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Can A tennis racquet be carried on as a personal item?
Yes, it is -
My wife is due to arrive at LAX at 10:15pm from SEA; where she checked a bag. We are then flying out of LAX to STT at 11:39pm. Will we need to collect her bag from baggage claim and re-screen through security? Do we have enough time for this?
You're flying from LAX to St. Thomas? What airlines are you flying?
LAX to SEA on American. LAX to STT on jetblue. Called JetBlue already, not looking good.
American does not fly from Seattle to LAX, so your wife's flight is likely actually operated by Alaska Airlines, which will arrive in T6. You would have to take your bags across the airport from T6 to T3. It's possible to make that connection but I wouldn't bet on it. I'd try to move your wife's flight to earlier if possible as that would be cheaper and easier than trying to change your flight to St. Thomas. It may even be easiest just to buy a separate earlier flight SEA-LAX for her than trying to change her flight because of the change fee.
Thanks for the word! I'll encourage her to carry on instead.
I think I lossed my reading glasses (marque "face à face") on flight EL AL LY346 Oct 10, 2013 GVA Tel Aviv , or, perhaps, after exiting the plane, between passport control and luggage claim. In case you fond them, pse contact me. Tks !
If you lost your glasses at Geneva, contact: 1. For items lost on the airplane, contact your airline or your handling company:
Dnata Lost & found at tel +4122 817 44 73; e-mail:
Swissport Lost & found at tel. +4122 799 33 32, e-mail:

2. For items lost in the transit area or at a security control please call Swissport Lost & found, tel. +4122 799 33 35.

3. For items lost in or outside the airport: In the first 24 hrs or 48 (if includes a weekend) - contact the police office at +4122 427 92 31. Thereafter contact Geneva City's lost & found office at tel. +4122 327 60 00, e-mail:
tks a lot !¨!
Hello! We are flying into Houston (final destination) and we are renting a car. We need to be exact about when we will be picking the car up, and have no idea about the customs porcess in IAH. Any ideas about how long it might take when arriving at about 6:30pm a few days before Christmas with 1 American and 3 foreign passports? Any experiences and advice is warmly welcome!
I'd say you'll be out of customs about 45 minutes after scheduled arrival if your flight is on-time. However, don't be too worried about rental car pick-up times. Since delays happen, they don't have to be too exact.
That's great! So I won't be penalized if the flight is late? That would be a huge relief!
No. there's no penalites. However, they can always run out of cars. Also, I recommend renting from a larger more established rental company if you want everything to go smoothly. Some of the newer very low cost operations have very poor service.
I opted to call the rental place, and they said they will hold the car max 24 hours for late flights. Sounds good enough to me!
My flight from mexico city to Narita, tokyo and i only have 1 hour for layover. My question is Do I have enough time to catch flight to tokyo? I use UE (1 ticket), and if i miss the flight, will UE take responsible and help me arrange to the next flight? Thanks
There is no Airline Code 'UE' - if you mean United Airlines (UA) - they use both International (IT or TI) & Terminal 3 (T3).
I suggest you open, then click on 'Terminal Map' under 'QUICK LINKS', and scroll down to the detailed text. International Arrivals procedure takes at least 30 mins. Bags will be automatically transferred. One hour is VERY TIGHT!'s UA and Thanks for feedback but i have another question. Will i be provided with a ticket in the next available flight if in case i miss the flight? Sorry, i'm asian and never flight use UA or another american airline, i'm really worry i will miss the flight but since i don't have another flight option, i have to flight with this schedule. Thanks
As both of your flights (Arrival & Departure) are international, you will not need to transfer to another terminal and should be able to make your flight on time.
Bags will NOT automatically be transfered - you will have to go through the entire US immigration procedues, claim your bags, go through customs, and re-check them at the re-check desk, then go back through security. Unless your flight arrives rather early I do not think you will have enough time to do this. Yes, if United allowed you to book this connection on one reservation they will re-book you if you miss your connection, but that may not be until the next day. 1 hour is, as far as I know, not enough time for an International-International connection at SFO.
arriving yvr via air canada at 8:30 a.m. travelling to the u.s. via wes jet departing at 10:05 a.m....... is that sufficient time?
Arriving at what Airport? Note - If coming from a Canadian Airport which does not have U.S. Customs clearance, you would need to spend at least 40 mins at arrivals airport. Also Air Canada may not transfer your bags to WestJet - check first - in which case you would need to have to check in your bags at WestJet counter. All depends on the size of the Airport and if you need to change Terminals.
my son is getting a flight from nashville to houston on sept 25 ua 5140, then gets a connecting flight from houston to heathrow with only an hour to do so on the ua 0985 plane. which terminal does he have to go to. and which terminal does he arrive into houston at. if he misses the connecting flight what happens
It looks like UA 5140 is operated by Shuttle America, if so he will arrive in Terminal C and depart from Terminal E, which are connected. He should have enough time to make his connection, however if he doesn't because of a delay he will be rebooked on the 8:45 PM flight to London.
I will be flying into JFK from Madrid on AA #5953, terminal 7 at 7:05pm, with a connecting flight AA #3621 out of terminal 8 at 9:40pm. Is 2 hrs 35 minutes enough time to clear customs and make my connection?
Yes, immigration is usually not that bad at T7, especially that late in the evening, so that will help.
If your first flight is on-time, yes, that's enough time. Both flights will likely be in Terminal C.
we are traveling Delta from Detroit to Amsterdam and connecting to KLM to Barcelona with a few hours of layover...I will get a visa in Amsterdam but do I have to retrieve my luggage there? or will it be just forwarded to the KLM flight? or do I pick the luggage go thru customs and deposit it again? where do I get the boarding pass for KLM??
1. On arrival at AMS, after passport control, follow signs to 'Baggage Hall' located on the ground level, retrieve your bags, & go through customs for security check - then re-check-in your bags where indicated. 2. Delta & KLM are members of the Skyteam Alliance - your bags will be automatically transferred. 3. If you stay at AMS in the secured area, you need no visa.