydney, to fly to asia, but wasn't sure where to go jet. Now i booked a nother flight over bali to ende from sydney with "Garuda Indonesia". It takes of at 10:25 - leaving 2:15 to change the plane - not a problem i thought, if you normally change the plane on a flight times like this are common. ...later i realized my stupidity: If you have a normal stop over, you don't have to care about your bag - but if you have 2 independently booked flights, i have to get my bagpack, and check it in for the other flight! - and to get to my bag, i have to migrate to the country, right? All in all: Looong waiting times. I've still got a working holiday visa for australia, so that's not a problem, but checkin normaly get's closed one houre before takoff, leaving me with one houre to run out of the plane, migrate to the country, get my bag, go through the food checks (in nz i had to unpack my tent - maybe they want me to do the same in au because of theire strickt polecys) and find the checking place - That's a keen plan! SO: Do you think this is possible? And better: Do you know if i could do anything to improve my situation? Can i maybe tell jetstar to directly check in my bag for the other flight? (Yeah, i know, i can't expect any service from jetstar, though, i would pay for it). Or can i tell Garuda Indonesia to grab my bag for me? Or do you think i could at least ask on checkin in christchurch that they should store my bag on top, so it's gone be one of the first at the baggage claim (imagine i have to wait there till my bag finally comes up...!) Changing flight dates isn't possible - i would have to rebook the flight. And before i do that, I'll at least try it! "Mission impossible"! ^^ I'm happy about every tipp / past experience =)


    I think it will be very difficult. agents have no control over how the bags are loaded or unloaded from the airplanes.


  • tea behavior
    Apr 14, 2015
    A fat tsa person that works there treated me rid. Yelling at me three times. He needs some retraining.


  • TSA Pre check at Boston Logan
    Apr 8, 2015
    Where is TSA pre✔️for Terminal E (American Airlines) at Boston Logan?


  • Will airport security walk you to your car?
    Apr 6, 2015
    I am a younger women traveling alone in the near future and leaving my car in the long term parking lot. My returning flight gets in late and I'm a little concern about my safety walking to my car late at night in the parking lot. Will airport security help walk me to my car?


    Crooks do not make a habit of hanging out in airport parking lots.


    I travel as a woman traveling alone often. When it's late at night, the shuttle driver usually watches for me or drives me right to my car. If you can find airport security, they will often escort you to your car. ZAP - predators target isolate people anywhere, including aiport parking lots.


  • Connection to Vienna
    Apr 6, 2015
    I am flying into ORD on United and have to get to Terminal 5 to catch my flight to Vienna via Austrian Airlines. Since the tickets were booked on Cheap O'Air, I have to check in at the airport during my layover to get my seat placement. My layover is 1 hour and 17 minutes. Will this be enough time? I believe the check in counter closes 40 minutes before time to take off.


    United should be able to check you in and give you a seat assignment on your Austrian flight before your first flight. You should have enough time.


    Thank you so much! That is a massive amount of stress off my back :)


    In these situations buying through a third party rather than direct through the airline, I still call the airline for a seat assignment. It might take 2-3 calls, but eventuallyyou can get a seat assignment in advance.


  • How much time to get from intl terminal to domestic on 2 tickets?
    Mar 27, 2015
    I have purchased a cheap ticket that flies from Ft. Lauderdale international airport to Copenhagen through Norwegian Airlines. I was planning on buying the cheapest ticket I can manage from Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale. My outgoing flight leaves late in the day from FLL and there are plenty of available flights that day, but my return flight will arrive at FLL at 8:00 pm. The only flight after that leaves at 9:45 to Atlanta. Is one hour and 45 minutes sufficient to get from the international terminal to the domestc terminal? I will not have checked baggage, only a carry-on, and I will not be bringing anything that needs to be declared. My main worry is that the flight leaving from Copenhagen will be delayed, but it will leave in June so there won't be winter weather to worry about. Should I just buy an early morning ticket from FLL instead of a late night one?


    1 hr 45 mins is possible without checked baggage. Be sure to check in online for your FLL-ATL flight before you leave Europe.


  • Connecting time
    Mar 14, 2015
    arriving Qatar from Doha to Rome 07:10, departing Alitalia to Brindisi 09:25 would it be connecting time enough? Please advise terminals


    That should be enough time. You will arrive in Terminal 3 and depart from Terminal 1.


  • Customs
    Apr 6, 2015
    Flying on United Airlines from Manchester UK to Toronto to Denver to Las Vegas. How many times must I clear Customs? Thank You


    You will go through US Immigration and Customs Preclearance in Toronto. You may also have to go through Canadian border control first. It depends on your arrival gate and airline in Toronto.


    Arriving in the US from outside the US, you will go through customs in the US regardless you went through customs in Canada as well.


  • Toronto to FCO to Skjope, all Alitalia
    Mar 6, 2015
    Hello; Can you please tell me if 1 hr 30 min is enough time for the connection? And would I need to change terminals? Thank you!


    Mar 2, 2015
    Brown leather Brighton Purse lost or stolen from Southwest Flight 4881 from Indianapolis to Austin on March 1, 2015. Return with all contents for reward far greater than value of contents, no questions asked.


  • 1 hour and 15 min layover in Rome
    Feb 24, 2015
    Hello, I am traveling to Krakow this June on Alitalie airlines. I am flying from Ohare and have an hour and 15 minute layover in Rome. I will not be checking any luggage, will just have a carry on. Assuming my flights are on time, is this going to be enough time in between flights? Will I be going through customs or passport control and any suggestions on how to expediate my process? Also, my flight will be departing Rome at 9:30 am. thank you!


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